Your 2023 Horoscope for Scorpio


Mars gives success, Venus brings love

What you get

The Mars year 2023 awakens your already strongly developed power potential. For this planet is your secret ruler. Together with Pluto he directs your ways, leads you to success, gives you power. To hold back and wait for a better time would therefore be a waste of time. Right from January the great opportunities start rolling in. After a break in July, a time full of miracles follows from September.

What you lose

Uranus is opposite your zodiac sign throughout the year. There you have to expect sudden and unexpected changes. Be wise to be prepared for surprises as a matter of principle.

The message of the planets

From January 1, Jupiter is in the important field for job and career. This spurs your ambition. You want to go up - and with Jupiter's support you will succeed. However, not without toil and trouble. You will have to exert yourself, work overtime, grit your teeth, sacrifice free time and, unfortunately, repeatedly forego pleasures. Thanks to Jupiter's special magic you will be unusually cheerful, confident and optimistic from July to the end of December. Accordingly, all the world reacts with surprise. People like you, like to seek out your closeness, invite you over and enjoy traveling together with you.
Saturn was in an unfavorable position during the last years. He undercooled your love power, brought a lot of partner stress and confronted you with the feeling of loneliness. Put an end to it! Saturn is in Pisces sign for almost the whole year in 2023 and will give great tenderness and intimate closeness to your love and relationships.
Uranus, it has already been said, will provide surprises. Now it must be mentioned that this Uranus also acts as a source of inspiration! With him, you can wander through distant worlds and times in your dreams and fantasies and return from them with inspiration and ideas for your here and now. With him you experience the lightness of being and are at times closer to your soul than ever before.
Neptune, like Saturn, is in the sign of Pisces. Without you consciously realizing it, he connects your soul with the ocean of all being, shows you a home that has no name, nurtures you like a good mother, comforts you and gives you the gift of intuition and prophecy. You are connected to everything, are strong without having to exert yourself.
Pluto leads you to an enchanted city. Enter, meet your past, with everything that happened in the thousands of your past lives and that of your ancestors. Of course, this city exists only in your dreams, and yet every person you meet in 2023 will come from it, reflecting to you some aspect of your past. Therefore, it is important that you interpret the present correctly: Each recognition of what was redeems you a bit more from the past. You become free.

Love and Sex

As for love, planet Mars awakens the penultimate feelings of lust. You become even more addicted to sex and plunge from one passionate adventure into the next. Mars always gets a visit from Venus. It's clear that with these two planets you will experience everything that makes up love: getting to know each other, flirting, the first kiss, the first night together, passion, sex ... It will also not fail that you tie yourself down. Yes, many of you will get married and start a family. All this is true for the soloists among you. But if you're already in a committed relationship, you'll also get the full benefit of Mars and Venus. But if your love is no good anymore, your partner has shut down, then you should take advantage of your great opportunities in 2023, break up and look for a new partner.

Career and money

Self-employed Scorpios can easily tackle an expansion of their business in 2023, and employees may quietly squint at a higher chair: You have real chances for advancement. However, Saturn will also present you with some "nuts" to crack. So it's not all smooth sailing. You have to accomplish a lot if you want to achieve a lot. In particular, loyalty counts. You must not play lightly with resignation in 2023. What your boss expects is that you can be counted on, indeed that you can be blindly trusted. That you are also prepared to go through a drought once in a while. Such attitudes create good conditions for a promotion in the near future and ensure that there is more in the pay packet.


Your check-up for the coming year leaves nothing to be desired: if the stars are right, you won't be sick a single day in 2023! Only from June up to and including August you tend to overdo it - both at work and at parties - and have to expect unpleasant abdominal reactions as a consequence of this excessive lifestyle. You are strong, resilient, robust, but your sensitivity is also great, and you must be considerate of this. With too much nicotine, alcohol and other toxins your body also gets problems with the disposal - harms your skin and thus your charisma and beauty. Therefore, step on the brakes in time, live healthy and do not overdo it!

Scorpio and its partners

Uranus in the opposite sign Taurus makes you more courageous. There it can even be good that you get involved with an Aries, whom you normally rather avoid. Of course, this Uranus brings you together especially with Taurus-born people. There is a really good chance that a Taurus and you will become a couple in 2023. With a Gemini it works out great, but only as long as you don't make any claim to permanence. A partnership is therefore a laborious story and will only work out in exceptional cases. A Scorpio wants consistency, and you won't find that with an air sign. Cancer, on the other hand, is also your favorite in 2023. Difficulties also prevail with a Leo. The duration of a joint relationship is limited. Virgo is much more in line with your ideas. The stars even think that in 2023 there is often a connection between Scorpio and Virgo. Libra, on the other hand, is out of the question. Another Scorpio? That's an extremely "fertile" relationship - including the chance of a child together. And how does it work out with a Sagittarius? More or less not at all! On the other hand, in 2023 Capricorn is an optimal partner. He conveys security and duration. With an Aquarius, however, exactly that is missing, namely that you can rely on him. Therefore an Aquarius is rather a "minus candidate". That leaves the Pisces. With this zodiac sign you have many things in common, so that nothing at all stands in the way of a partnership. But the Pisces is shy. You need to know that.

If you are younger than 25 ...

Mars and Pluto, the lords above your zodiac sign, are standing strong. This could tempt you to become stubborn and opinionated. Feel your heart - then everything will be fine!

If you are older than 50 ...

Uranus is opposite your sign, which means that your roots are not quite as firm as you would sometimes like after all. There will be changes, especially in your family. Maybe the kids will move out of the house, maybe your relationship needs more independence too. You have to let that happen. If you resist it, you'll only create the real problems.

When you're depressed ...

When you are depressed, old stories rise up inside you. The best way to cope with them is to distract yourself, and the very best way is to go for a walk outside for an hour or two.

Your personal happiness strategy

Feel deep inside yourself, connect with your subconscious, take your time - only then determine the numbers.

Oct 24 - Nov 22

SYMBOLmagnifying glass
EPOCHEMiddle Ages
LEADERSHIP PICTURESMata Hari, Dante Aligheri


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