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Gemini as a partner in love


According to the claim, a twin love affair is always uncomplicated, easy and carefree: you fall in love, you get married, you break up again - life is a game, and anyone who makes it complicated for themselves is only to blame. Ultimately, Gemini thinks life is a theater, a love movie, a comedy, a divine joke - and themselves the co(s)mical punch line.
But this light-hearted, charming, uncomplicated love also knows a completely different side: namely, Geminis are just as shy and timid as they are frivolous and self-confident. They are just as afraid of deep feelings as they play with them easily. The incalculability of feelings and deep attachments frightens those determined by the head. They often counter this insecurity with irony. And they suffer just as much from separations as they treat them lightly.
Deep down, Geminis don't mind committing. They long for their dream partner just like other people, and they have nothing at all to do with loneliness. Thus, it is quite possible to walk down the aisle with them or to live in long relationships if they are sure that this woman or man stimulates them spiritually, that he/she is imaginative, enterprising and that it will not be boring with him/her.


Are you good in bed, the twins?
The answer to this delicate question is: "It depends on what you want!" If you approach the topics of sex and eroticism without prejudice and with a willingness to experiment, you may not find a better partner. Is there a better way to live your twin nature than to seduce a man or a woman with all the subtleties of eroticism? - The question, which B(r)ettsgames it still masters apart from chess and Halma, answered a Gemini personality once in such a way: "All without 'r'."
"How are we going to do it today, my love: fierce, tender, cool or passionate?" A night of love could begin with a sentence like this, and it certainly doesn't always take place in bed. As versatile as Geminis are in general, they also show themselves in their choice of erotic venues. This can be the desk in the office, the car, a dark house entrance or a not even very lonely park bench. Sex in the bedroom doesn't happen in the dark for typical twins. They like mirrors everywhere, it stimulates them to watch lovemaking from every angle. Thus, a representative of this zodiac sign can be an actor and a voyeur at the same time, and this gets him quite excited.
What further excites him are kisses on the inside of the arms. Hands, arms and shoulders are considered the most erogenous zones of typical Gemini and light caresses or caresses send shivers of delight down their spines. Their kisses are animating, their foreplay is persistent.
It's absolutely typical for twins to be curious about the topic of sex and to talk about it. In short, sex with twins is fun, amusing and definitely never boring ... But - of course, there is also a but here - it lacks depth. If you are looking for feelings, intimacy and devotion, you might get goosebumps quickly with a Gemini partner. However, Geminis are also capable of learning at this point. With time, even they realize that they are missing something.


Gemini can be described as rather not faithful! Or in other words, they are always open to life and what it brings them. Of course, this doesn't automatically mean that they always cheat or get divorced after one year of marriage at the latest. But you just can't be sure that they won't come home one day and confess with guilty but quite happy eyes that they have fallen in love ... They just often don't risk deep feelings and on the level on which it is possible for them to get involved, almost everyone seems interchangeable. This should not be misunderstood. Behind the philosophy of Gemini there is also something wonderful: a great love for all people and a basic conviction according to which one can love everyone.
Whether it is then at all advisable to marry twins? Of course it is! From their point of view, it is the moment that counts - not the past and not the future. And in the moment the Gemini-born lives with his whole being. So why shouldn't he get married and have children? Besides, Geminis are faithful on another level. They remain good friends even when a love relationship has ended. Such friendships are sometimes more valuable than a complicated marriage. And it doesn't mean that all Geminis are always on the go. Especially if they have already gone through some relationships, their soul often decides and says: So, now I stay, now I want to settle down and explore more the depth than the width!


Gemini are air signs and therefore they find contact very easily. Jealousy, on the other hand, they find disturbing, it prevents them from getting to know and interacting with many people.
A jealous Gemini-born is therefore an atypical representative of his zodiac sign, because after all he wants to be free and not live like a monk. Therefore, you can certainly risk more with him as a partner than with other people: A fling does not have to mean the end for a relationship, a slip does not automatically mean that the partnership is at the end. You can certainly start again from scratch.
But of course there is also a limit with twins, namely when one partner can no longer be relied on. Nevertheless, they rank at the bottom of the "jealousy scale".


Listen attentively to your chosen Gemini-born and show interest in his life without sticking your nose too deeply into it. Mr. and Mrs. Gemini like uncomplicated, imaginative, witty people who are both love partners and friends. Individual ideas and games spark their desire. Direct unimaginative come-ons turn them off.
Surprise your Gemini "Adam" in broad daylight in his office or in the middle of the night dressed only in a coat, stockings, "high heels" and a few drops of perfume. You will not forget this experience so quickly. You can conquer a Gemini woman most easily with spontaneous gifts (they don't have to be expensive, but imaginative) or with a funny, unconventional bouquet of flowers. It's really fun to pick out gifts for Gemini. They love anything that stimulates their minds - books, magazines, puzzles, crossword puzzles - or that they can communicate with, such as a cell phone or smartphone, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

And you have to entertain them, the representatives of this air sign: as long as Gemini have something to do, to think, to feel, they are fine. Even if they whine and complain because they don't know where their heads are anymore, it's still better than taking it easy on them.
So keep your Gemini partner busy: give them children or at least animals, a cell phone, three daily newspapers, and a TV with thousands of programs and movies. Invite many friends over and over again, choose places on vacation that are not completely lonely for God's sake! Above all, do not take yourself back. He loves it much more when you are a burden to him than when you leave him alone - no matter if he protests loudly or not!

May 22 - Jun 21


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