Your 2023 Horoscope for Aquarius


It will be an exciting year

What you get

Important planets take you in their midst in 2023, protect you and carry you through time. Until the middle of May Jupiter joins "your" cosmic team. Mars, the ruler of the year, adds its fiery energy throughout the year, but is at its strongest in June. In this month you make money out of your ideas and find great happiness in love. But most importantly, you'll get your money's worth as an Aquarius in 2023: it's going to be exciting.

What you lose

2022 went to Saturn. Throughout the year, he did not leave your side. In 2023 he still follows you for the first two months. But then you'll be rid of him.

The message of the planets

Jupiter moves through the sign Aries until mid-May. This position has been associated in astrology since ancient times with wealth through (gambling) winnings, gifts and favorable loans. While there is no guarantee of hitting the jackpot, you may be one of the very lucky ones. Then, starting in June, Jupiter is in the sign of Taurus. Whatever you have developed in the past months will now be put through its paces. Now it's time to roll up your sleeves and give it a good tug. With Jupiter in Taurus and the fire of Mars, you'll get going wonderfully. Mars and Jupiter give you in a pleasant way more decisiveness, more bite and more motivation to succeed.
Saturn is in the zodiac sign of Pisces from March 6. Take it as read that this planet, which has now accompanied you for well over a year, is going diving. You have got rid of him. So in 2023 you are allowed to bring in your own personal touch again, to live more the way you want to. This leads to you having more joy in life. Your love and your professional successes will also benefit.
Uranus is in Taurus throughout the year. On the one hand, this position restricts your need for freedom. You will often shrug your shoulders in resignation in 2023 and say, "Well, not then...!" On the other hand - and you can be quite sure of this - this Uranus in Taurus makes sure to avoid any catastrophic mistakes.
Neptune is also in the sign of Pisces, and there he is primarily concerned with your relationship life. It is due to its action that you develop a tendency towards "unhealthy" relationships: a relationship with a person who is already married, a love for a person with a failed existence, and the like.
Pluto is in Capricorn and thus in the sign immediately next to yours. He will therefore always intervene in your life once in a while, cause you worries, but above all confront you with your past. You can be sure that if a problem arises in the here and now, there are roots in the past. Therefore, it is useful to investigate in your personal history. This way you can solve the problem in the here and now.

Love and sex

Ruler planet 2023 Mars makes it possible that you are not simply "only" loved, but also understood. You will sometimes feel like a baked fish who is happily in love for the first time or like in a fairy tale. If your current partner does not have a very messed up horoscope, you will definitely move closer together again and fully enjoy this wonderful feeling of not being alone in this world. For singles, the stars promise a big turnaround in 2023: The powerful three, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto orbit your zodiac sign. This means that your soul mate, who has been with you on and off for many lifetimes, will cross your path again. It is decided that you can walk this earth together again for a while in this lifetime.

Career and money

Uranus, your ruling planet, has been bombarding you with ideas for as long as you can remember. But most of the time you just kept going down the drain with your brilliant ideas. Have you already got used to it? Dreams are dreams? Then you will be taught otherwise in the coming year. Through the reign of Mars everything will change: your dreams will come true. Don't just think about your personal career now. The world needs you as an idea generator and driving force on the socio-political stage. No matter whether you become active in a political party, as a works council member or as a volunteer - the main thing is that you put your head and your heart into the service of a good cause. This applies just as much to those of you who may no longer be working because you have retired. Take a look around. You need something to fill your day. If you're just twiddling your thumbs, you'll be dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Learn something new, a language, how to use a computer, become a healer or join a club. It goes without saying that with Jupiter in such an excellent position you can always expect to have enough money in the coming year.


Basically you can look forward to a healthy year. However, the fitter you feel, the more carelessly and recklessly you treat your body. Your organism takes revenge with too high blood pressure. The consequences: You become restless, sleep badly, even suffer from anxiety. Also the leg pains typical for Aquarius are a consequence of the unhealthy lifestyle, because pollutants are deposited exactly there. Especially in the first half of the year it can come to complaints, whereby symptoms are basically signals for the fact that you expect your body too much and/or wrong. So you have to take care, eat healthy, exercise regularly and above all avoid stress.

Aquarius and his partners

Whenever Mars is in a fire sign, for example in June, you will get along brilliantly with Aries-born people. Taurus-born people are a bit awkward. This often prevents you from getting involved with them more intensively. But maybe this will change in 2023 and you will find each other. Gemini are among your best friends in 2023. You are very fond of crabs. They have something so homely. But a partnership works out rather badly. They are too different. With a Leo it works much better. They are also very different. But in this case it's rather interesting. Each has something the other likes. A Virgo just doesn't suit you. Libra? These people have the same element as you, air, that is already a good condition. But, you must know, partnership is not easy. Scorpios, on the other hand, are made of a completely different stuff. He always finds the hair in the soup. Bad prerequisites for a peaceful 2023. Everything speaks in favor of you falling in love with a Sagittarius in 2023 and becoming happy. Just as much speaks against falling in love with a Capricorn. These people are too normal. You and another Aquarius, that's the ultimate. They are the best of friends. The stars rumor that you and a Pisces will have a secret affair going in the summer of 2023: Exciting!

If you're younger than 25...

Ruling planet Mars provides youthfulness. You most certainly have an exciting and thrilling year ahead of you. Perhaps it is not bad if you nevertheless resolve not to overdo it right away, because Mars could cause you to do so.

If you are older than 50...

You can look forward to this year: the ruler planet Mars awakens all that is so important to you, an Aquarius. These are not immediately wild adventures, but once again do something that takes you out of your normal everyday life, that's wonderful.

If you are depressed ...

A depressive mood is always the result of having adapted for too long. A normal everyday life is not good for you in the long run. You'll have to come up with something.

Your personal happiness strategy

Close your eyes, don't think, and then tick the first numbers that come to mind.

Jan 21 - Feb 19

EPOCHEFrench Revolution
BEST DAYSaturday
SOULMATEGemini, Libra
GUIDELINESJoan of Arc, Albert Einstein


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