Your 2023 Horoscope for Leo


With these stars you can do anything

What you get...

The stars give you steam, and you get pressure at the same time. This sounds fatal, but it is exactly the right mixture for a top success. Don't avoid them!

What you lose...

You take life too casually at times. Sometimes you miss out on opportunities this way. That will change in 2023. Your nonchalance disappears wherever it puts you at a disadvantage.

The message of the planets

Mars makes for great appearances, makes you credible and desirable. In addition, there is a desire to travel. While you become really domestic in the first half of the year, you are drawn out into the world in the second. There is also the option of you becoming involved with foreign countries, whether you decide to live in another country or connect with someone who is from another country.
Uranus is drifting through the sign of Taurus and will automatically set up each of your appearances to be even more well received, even more successful.
Neptune is in the sign of Pisces. Thus you have the sixth sense: with the help of Neptune you will perceive things beyond reason and sensory perception, sometimes suspect what is coming, thus you are always well advised not to flop and not to waste unnecessary energy.
Pluto is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn and connects you with your past, that of your ancestors, like that of your past lives. Since you cannot get along with what once was under this Pluto position, you should deal with your origins and reconcile them if necessary.

Love and Sex

Things can get very hot, but also terribly cool. As a result of Mars' reign, your demands towards your partner grow. You see him with different, more alert and clearer eyes. Since the same happens in reverse, you should be prepared for friction. Whether your relationship grows or fails at this "acid test" is ultimately up to you (and of course your partner), not the stars. Another danger threatens from Jupiter: You will sometimes be so hot, so full of enthusiasm, that you simply disregard the plain reality, i.e. exaggerate and invent stories. This can also become too much and radically overturn your good chances: Force yourself to be humble sometimes.

Career and money

You possess a magnetic attraction for money, as Mars and Jupiter are arguably the best management advisors there are. And you have these two stars one hundred percent on your side. However, money and success do not simply fall from the sky, because Saturn also plays a role. Therefore, in 2023 you will not be measured by your good ideas and ideas, but by your deeds. People want to know what you can really do and not what you could do. If you put your money where your mouth is, you will have a strong and successful year ahead of you. Foreign contacts and shares in foreign countries are particularly profitable. In general, you should travel as much as possible in 2023. But as soon as you do something, you will be seized by your famous optimism, which attracts money like a magnet.


You are in the field of tension between Saturn and Pluto. You have to be careful with yourself: Do everything that is beneficial to your health and refrain from what is detrimental to it. You need a lot of exercise, good nutrition, and you have to think holistically, which means not to cure every "little symptom" with the chemical club, but to entrust yourself to a holistically thinking doctor. And another thing: Jupiter in Cancer (from 17.5.) makes you sensitive to excessive demands or harmful environmental influences. You react more strongly to everything that is too much (stress, cigarettes, alcohol, work, exertion, food, etc.). Slow down, restrain yourself, think about your future!

The Leo and his partners

As a Leo, you are by nature a person who is actually good with every sign of the zodiac, or in other words, who feels something special about every sign of the zodiac that satisfies him and makes him happy. Despite this erotic all-round talent, Aries particularly fascinates you in 2023.
It is also amazing that you can do well with Taurus-born in the coming year. This is due to Uranus, which is in this zodiac sign.
A hot wire runs across to Aquarians, as they are right opposite your own zodiac sign. There is something about a Cancer that attracts you. But it's unlikely to turn into a relationship or even a marriage. Your favorite is another Leo.
If you're single, you'll almost certainly end the year by his or her side. There is very little attraction for you from a Virgo. The situation is different with a Libra. This zodiac sign is also one of your closer favorites in 2023. Gemini, of course, is fantastic. They understand each other. But in a partnership fatigue sets in quickly.
With a Capricorn there is also only a small probability that you will meet.
On the other hand, there are greater chances with Sagittarius: on the one hand it is very similar, but on the other hand it is so different that it is exciting and remains exciting. It is quite possible that many marriages between Sagittarius and Leo will take place in 2023.
Pisces exert a great attraction on you through Neptune.

If you are younger than 25...

You need fun and entertainment. You won't find it on your cell phone or on TV. Get together with friends or at least go where a lot of people gather.

If you're older than 50...

Walk outside in the bright sunshine as often as possible. The sun is your ruling planet. You get strength from it. Find a place where the sun is very close to you.

When you are depressed...

When you are depressed, let yourself go. Then all you have to do is give yourself a push and you're out of depression.

Your personal happiness strategy

As a Leo, you have a special connection to the Sun because it is your ruling planet. Therefore, try to fill out your lottery ticket when the sun is shining in the sky!

Jul 23 - Aug 23

SOULMATEAries, Sagittarius


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