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Virgo as a partner in love


A Virgo approaches love with a mixture of innocence, naivety and childishness. No matter how many times she has been in love, for her it is like the first time again every time. And no matter how many men or women she has been in bed with, she always celebrates it as if it were her absolute love premiere. That is the charming thing about her, she remains inwardly young, fresh, in love like a "baking fish" - even if she should become a hundred years old.
While there are - I would bet - certainly no more true "virgins" among Virgo-born than among the other eleven signs of the zodiac, there exist among them a disproportionate number who have no children of their own. This does not mean that Virgos are not good fathers or mothers. It only means that they seem to fulfill a "secret plan", namely not to be distracted by father or mother duties from their actual tasks, which are: to be always ready and open and to serve the higher! On the other hand they like to take over the offspring of other people. I know tens of Virgos who adopted children or chose a partner who already had children. This puts the Virgo back "on target", picking up a task and solving it practically. Virgos who bring children into the world themselves often do not do this "for themselves", but for their partner, their parents or their in-laws.


Virgos are more interested in love techniques than anyone else - though, it must be emphasized - not soulless "number acrobatics." Rather, Virgo practices the same thing in lovemaking that it tries to do elsewhere in life: control its emotions, but this time not to stop them, but to cultivate them. Virgo makes love and in the process learns to do it better and better, because she never completely turns off her virginal "controlletti": She feels along, is attentive, does not fall into a sheer unconscious sensory frenzy. It is as if she were learning to play a beautiful instrument, as if she were going to a love school. Curious like a child, she studies her body and that of her beloved partner, experimenting and trying to find out in which parts of the body stimulation is most fun and gives pleasure.
Her own most sensitive area is the belly - from the abdomen to the chest. Stroking or tender touches with the lips, tongue, hair or feathers and kisses on the belly button make it difficult even for a virgin not to get into love ecstasy. A circular massage of the belly with a sponge and soap sends pleasant shivers down her spine. In general, shower or bathtub are the right place to start the erotic game with the virgin, because these Adams and Evas respond to everything that has to do with cleanliness and purity. Solid lighting during the act of love, however, is not for them. Virgos also don't like to stand and make love in the limelight. Dimmed candlelight in the bedroom and bathroom and soft music provide the right setting for sensual hours.


Virgo is far from being as faithful as one might expect when playing with the little word "virgin": Doesn't everyone think of an innocent angel who is unbreakable and steadfast to their partner? No way! You can't be too suspicious of a typical virgin. It's not that she would lie to her partner when she swears fidelity. She means it! But she also forgets it as soon as she senses another opportunity. The virgin in pure culture has no "steadfastness" - neither in the other life nor with the love.
You can call it "weakness, opportunism, fickleness" or whatever. In reality, it is her nature to flow with the circumstances. Today she is one heart and soul with her partner, opens herself, gives herself completely to this relationship. If tomorrow she meets another person by whom she feels loved, she blossoms in this love. I know many partners of Virgos who almost despair of these innocent, loving - love-crazed - creatures.


As easily as Virgo gets involved in a love adventure itself, it reacts sensitively when its partner fools around with others. She will certainly not react with passionate jealousy scenes "in the manner of the Sicilians", in which sometimes china is broken. She will nag, criticize and even get upset to the point of paranoia about her partner's behavior. Because infidelity scratches at her already not very stable self-confidence.
Since she knows about the transitoriness and finiteness of life, a beloved person, who perhaps only flirts a little with others, in order to lure her, the virgin, out of the reserve, immediately triggers downright fears of loss with her. If her partner cheats (or even plays with the thought of it), the Virgo always looks for the blame with herself - and suffers.
But in the end she is too intelligent and too practical to be a martyr. When her partner repeatedly violates agreements, her reason wins out pretty quickly, and she acts on the motto: "Tit for tat!" And finally, at some point, she will also say, "Well, then not ...!"


The typical Virgo is basically very quick to seduce and downright "easy to care for". A little bit of wooing, once made beautiful eyes - and already she seems to literally melt away, because she believes so little in herself. What you should certainly not do is criticize her. Because she already does that herself to the point of pain.
Prove friendship to a virgin before you try to seduce her. Show that you don't just want to fool around, but mean business. And please never be late for a date.
Otherwise, as I said, she doesn't make any big demands. "Well-tempered middle position" is what she prefers. Even later, when it has come to a relationship, she needs her kiss every day and a partner who smiles kindly at her when you see each other in the morning, wants to hear that she is a great person, and insists on her sex with nice regularity - not too much, not too little. She doesn't want a partner who covers her with caresses and roars with pleasure during lovemaking so that the neighbors drum on the wall. Evenness raises her attitude to life, excessive love just like indifference kills her desire.

Aug 24 - Sep 23


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