Your Love Horoscope

Taurus as a partner in love


First of all, for a Taurus, lust and sensuality are the most normal and natural things in this world. Isn't the time he is born into full of sensuality? Just think of the scent of lilacs or the taste of a May punch! All the senses are addressed: Smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch. Just as Obelix drew infinite strength forever from his early childhood bath in the magic potion, so a Taurus is blessed at birth with an immense wealth of pleasure and sensuality that never fades from his life. With regard to love, the Taurus embodies the primal principle of lust: the woman with the voluptuous, soft curves, always ready for pleasure; the man with broad shoulders and powerful loins - always and infinitely potent.
But, you may object, what about love? So far, only the enormous sensuality of the Taurus has been spoken of. Love and sensuality, aren't they two different things?
Normally yes, but not for a Taurus! Love without sensuality is unimaginable for him. The sentence that love goes through the stomach was surely invented by a Taurus. He loves what he can see, smell, touch, taste. He measures the love he receives from his partner by how often he is kissed, how many orgasms he gets and how the Wiener Schnitzel tastes that he/she puts on the table.


Taurus is a glutton for punishment, that much is clear. He is in love with all sensual pleasures, the world is a paradise where there are endless temptations, and making love is certainly one of the most beautiful pleasures. So sex with a Taurus is pure lust, a flight on soft clouds, a plunge into the land of One Thousand and One Nights. These born cuddlers kiss with full lips, juicy and pithy, but not very temperamental - and most of all they like to kiss champagne from the skin of the beloved.
Their most sensitive part of the body is the neck. Passionate kisses on the neck, gentle bites make him wild. If you want to stimulate him and seduce him to love, you should take advantage of this sensitivity, because opportunities for such "accidentally" eroticizing touches often arise: a light touch on the neck while helping into the coat, tying a tie, sliding a hand over the back of a chair - there are no limits to the imagination.
Like everything, the sensational lustfulness of the bull has its shadow. It is his fixation. A Taurus wants his quantum of pleasure every day. If he does not receive it, he feels that his life is going in the wrong direction. This is frustration for him, he reacts grumpy, offended and bad-tempered. Of course, this is sometimes difficult for the partner, who may be in a different mood, and it takes a lot of strength and persuasion to convince his Taurus that "no sex" does not mean "no quality of life". Because this is exactly the conclusion the Taurus draws.


He is the most faithful! If a Taurus cheats on you or even leaves you for someone else, it would have happened three times with any other sign of the zodiac. Because he is a "creature of habit", he loves to do the same thing all the time, it gives him a sense of security. A Taurus doesn't get bored kissing the same woman or man all the time. On the contrary. So a lot must have already happened when a Taurus cheats. He must have been denied his - as he thinks - ancestral right to pleasure and satisfaction for a long time. Otherwise, however, the typical Taurus is undoubtedly the right candidate for silver, golden or even diamond wedding celebrations.
However, there are Taurus-born people who do not fit into this scheme at all and cheat like world champions. For sure, there is a completely different Ascendant or Moon sign in their horoscope - Sagittarius, Aquarius or Gemini, for example. Such Taurus "graze" elsewhere, but do not question their partnership, which is typical for a Taurus.


The typical Taurus is not good at sharing, and least of all is he willing to share his partner with someone else. If he feels in the least that he has to give something of his partner - his time, his tenderness, his love - to someone, he sees red.
And a jealous Taurus is about the worst thing you can imagine. He can get really out of control and, for example, destroy a large part of the furniture. So before you get involved with a bull, you should know exactly what you will face if you don't want to take this agreement too seriously. A bull is a faithful and steady person and that's exactly what he expects from his partner. After all, he thought it over long enough before he said yes.


If you have taken a Taurus lady or man to your heart and now you don't know whether you should wait until he/she becomes active or rather get going yourself, one thing applies first of all: with these thoughtful bon vivants it takes time. Attempts to manipulate him/her are usually blocked with the concentrated power of a rhinoceros and a tank.
But of course, just waiting is no solution either. Rather, you have to lure the bull, seduce him. The easiest way to do this is to act according to the motto "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Because no real bull is able to resist culinary pleasures. Thus attuned, you can gradually excite his other senses. If one is a woman, one mentions thus in the conversation besides, how well one cooks, depending upon the own attitude later perhaps also, how enthusiastically the former men rave today still from the common bed stories.
As an admirer of a "Taurus woman" on the other hand, you can quietly let slip what you get every month on his account and how comfortable and cuddly everything is at home.
At some point, the time will be ripe for stronger guns: the invitation to your home, a visit to the sauna, a weekend together ... Finally, you have to take the Taurus-born person(s) by the hand and say: "That's the way!"

Apr 21 - May 21


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