Your 2023 Horoscope for Aries


It's going to be a barnstorming year!

What you get

The ruler of the year 2023 is called Mars. He is your personal ruler planet. So one thing is clear from the start: the new year suits you wonderfully. You will use it and profit from it abundantly. You will be satisfied, successful and happy. The strongest and most successful time starts right at the beginning of the year, because Mars is super-favorable to your zodiac sign until March 24: No matter what you undertake, success is above everything.

What you lose

Aries is not an unrestrained go-getter either. Often he holds back because he realizes that his nature overtaxes others. But now that the whole world is becoming Aries-like, restraint is all wrong.

The message of the planets

It has already been said that Mars rules the year, so you have the better cards from the start. The other planets are also on your side. Only Jupiter enters into a tension with your natal Sun in the second half of the year. This should be a sign for you to better put important professional decisions on the first half of the year. Especially legal steps are taboo in the second half of the year. Saturn plays the role of a coach who will train you to be more assertive. You and Saturn will become good friends in 2023. He will take a close look at your business partners in particular and will eliminate unsuitable candidates from your address book. Uranus will target your partnerships. Under the aegis of this planet, you claim an independent, self-reliant life and are not willing to submit to your partner like that. You would rather separate than back down on this issue. Uranus is also a source of great inspiration. You will be able to count on its "ingenious" support in 2023 and come up with lightning-smart ideas. Neptune is in Pisces. You have a particularly good connection to this planet and can trust your intuition. This planet gives you a kind of sixth sense, which means that with its help you can perceive things beyond reason and sensory perception. However, Neptune also has negative effects: At times it strikes you with "blindness" in business matters, and you are easily deceived. Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn. This planet symbolizes the influence of the past - that of your ancestors, but also of your past lives. That's where power comes from. But it also means taking in the past and letting it work in you. 2023 is not a year to go against your past.

Love and sex

Jupiter is in your zodiac sign Aries during the first half of the year. This means that 2023 will offer all kinds of things in love. Thanks to Jupiter you will meet people with whom you understand each other at once and with whom it is great fun to do something together. That there then also the fire of love blazes hotly, cannot fail to happen. Especially until the middle of May stories happen that you otherwise only know from your dreams. From June on, unfortunately, some tensions and disappointments are pre-programmed. The reason is the entry of Jupiter into the zodiac sign Taurus. This leads to envy and rivalry on the part of your fellow men. Neptune is the second planet that guides your love. He provides romance and tenderness. You understand each other without big words. However, Neptune is also the planet for secrecy.... I wonder if you'll have an affair in 2023 that no one will know about...? Another possibility: if your current partnership has expired, so you don't understand each other anymore, but rather avoid each other, maybe even fight. Then Jupiter will help you to find an end, to separate. You will not start a new partnership immediately. But it won't take long.

Career and money

With your personal planet Mars as ruler of the year, you have to bring something - and you can. With Jupiter in your zodiac sign until May, you'll zoom off like a rocket. You will rise in your profession, maybe even to the very top. Planet Mars awakens your inner fire. But this will only succeed if you are ready for it and if you are more committed than usual.


Jupiter is in your zodiac sign until May 16. This is a wonderful healer constellation. There are chances of improvement even for chronic illnesses. This Jupiter position is a source of strength, health and new youth. Basically, you should pay attention to your heart and blood pressure. But, as I said, diseases are not an issue for you. Far more important - at least for female Aries - in the next year is the topic of beauty. Because every cream, mask and pack, every cure, diet and beauty treatment will have a particularly lasting, intensive and relaxing effect in the coming 12 months.

Aries and his partners

It is the favorable influence of Jupiter with Mars that makes Aries-born people insanely interesting.
If the opportunity arises to travel with another Aries, be sure to say yes. It will be an adventure.
Taurus is even more stubborn to your sensibilities than it already is due to Saturn and Pluto: Not for you!
Gemini is positively enhanced by Jupiter. So there's a great year ahead. You can definitely imagine spending time together with a Gemini in 2023.
Cancer is your secret favorite. However, you also know that a partnership with him is not easy. They are simply too different. The best thing to do is to form a friendship. Then you do not constrict each other.
Another Leo is of course "biggest, best and most beautiful" in 2023. One sets mutually in scene. That this is also connected with competition is self-evident.
Nothing against Virgos: in 2023 you have many positive stars. Uranus also makes you more willing to take risks. You could already get together there.
A relationship with a Libra is in the course book of stars and you're excited about it. Scorpios are somehow always around you in 2023. As an Aries, you will try to understand Scorpios and get involved with them. But I don't believe in a love story.
Sagittarians are incredibly open-minded and interesting people throughout the year due to Jupiter.
Leave Capricorn to the left.
Too bad Aquarius is so hard to catch. He would be the best partner, life friend and buddy for you.
Pisces are too indecisive and contradictory for you in 2023.

If you are younger than 25...

When Venus comes into your zodiac sign on February 19, you will find your love happiness. You will show it to the whole world what a real Aries is - and without much effort, without extra means. You just have to be as the cosmos has created you: lively, direct, honest, spontaneous - yes, and sometimes quiet, even a little cheeky and rash, That's what makes you so lovable, so charming. Don't forget: you are an Aries and not a sheep, understand? Start the new year right away with new momentum.

If you are older than 50...

If you are in a steady partnership, the time until the end of June is best: you will feel good, find new happiness, possibly decide to have (another) child. For soloists, the first half of the year is the better half. You have chances upon chances.

If you are depressed ...

Sounds strange, but it works: get a pet. Or find an additional task. take on a sponsorship, take care of someone. The moment you feel gratitude or know that you are needed, depression is alleviated or disappears altogether.

Your personal luck strategy

When it comes to luck, your Mars relies on spontaneity. This is a gift that comes naturally to you. It contains a knowledge beyond all logic and experience. Spontaneity falls "from the sky." This means that when you play the lottery, you should tick the numbers spontaneously and without a system. Do not think about it for a long time, connect in your thoughts with your Mars and ask him for "assistance".

Mar 21 - Apr 20

SOULMATELeo, Sagittarius


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