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Capricorn as a partner in love


In accordance with his philosophy that life is an advancement, an increase in value in the sense of personal perfection, a Capricorn is consciously or unconsciously guided in his choice of partner by the desire to enrich and improve his life through a suitable co. He cannot help it, it is placed in him, and any attempt to break out of this rule is doomed to failure. In other words: If you want to end up with a Capricorn, you have to have something a little better or more - a little more money, a little more landed property, a higher academic degree, come from a more prestigious family, be a more famous artist, or otherwise show that he or she is worthy of a Capricorn.
Of course, in principle, a Capricorn can fall in love with anyone, rich or poor, but for a partnership to last, and especially if a child is planned, "the conditions must be right."
Exceptions confirm the rule. These look then in such a way that a Capricorn chooses a partner, who stands "status-wise" under it, but then undertakes everything, so that it goes the way into the perfection.
Just as life is an object lesson for a Capricorn, so should love be. Therefore, Capricorns drag their partners everywhere where the spirit can grow: to foreign countries, to cultural events, to further education events or to spiritual circles.
But there is still time for domestic happiness. Cozy hours by the fireplace, a cosy chat in the gazebo, extended breakfast celebrations in bed - such things are certainly not in the standard program of a Capricorn every day, but, and you can count on it, it is also never cancelled without rest or replacement.


There is certainly no town talk about Capricorn's talents in bed as there is about other representatives of the zodiac, for example, Gemini or Scorpio. There is also no whispering about him behind closed doors at any parties, as one might do about an Aries or a Leo. For the Capricorn is indeed a public person; that is, he behaves impeccably in principle, so that all the world can quietly know what he is doing. But what he does in his bedroom is nobody's business, it's a private matter, sanctioned by the Basic Law, so to speak. And he won't get a woman or a man into his bedroom, who will tell everyone afterwards how the night with the Capricorn was. Capricorns are simply not the sexiest people. People who are even suspected of belonging to this category, he leaves to the left.
That one reports little about his bed airs, however, does not mean that there is nothing to tell or one could quote negative examples en masse: for example, that he is cold like ice and clumsy like a block of wood. Not at all!
Okay, he is not a hot stove, at least not without appropriate staging. What is meant is that Capricorn does not radiate sex out of himself like a thousand-watt bulb. He will be primarily shy, somewhat awkward, inhibited. But when he feels safe, lies naked in bed, the light is dimmed (yes, yes, maybe it also needs a few glasses of glowing red Burgundy), he gets going and is - as otherwise in life - unstoppable, storms to the peak, is strong, persevering, throws himself completely into it and has by no means had enough after a peak.
However, he needs - all Capricorn lovers and "-innen" should remember - a little help to start. Apart from wine, this can be appropriate literature, a film or - he likes this especially - erotic fantasies, which you tell each other before and during the act of love.


There is no question that Capricorn is one of the most faithful of the zodiac. Just as he sticks to agreements and commitments in other ways, he is one of those people who take the yes at the wedding one hundred percent seriously. Even if Capricorns do not marry (which they do at most to do their partner a favor), fidelity is a matter of course and sacred to them.
In this regard, however, there is a difference between men and women. Capricorn Evas may not be quite so firm about their vow of fidelity, but they expect it one hundred percent from their man. This is due to the fact that women are determined by the Moon to a much greater extent than men. If this is in a sign that is not so "inclined" to fidelity, such as Sagittarius or Aquarius, Gemini or Pisces, this can undermine the otherwise iron steadfastness. But on the whole and compared to all other signs of the zodiac, Capricorns of both sexes are something like a solid castle and stand by your partnership like a one.


Jealousy is not really a big issue for a Capricorn. First of all, he or she doesn't even get involved with such insecure, flighty candidates who can't stop fussing around with others. If the loved one does give cause for jealousy, the Capricorn reacts according to the severity of the offense, but never in public - with distant coolness, withdrawal of love, icy contempt, with withdrawal into his "lonely mountain world" or, if his soul is badly hurt, even with moving out of the shared apartment.
If the partner makes them a jealous scene, Capricorns resent this. They see in it no proof of love, but an arrogation of supposed rights of possession, which blatantly run counter to their pronounced sense of their own life.


A Capricorn is happy as a snow king when he notices that you think about him, for example, give him a gift and do not wait until Christmas or until his birthday, days that are very close anyway. But also a surprise phone call, which has no other reason than to express his affection, brings him - for his standards - sheer out of his mind. Of course, he does not show his joy unadorned. But those who know him can read it in his shining eyes.
They love thriftiness, the Capricorns - very much, in fact - but the quality must not suffer under any circumstances. Most of them are absolute gourmets and know exactly where to find the best meat, the freshest vegetables and the finest wine.
Luxury - is that even an issue for a true Capricorn? It is! They indulge themselves - and don't talk about it. After all, if you work hard and successfully, you can indulge yourself with a clear conscience, the noble pieces from gifted designers. As far as outfits are concerned, purists give Capricorns the greatest pleasure. Strict noblesse in material, cut and color are right at the top of their list of favorites - and no fancy frippery or any kind of pop effects!
Flirting with a Capricorn means a good bit of work, a tightrope walk: "Cheerful" and "boisterous" are synonymous with "easy-going" and "frivolous" for him; he quickly considers charming compliments to be flattery laid on too thick; he doesn't like sentiment and even the most harmless expressions of affection in public at all; if lipstick remains on his cheek during a goodbye kiss, he's embarrassed; and vows of love perhaps on the very first evening are hypocrisy for him and not worth a second.
Adam and Eve Capricorn need time, a lot of time, and the feeling that you mean it honestly with them. Flirting just for fun or to make the quick conquest - no, thanks. The Capricorn wants an equal partner, with whom he prefers to talk about the job and career, but showing witty humor and human warmth.

Dec 22 - Jan 20


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