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Leo as a partner in love


Leo people have the proverbial "golden heart". They like to give - their time, their money, their knowledge, their feelings. They are strongly attracted to the opposite sex and know exactly what a heavenly power love is. But they are also convinced they have a privilege to it, they don't ask for tenderness and affection, no, they simply demand. In doing so, they often make quite a fuss and miss the mark.
When it comes to love, the Leo man emulates his astrological ancestor, the "King of the Desert: For him, love is like the hunt. Or to put it another way: conquering someone is much more exciting than finally "owning" them.
Leo-born love like kings, like world champions, like champs, like stars ... He is a source of inexhaustible desire to play and he stops only because sometimes there is no one to join in.
This is the secret of how to get along with the proud, imposing lion. You have to play with him, keep giving him the feeling that you are still alive (and therefore ready to play). Just as the cat immediately loses interest in the mouse when it hangs limply in its clutches, so too does a lion's desire flag when the other is no longer playing. For a lion, play is a sign of liveliness, autonomy, freedom and independence. And all this - and only this - awakens his desire, his interest, his passion.


Lions are very passionate lovers. In their arms you will find pure lust, the touch of their skin releases a kind of magnetism that attracts you strongly, makes you sink deeper and deeper and ask for more.
The lovemaking usually proceeds in three phases or stages. In the beginning, it's all about conquest, getting the other person, hearing from them what a great lion you are, and finally merging with your "prey" in a wild orgasm - and then repeating this game over and over again until exhaustion.
In the second phase everything depends on how playfully talented the partner shows himself. It doesn't matter what you play, the conquest game, the submission game, the "I'm-not-to-have" game, the separation game. Power-and-powerlessness games, even light sadomasochism, can also keep the Lion happy, but it must be creative and increase the pleasure.
In the third phase, an amazing change takes place in the Leo: He has found trust, he feels safe, he knows where he belongs, he loves his partner and of course his family, if he has one. And with that, his need for love is largely covered. He is happy, content, he purrs. He does not need more. It's by no means that he's not willing to continue having sex. But it's no longer the most important thing. He "does it" to perhaps please his partner. Otherwise, the Leo rests complacently and contentedly, enjoying life, exchanging tenderness and love, but "animal sex," as in the beginning, occurs at most in exceptional situations, after a great party or perhaps to show his partner that he can still keep up in the wild.


Infidelity is also not an issue. Once a Leo has decided on another person, he stands by it ninety-nine percent. A little uncertainty remains, however, and that's what keeps love exciting and alive. To give oneself completely to someone would be perceived by a Leo as self-sacrifice and submission.
But he does not need to confirm himself over and over again. He doesn't measure his self-esteem by how many people he's been in bed with. He also doesn't need another partner if his is withdrawn or in a crisis. He rests in himself, the lion. And if he likes another person better, it is almost certain that the previous relationship is over, and it is just as clear that the abandoned partner has done something wrong.
As faithful as he himself is, he despises the infidelity of his partner. He is also - generously - willing to forgive a faux pas, once, maybe twice, but the third time he is gone, the lion: why should he of all people, a person who gives his heart away generously, stay with someone who is so careless with it?


Of course, the Leo is jealous. How can his partner prefer someone else to him, the Lion, the crowning glory of creation!
So it is not necessarily the loss that offends him. In this he differs from a Scorpio, a Cancer or a Taurus, for example. To these three, their partner means everything and a loss is like "death" to them. The Leo is much more about wounded pride. But this pride can take on such dimensions that a slight, an injury or a loss can drive him to the brink of collapse.
This brings us to a not insignificant disadvantage or flaw of Leo: Because they are so self-absorbed, their ego usually cannot cope if a beloved partner abandons them. This is perhaps one of the hardest lessons that Mr. and Mrs. Leo have to cope with: while they are most certainly a golden treasure, a sun, a jewel, they too are "replaceable".


In every Leo there is a "lust object" that wants to be seen, admired, touched and - this especially - embellished, decorated, crowned. If you want to tame such a wildcat, flatter her, because she is vain. Make her feel like the center of attention, even if you think it's finally your turn, at least until you win the seduction game. Surround yourself with a mysterious, reserved aura; this will awaken the hunting instinct in your Leo.
Love goes through the eye with him; if you want to please a Leo, you only need to give him something beautiful. Sure, it has to be real or original. Better a real rose than fake jewelry. Rather an individual little thing than any mass-produced item, no matter how expensive it may be. And - if you can afford it - gold, because that's what the sun children especially love.
Don't reproach your Leo if he follows his big heart and buys eight pounds of bread instead of the necessary two; if he always likes the most expensive dishes at dinner; if he drives the two blocks by cab. In the vast majority of cases, he instinctively knows how much money he can spend. And I'll let you in on a secret now, too: the lion lives by the principle that the more you spend, the more you get back. And I think he's right. So stinginess not only chases away good-humored lions, but also your own happiness. Sensitive. You want an equal partner in this beautiful game.

Jul 23 - Aug 23


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