Your 2023 Horoscope for Pisces


You will be happy

What you get ...

In 2023, planet Mars rules. This means that the entire world will dance to the tune of this planet Mars. He embodies pure fire. So it will be really restless, loud and violent. Do you, the sensitive Pisces, have bad cards then? On the contrary! Precisely because it will be so turbulent, you are challenged. You are the living proof that the Mars year does not get out of hand, remains peaceful, that you always get along. You are the calming pole, the heart, the person of trust. With you one concludes important contracts and significant business. And, let's be honest, a little Marsian momentum is also quite good for you.

What you lose ...

You are calm, level-headed, quiet - these are all wonderful qualities. But sometimes you just seem sleepy. You will lose this trait under the influence of the planet Mars.

The message of the planets

Saturn, which showed you rather the "cold shoulder" in the last three years, now accompanies you on all your ways in your zodiac sign. But he is also a challenge. This means something very important. You are to become clearer within yourself. You don't have to change outwardly, but inwardly. You yourself must come to the point: What do I want? What can I do? What can't I do? And you must not pull the wool over your eyes, but be clear and incorruptible. But that also means you have to be clear about the people you're dealing with - or you can split up and take a clear position. If they remain fishy, nebulous, unclear in 2023, you will lose the good chances you have.
Jupiter is in a dream position from May 17, namely in Taurus. This is almost like an invitation to improve your financial situation. You don't have to do anything about it at first. Jupiter becomes active. But of course you can "give him a hand": As a Pisces, your financial situation is not necessarily clear and insightful. Spending money is nice, but managing money is absolutely not your favorite activity. With the help of Jupiter you can provide more clarity here.
Uranus is in the zodiac sign Taurus as in the years before. But in 2023 it gets support from Mars, the year's ruler, and can develop more strongly. This can help you to realize your great and rich imagination, possibly even to make money out of it. In any case, this Uranus invigorates you and helps you to have more excitement in life. 2023 provides you with confirmation that you are a person of extraordinary abilities.
Neptune gives you a special gift. Thanks to its presence in your zodiac sign, you are in constant connection with the source of all being and feel embedded and suspended in it. Neptune makes you intuitive and clairvoyant. You are at times one step ahead of fate and often know beforehand what is coming. You are also blessed with this Neptune as a healer and helper. Most importantly, this planet opens the door to your own soul for you to rest and recharge.
Pluto is in Capricorn throughout 2023, and thus at a positive angle to your zodiac sign of Pisces. Pluto symbolizes the influence of the past - the power of your ancestors as well as that of your past lives. This also means that the past will work in you in the new year. What was is not over, but determines the present and the future. Therefore, it is eminently important to be reconciled with your past. This is not a year to go against the past.

Love and sex

To get you right in the mood, the love planet Venus occupies your zodiac sign Pisces right in January and sends light into your soul. Singles meet a being who loves you as you are with all your beauties and also the little "quirks". Yes, it is even the case that it is precisely the small inconsistencies and contradictions that strengthen the fire of love. Couples experience harmony and understanding like they haven't in a long time. And so your love life resonates at a higher level all year long. Actually, there is no real low, at most slight valleys.

Career and money

Neptune is in your zodiac sign and showers you with goodwill and love. From mid-May you will additionally experience the goodwill of Jupiter. You can be quite sure that nothing will happen in the next year that will not receive their blessing. They will clear obstacles out of your way and make sure that things go well for you. They will definitely grant you a few of your wishes and dreams as well. However, you must know that, the wishes you have may be too big sometimes. Then you must not be disappointed if they do not come true as you would like. But the stars know what is best for you. So you will definitely live well and you don't need to worry about your money. But even more important is goodwill for your soul life. In 2023, small windows open into the world of the supernatural. You can look across into the transcendent world. And what you see there makes you so hopeful, so happy, that nothing, but nothing at all can frighten you in this world anymore. You know that everything has a good end.


In the months of January to mid-May, the main thing is to strengthen your defenses - the flu viruses really take a toll on you. From May on there's another problem due to the planets Uranus and Neptune: Sometimes their pull becomes so strong that you're in danger of losing touch with reality. What helps you then is a walk in nature. The earth gives you security. What harms you, on the other hand, are stimulants of any kind. Any escape from reality actually distances you further and further from it.

Pisces and their partners

You are attracted to Aries-born, but also repelled. Let's see what happens in 2023. The stars say both are possible. You and a Taurus will march to the registry office more often in 2023 than any other combination. Best time: October. Of course, you can spend an evening with Gemini, maybe a night. But no more than that. Uranus stirs up a little discord between you and a Cancer. But eventually you'll find your way together. Most Leo's are wonderful people, and you enjoy being with them, even in 2023. Neptune shines straight into the heart of Virgo-borns, making them feel more deeply. In this respect, it is quite possible that you will form a loving and long connection with Virgos. Libra-borns and you are next to each other in the astrological zodiac. This makes it easy to get together. But staying together is much more difficult and also succeeds quite rarely. In astrology it is said that Pisces and Scorpio are destined for each other. This will be confirmed one hundred percent in 2023. Jupiter connects you with Sagittarius. Certainly you will meet - and it is quite possible to stay together as well. A Capricorn is your strong castle, your security, your rock. This will also be the case in 2023. With an Aquarius you have problems. He is impatient and leaves himself too little time for love. This will remain largely the case in 2023. With your astrological double, that is another Pisces, love will be a mystery in 2023.

If you are younger than 25 ...

The planets Saturn and Neptune in your zodiac sign reinforce the tendency to not take the normal world outside so seriously. In other words, you dream a lot and search for the actual being. Maybe you have to realize sometimes that the world outside is unfortunately a reality in which we all have to find our way.

If you are older than 50 ...

Saturn and Neptune in your zodiac sign are good for you. They open doors and windows to higher worlds for you. You are beginning to feel more and more at home in them. That's good.

If you are depressed ...

Think of upsets as signals from the past. Saturn and Neptune in your astrological sign Pisces awaken memories from past lives. Handle them carefully!

Your personal luck strategy

Lottery numbers must connect you with the sky. That means that you feel deep inside yourself and then listen to what the sky is telling you.

Feb 20 - Mar 20

BEST DAYThursday
SOULMATECancer, Scorpio
GUIDELINESGandhi, Florence Nightingale


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