Your 2023 Horoscope for Libra


Love - more beautiful than in the most beautiful dream

What you get

The year 2023 is ruled by the planet Mars, responsible for quarrels, aggressiveness and competition. What good shall this planet bring for you ...? You are a peaceful, harmony and balance minded person! But look at it differently: Just because Mars rules, it needs people like you, who can mediate, create harmony and balance. You are needed more than ever, you need neither to be afraid nor to pretend and you will get your money's worth. Mars brings optimal conditions for you.

What you lose

That you are so bad at making up your mind, that the phrase "end, end and amen" almost never crosses your lips, and that you can bear disagreements so badly - all this will give way to a more definite and sharper tone under the presidency of Mars. That you are a hesitant, forever weighing scales - that will soon be a thing of the past.

The message of the planets

Jupiter is opposite your zodiac sign until mid-May. This awakens ambition. You want to make more of your life, move up, get promoted, take on more responsibility and wield power. Jupiter acts as a divine advisor and companion, stands by you, paves the way for you, drives you on ..., but you have to go your own way. On May 17 Jupiter changes into the sign of Taurus. The greatest gift Jupiter gives you now is a fulfilled love life: Concord, harmony, happiness, coherence, mutual understanding, feeling and fulfillment - all this is given to you by the great Jupiter.
Saturn holds back and acts as a benevolent guardian spirit. You hardly meet any obstacles, make good and above all successful progress.
Uranus in Taurus helps you to develop new ideas. He provides a breath of fresh air, so it will never be boring in the new year. He makes you more creative, more inventive, he refines your taste and awakens cultural ambitions.
Neptune will shine like a light inside you, giving you comfort and contentment. To strengthen its wonderful power, you only need to listen to music or make some yourself.
Pluto in Capricorn reinforces Saturn, especially as it relates to your Achilles heel, weakness in decision-making. Both Saturn and Pluto make you more direct, clear and definite. Pluto also symbolizes the influence of the past - the power of your ancestors as well as that of your past lives. This also means that you should absorb the past and let it work in you. This is not a year to go against your past.
Mars, the ruler of the year, will ensure that you win a victory in a matter that is very important to you.

Love and sex

You are a person to whom love is above all, are born for love. A Libra who does not love is like a bird in a cage. So your anxious question is bound to be, "In the new year, how will love ...?" And the answer of the stars is: "Wonderful ...!" Mars will offer you completely new opportunities. The opposite sex becomes active, takes the initiative. You actually only need to wait - and it won't be for long. Partnerships will come alive, as if you had just fallen freshly in love with each other. Mars showers the singles among you with opportunities. If you are a woman, men will be at your feet. And it will be just as pleasantly unusual for male Libra. The hunt will be at its best from June to September inclusive, when the love planet Venus wanders through the zodiac sign Leo.

Career and money

Mars sets the tone. You should therefore take some words of Wolfgang Goethe to your chest: "Auf des Glückes große Waage steht die Zunge selten ein ..." Your life gets the necessary push to become proactive and successful. The competition never sleeps. Power struggles are to be expected in the first five months. Now you have to counterattack properly - that is, in a balanced way. Your "secret weapons" are: to operate indirectly and covertly, to let the enemy run into the void ...! With your tactical skill you make the race against ostentatious contemporaries. Occasionally you even have to slow yourself down in order not to overshoot the target.


Until the end of May you are very sensitive: Relationship stress and trouble at work get to you straight away. And a large part of all symptoms, from extreme feelings of cold or heat, to back pain and migraine attacks, have their cause there, at the kidneys. Mars further increases your susceptibility to kidney disease - especially in January and February. Keep warm and avoid stress. From June on things become calm, Jupiter and Neptune protect you, strengthen your defenses and even help you to get old and chronic ailments under control.

Libra and its partners

Between Libra and Aries, the mutual attraction is tremendous. But it is also clear that between these signs of the zodiac is not all sunshine. Aries is quite sensual, but then Taurus is too fixated on sensuality and lust. The stars promise that a Gemini will appear in the spring, and then flirting will be at its best. It's quite possible that a new relationship will result. With a Cancer, Libra will make a good friendship in 2023: but not build a love relationship. Leo has always been one of a Libra's favorite friends. For the all-knowing Virgo, the Libra has at best a tired smile. Another Libra and both forget a little that there is also something like the seriousness of life. Scorpio comes very close in February, in June and in October. But probably Libra does not dare to enter into a relationship, because she instinctively feels: he is not to be trifled with. Sagittarius is a great person to fool around with all year round. In late autumn, Sagittarius and Libra even become a great couple. Capricorn knows exactly what is "best". Libra, however, doesn't want a teacher, but a lover. With Aquarius, a delightfully casual spring flirtation is in the astrological calendar. With Pisces, a lusty romance occurs in the fall.

If you are younger than 25 ...

Consider the year 2023 as an invitation to get to know something new, which ultimately enriches you, namely: If you do not sometimes bang on the table in 2023, if you do not keep importunities at bay, if you always just swallow and believe that it is up to you if something does not work out, then it will be hard for you.

If you're older than 50 ...

2023 is a Mars year. And with it also the hot irons are already named: Discord, quarrels, disharmony, anger, competition. You have to cope with such effects of the Mars year and must not always immediately throw up your hands and suffer. It all helps nothing, you must sometimes jump over your shadow: Learn to defend yourself! Become more selfish! Even if you become twice as violent as before, you still belong to the peaceful ones of this world.

If you are depressed ...

Do not be infected by the hectic of the year 2023. Stay true to yourself, keep your center, provide balance and mutual understanding!

Your personal happiness strategy

Try to follow a pattern when ticking off the numbers.

Sep 24 - Oct 23

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SOULMATEAquarius, Gemini
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