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Sagittarius as a partner in love


Love with a Sagittarius or a Sagittarius is the highest, you taste heaven, you taste eternity, you stay for a while in the rose garden, in paradise, you are surrounded by lotus flowers, surrounded by amber, musk and narcissus fragrance.
Sagittarians always want to cultivate love somehow, to elevate it, to give it a special touch. Simply to love, that seems to them uninteresting, banal, cheap, low.
Sagittarians are true masters of the art of love. They come up with a game of conquest that simply makes you go weak: they are charming, witty, funny and incredibly imaginative in the process. Also, their warmth and cordiality, the closeness they allow, make them the best under the sky in this regard. Sagittarius men are edgy, even hard, but any woman can feel their soft heart at a hundred yards away. Sagittarius women like to wear pants and play the man in other ways as well. But they are such gentle, soft, gorgeous playmates that any partner will indulge them in all this.


The ingenuity of a Sagittarius knows no bounds. He is a master of transformation and senses, for example, exactly whether his partner wants more tenderness or more passion and fire at a certain time.
Sure, he also wants his own pleasure and satisfaction, but they are hardly worth half as much to him if his partner doesn't touch the sky as well. Above all, Sagittarius is a witty lover, the exact opposite of a person who merely goes through the sex act to satisfy himself. No, Sagittarius people are love artists who fill their own and their partner's body with music and make it resound. For them there are also no taboos. And precisely because they seek not only physical, but always also spiritual satisfaction, they can even try out sexual practices from the pornographic border area, sadomaso, fetishism and even sex with more than one partner without having a "funny feeling" about it.
If you want to learn more about the lust and passion of Sagittarians, you only need to pick up a book about Tantra or the Kamasutra. There you will find everything that makes Sagittarians and their partners happy: making love and feeding each other honey figs, rubbing the body with warm oil and moving like snakes, being available to each other as "sex slaves" and fulfilling every wish, sitting naked in front of each other without touching - and the like.


No, he is not faithful. Sagittarius is animated by love, in love with love; it is the substance that not only satisfies his body, but also moves his mind forward and raises his consciousness. In addition to this, like all fire signs, "making prey" gives him much more pleasure than "having prey"; a "game" which he has not yet been able to "kill" is always more interesting to him than one - no matter how attractive and nice - which he already "has".
Now, however, something must be added to the honorary rescue of the shooter: He is the born philanthropist; he cannot even watch an animal suffering - and of course not at all when a human being is sad, possibly even because of him. In other words: A Sagittarius will only be colorful as long as his partner does not put a stop to it. However, this may not look under any circumstances in such a way that prohibitions are expressed or violent threats are made. Something like that never stops the Sagittarius from pursuing his need for freedom. But if he senses that his beloved partner is really suffering, that he is hurting him with his escapades, that he has poked someone who has given him his trust right in the heart ..., then he gradually comes to understand, restrains himself, compares the pleasure he can get with the pain he will get for it, and as a rule weighs things up in favor of his partner.


Jealousy is no stranger to Sagittarius-born people, but you won't experience jealousy tragedies and passionate scenes where china gets broken with them. Sagittarians know how they like to "flutter from flower to flower." And since they themselves don't like the feeling of being in chains, they don't put their partner through that either.
So they don't seem to be jealous at all, even directly uninterested, when their loved ones "ogle" with others in their presence, dance, talk for hours or enthusiastically tell them about the new colleague or the trainer at the gym. You will also never forbid them to go out with friends or girlfriends.
You're almost tempted there as the partner of a Sagittarius to play it out, to finally elicit some emotion from his/her loved one. Don't do it, your Sagittarius is very much jealous, he just doesn't show it. Because to set limits to the partner does not fit to his free attitude. He thinks that the other person must know for himself how far he can go. But if he goes too far, this violates the ideal of Sagittarius. And once this is violated, his love gradually dies too.


First on the seduction scale for a Sagittarius is travel. Make your dream partner feel like you can pack your bags and be ready to travel from one second to the next, this is what these migratory birds appreciate and love. Someone who books a plane ticket for him for a short trip to some metropolis, someone who encourages him to get behind the wheel and drive somewhere in the blue, someone who wants to go hiking with him in the mountains on the weekend - Sagittarius lays his heart at his feet.
In second place comes entertainment. Sagittarius likes to know everything for his life, but he is "too good" himself to do so (most of the time he has no time either, because he is constantly on the road), to get the necessary information. In particular, he deeply dislikes dealing with gossip and similar talk. But if his partner takes this job off his hands, reads the relevant gazettes, knows who and what is "in" or "out" at the moment, then Sagittarius is happy.
Third, prove your power and energy to your Sagittarius. Show that you can very well keep up with his activities; he appreciates that. He can't do anything with inactive, immobile people.
Now let's open the negative list: What can a Sagittarius not stand? In the first place is nagging. How annoying he finds a (future) partner who tells him that he should clean up sometimes or at least put the butter back in the fridge after spreading it on his bread. He? The great Sagittarius?
The symbol of Sagittarius is the bow. And the love arrow that the archer or the archeress applies to their victim reaches its target quickly and unerringly. "Hunting" and "preying" are their passions and that's why they like to flirt and never miss an opportunity.
However, subtle stalling tactics and pretentiousness do not stimulate their hunting instinct, but let it cool down very quickly. Because they act according to the motto: "If you want to, all the better, if you don't want to, also good. This is not a tragedy for me. Because other mothers also have beautiful sons and daughters."
You are interesting for a Sagittarius-born if you show him a cheerful smile, radiate optimism, and act sporty and adventurous. If you admire him, he will be in top form and you will experience extremely amusing hours - or even more?

Nov 23 - Dec 21


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