Your horoscope for the year 2023 for Capricorn


You have less stress in 2023

What you get

2023 is ruled by Mars. This means that it is teeming with so-called "heroes", people who think they are irresistible and think they already have success in the bag. People with backbone, expertise and perseverance (Capricorns!) are needed more than ever. The call for responsible women and men like you will be louder than ever in the coming year. And you are on the spot and will use your chances. Because Mars will give you strength, not fantasy.

What you lose

The fire planet will take away some of your calm. You are also not quite as self-confident as usual. But compared to other zodiac signs, you are still the calm yourself, despite Mars.

The message of the planets

Mars is something like your doorman for you. So he protects you, doesn't let anything get to you, but he also intervenes when you need his help. Especially in April, May, July, August, October and November you can rely on him one hundred percent.
Jupiter takes a position towards your zodiac sign from May 17 until the end of the year. This is something like an invitation to invite, to welcome this planet. You will certainly not regret it, because this Jupiter brings good luck, and that means great prospects to skim in the coming year. Therefore, it is better to wait until mid-May with important plans and then get started.
Saturn is in the zodiac sign of Pisces for almost the whole year. In order to benefit from this planet, which is your personal ruling star, you need to take a closer look at it. Saturn in the sign of Pisces is well disposed towards you. But he doesn't like it when you make yourself important. As long as you go about your business in the usual way, you will get his full support. One more thing: this Saturn is into generosity. Sometimes you may be asked to act socially.
Uranus is in your solar field for money and possessions. That's where you need to be careful. This planet makes you look at reality through rose-colored glasses. In this respect, you are advised to make solid money transactions.
Neptune leaves you defenseless. You will feel now and then that seemingly everyone can trample on your toes. But he also brings something beautiful: all you have to do is close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and you are in another world, happy, content. When you open your eyes again, you are fit for everyday life.
Pluto is in your zodiac sign. He dives deep into your past in 2023, into past lives, into the lives of your ancestors. And he will always show you what he has brought back for you from his journey through your past.

Love and sex

Mars, the year's ruler, magnifies the fun of lust and love, helping you to switch off more easily, feel more deeply, and let go more easily. Jupiter makes sure that one or the other problem disappears from your partnership. It's as if the heavens, with a magic plane, will remove everything that is not good for your relationship. Singles are also generously taken care of. Mars gives you more sex appeal. Now you are more likely to be seen to be in the mood. This is exactly what increases your popularity. Do not resent if you get a little lesson on the way now: You often don't give the other person the space they need to really warm up. If you sometimes become more wait-and-see and passive here, your love will benefit enormously, and you will definitely not end up single.

Career and money

Saturn, your personal ruling planet, is in the zodiac sign of Pisces throughout the year. This is equivalent to him taking a break and leaving you alone with it. In the very first place, it means that your life becomes easier. You have less stress, your work is manageable, can be accomplished without pushing overtime, and you also don't always have to do everything alone, but get help and support. Then Jupiter supports you. It looks as if a seed is sprouting in you. What exactly will become of it cannot be predicted. But you can be sure that something will come out of it that will bring honor to your life, make you happy. This may refer to a promotion at work or perhaps even a new job that you enjoy more.


In Jupiter you have a strong ally in the sky. You are fit and, should anything hurt, you will find quick recovery. Saturn will watch to make sure you don't overdo it, that you are respectful of your trinity of mind, body and spirit - but will also attach symptoms and ailments to you if you stray too far from a sensible lifestyle. Saturn holds every too greasy meal, every cigarette and every glass of wine "too much" against you. You don't need to be afraid of Saturn - but plenty of respect.

Capricorn and his partners

Ultimately, an Aries is not good for you. Nevertheless, in 2023 you will probably again find yourself in situations where you get involved with this person. Taurus is one of your favorites. You'll probably end up with one, too - and be happy. Unlikely that you will respond to a Gemini. This person is much too restless. Cancers are exactly opposite your zodiac sign and are therefore serious marriage candidates. However, you must also both be willing to accept each other's idiosyncrasies. It would be a miracle if you ended up with a Leo who is not as complacent as everyone else. Of course, you will get along with a Virgo. But a relationship is difficult because everyone patronizes the other. Libra is not one of your favorites in 2023. On the other hand, Scorpios possess everything you long for. However, this zodiac sign is always a bit scary. You quickly feel inferior. The course book of the stars says that you will fall in love with a Sagittarius. Another Capricorn is and remains a favorite for a partnership. Aquarius actually always disagrees with you. This is exhausting and causes you to avoid each other. With a Pisces you can live a love you long for. But this love also requires that you give more space to your feelings.

If you are younger than 25 ...

Planet Mars strengthens your self-confidence. This is especially good if you want to further your career. With this Mars you also strengthen their position in your team. Just assume that they have shining stars to advance professionally.

If you are older than 50 ...

This Mars brings you freshness and youthfulness. These are good conditions to keep up in your job and maybe even get ahead. But this Mars also gives you more youthfulness in other ways. It would be no wonder if you fall in love again.

If you are depressed ...

Unfortunately you have a tendency to melancholy. You have to live with it. What helps them is contact with nature. So go out every weekend and do some hiking!

Your personal happiness strategy

You probably already have a set pattern that you put in your lottery ticket. If not, it's time: tick the same numbers every week!

Dec 22 - Jan 20

BEST DAYSaturday
SOULMATETaurus, Virgins
LEADERSHIP PICTURESFrederick the Great, Maria Theresa


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