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Libra as a partner in love


For a Libra, love is their raison d'être. To love is to live. From the moment Libra-borns open their beautiful eyes and see the light of day, they are capable of love and they develop this art to the very highest perfection throughout life.
Is it even possible to put the love of a Libra into words? Of course, the divine Venus or Aphrodite comes to mind in this context. Venus is, after all, the ruling planet of all Libra-born and has always been a synonym for love, lust, tenderness, passion, togetherness, attraction, closeness, sizzling, flirting, longing, merging, sensuality. The Greeks considered Aphrodite to be the fertile goddess of the blooming spring and the overflowing spring lust. Above all, Venus-Aphrodite was a figure of incomparable charms. Every Libra, whether man or woman, possesses something of this Venusian radiance and therefore awakens in the other the idea of being personally close to Venus. They are beautiful, graceful, charming, charming, tender, sensitive. They give their counterpart the feeling of having found what he or she has longed for, his or her love dream ... Sometimes I even believe that Libra-born people sense exactly which love ideal is in the other person. And they want to fulfill this dream, because then theirs is also fulfilled.


Making love with Libra-borns is an aesthetically beautiful act. They don't just "make" love, rather they celebrate a work of art. The eroticism of Libra is never flashy or cheap, but elegant and full of stylish pleasure. If you want to seduce them, you should provide a beautiful, harmonious environment. This does not always have to be the bedroom, a picnic in a forest clearing or caresses on a bench in the moonlight appeal to Libra and satisfy her sense for staging. However, make sure that the bench is not next to a waste basket, as the scales react sensitively to such things.
Speaking of tenderness: Typical scales like to kiss, often and always differently. Their tongue play is tender-romantic to passionate-sensual, aesthetic or playful. No kiss is like the other and kissing is part of a non-committal flirtation for them.
The act of love begins with an extended foreplay, which also includes romantic pillow talk. Why rush? The night is there for love. The small of the back, buttocks and lateral loin region are her particularly erogenous zones. Touching, light caressing - there are no limits to the fantasy of the love partner, if he wants to put his Libra into the greatest excitement.
Scales possess the urge to elevate love; that is, to free it from the purely physical and give it the realm of the spirit. This also means that Libra-born people seek to transform the person they love from a "body-sense" person into a "soul" person in the course of their encounter together. Partners of Libra people must be ready for this transformation, of course, and they usually are. This is because within ourselves, we sound out the other person in every encounter and therefore know what is coming.
So, in conclusion, the question about Libra-born people's abilities in bed can be answered as follows: they are fantastic in bed, but the bed soon becomes too small for them.


No other representative of the zodiac is so sensitive, so patient, so devoted and can put their own needs aside as much as Libra-born people. Therefore, there can be no doubt at all that Libra is faithful. However, she also shows herself to be a glutton for punishment, in love with love for love. Flirting is one of her favorite games. Escaping her charming seduction skills will be difficult, if not impossible. And she feels that she is a child of love, so how can she close herself off when there is a chance somewhere for this miracle to happen?
How can she resolve this conflict? Is there even a way out of this contradiction?
The best solution seems to be found by the Libra who lives in a solid and loving partnership and forms substantial, deep, but platonic connections with other people. After all, because Libra are born ready to transform the physical plane, they can also maintain relationships that are deep and fulfilling without sex.


Do you think Libra is jealous? She can be. And how! Like a "Sicilian"! Like a "Spanish Torero"! Venus/Aphrodite is in her. Does anyone seriously believe that she would accept not to be the first (and only) one? Sometimes it is already enough that her partner looks at another one ...
"But", you may object, "isn't Libra a glutton for punishment, in love with everything and everyone? Doesn't she take up an immense amount of her own space? How can she be so jealous?" Because she's an air sign! They get along well with different, even contradictory opinions. Today she's like this - and tomorrow she'll be like that!
So if you wanted to represent her jealousy on a scale in degrees, you would have to say she is "between zero and one hundred ..."! And so the scale remains an unpredictable being.


A radiant look, a smile, a charming compliment - Libra play virtuously on the keyboard of flirting. After all, they are the children of Venus, the goddess of love, and they love love. Thus, flirting is the salt in the soup of life for them and they do not miss any opportunity to do so.
Thanks to their charm and their innate erotic charisma, they are the ideal partners in this probably oldest game between man and woman. Their narcissism and last but not least their curiosity about other people - you have to try out whether you can arouse the interest of the other person - make them perfect "hunters" and their visavis doesn't even notice that it is being "hunted".
For the Libra, a non-binding flirtation includes the kiss, which she likes to give away often, but certainly not indiscriminately, as it might seem. Because also with flirting atmosphere and mood must fit.
The beautiful, musical and sociable Libra can often be found browsing in a well-stocked CD store, a bookstore or in current exhibitions, and there she also likes to risk the notorious "second glance" herself ...

Sep 24 - Oct 23


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