Your 2023 Horoscope for Sagittarius


2023 is a harvest year for you

What you get

Planet Mars rules the year. This planet is very similar to you, possesses invigorating fire like you, which makes the world open to you. Anyway, in your opinion, most boundaries and limitations are superfluous. In the coming year, with Mars and Jupiter as your companions, you will try even more vehemently to overcome them. As a rule, you will benefit from this. But it should also not be concealed that you can overreach yourself, and it would have been better if you had held back.

What you lose

You dare to do more, at the same time you lose your shyness or respect on the way to success and money. You can gladly do without that.

The message of the planets

From January up to and including March and then again in April, May, June, July, August, September and December you get the full blessing of Mars. The rest of the time you are at your normal level.
Uranus is in the zodiac sign of Taurus throughout the year. That puts the brakes on. And you have to take it in the right way. As a rule, Uranus has more insight than you do. So if you experience situations where you can't go on, you should refrain from doing so.
Neptune and Saturn are in the zodiac sign Pisces the whole year. Thus, you have a direct connection to higher spheres. As a Sagittarius, you are very close to heaven anyway, but with this duo you can participate in the world of the divine and experience happiness like you have never experienced before.
Pluto is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn for almost the entire year. This is a brake, but similar to Uranus, it is good if you take this Pluto as an ally after all, who always prevents you when you strive for something impossible.

Love and Sex

Certainly you are not inexperienced in love matters. But compared to what awaits you in 2023, everything you have experienced so far is a piece of cake: pure tenderness, feelings that come over you like a hurricane, a passion that almost takes your breath away. Of course, under such conditions you need the right partner. This is provided by Jupiter and Mars. However, the great blessing from heaven is already over again in mid-May. Then a calmer time begins, which also has its pleasant sides, for example watching TV together, going for a walk or swimming in summer. But such wishes also miraculously come true: a child or a trip. For the singles among you, the period from mid-June to the end of September is the hottest.

Career and money

2023 is a harvest year. What you sowed years ago, what you've been plowing for for a long time ... now your work is bearing fruit. Sometime in the next twelve months, the call comes, a phone call, a letter, a conversation in the HR office - and you have it, the dream job, the promotion, the transfer!
Unfortunately, all these wonderful things are not given to you from heaven. You have to work hard. So 2023 is not a year for leisure, relaxation, eternally long vacations or extended weekends.


Mars, the ruling planet of the coming year, takes no notice. He pushes and pushes until your body reaches its limits. So it is wise to curb his influence beforehand. This Mars does it especially great in the first three months, in June, in September and December.

Sagittarius and his partners

Because planet Mars rules, the "post" goes off with Aries-born. This can be colossally exciting, because neither can be constricted and quickly experience suggestions from the other as paternalism. Taurus is a better fit in 2023 than usual because Uranus makes this zodiac sign more agile. With a Gemini everything is possible, a flirt, a friendship, a love and a partnership. A love with a Cancer is rare and works out even more rarely. With a Leo the problem is: who sets the tone and who is in the spotlight? If both want it, this leads to conflicts. Virgo is nice, but not the optimal partner for a Sagittarius. A Libra is most welcome in 2023. This zodiac sign has everything to make happy. Relationships with a Scorpio may well happen in 2023. But it should not be concealed that in such a relationship there will also be fighting and suffering. Desirable is a partnership with another Sagittarius, because there lucky planet Jupiter takes the lead for you. A Capricorn is hard to get close to, and that's a good thing. Aquarius is undoubtedly one of the favorites. In a relationship with a Pisces, it's clear who calls the shots, namely Sagittarius. But this, in turn, does not please the Pisces.

If you are younger than 25 ...

Mars, the planet of the year, comes in handy for you especially if you are active in sports, like to do things, often drive around and do work that requires energy. However, you must also basically guard against giving this Mars too much space.

If you are older than 50 ...

Mars makes you young again. So feel free to join a fitness club and schedule hikes to mountain climbs with your friends for the weekends.

If you are depressed ...

A Sagittarius who is depressed has problems in the past. There you also have to look for the reason and find solutions.

Your personal luck strategy

Fill out your lottery ticket when the stars are twinkling in the sky.

Nov 23 - Dec 21

STONELapis lazuli
BEST DAYThursday
LEADERSHIPColumbus, Alexander the Great


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