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Aquarius as a partner in love


"Typical Aquarius" is an extreme change from "all the way up" to "all the way down". There is probably nothing more euphoric than the love of an Aquarius. But also nothing uglier than the scenes with him after a failed relationship. That's just how the typical air signs are. What they lack is continuity, the center. For the sake of justice, however, it must be stated that the hatred of an Aquarius is not a permanent one. It disappears sooner rather than later just as the great love frenzy passed away, and what finally remains is often a very pleasant friendship - and this can then last a lifetime.
It must also be noted that Aquarians are fair. Never would they really want to do a person harm. But they have only a very thin, airy and permeable protective layer. You hit a nerve with an Aquarius very quickly - and then he "lashes out", forgetting his extraordinary childishness, his charm, his cheerful way of life.
Feelings and passions do touch Aquarians, but never stir them up as strongly as is the case, for example, with the water signs Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Therefore, Aquarians usually enjoy an inner harmony and serenity, although at the bottom of their being they are rather insecure and even rather anxious. They also always keep a certain distance from their feelings, analyzing them almost as if they were something foreign, not belonging to them ("My stomach is telling me now that I'm pretty angry ..."). This does not at all mean that they are cool or uncaring. They allow themselves everything. But the conductor of all their feelings and moods is their mind - and not some reflexive, vegetative nervous system!


Among all zodiac signs, typical Aquarians are undoubtedly the most permissive, tolerant and experimental when it comes to sex. Any taboos do not exist for them: Only the man himself determines what is allowed and what is not - if something is fun, it must not be forbidden in his eyes. Of course, respect for the other person always comes first! It must be fun for both, that is the only restriction of an Aquarius.
However, he does not like it too wild and impetuous in the most beautiful game in the world. But he has nothing against a shot of sadomasochism - always provided the consent of the love partner! On the edge of all taboo topics you may move, give free rein to your sexual fantasies, explore them and put them into action without restrictions.
All this sounds tremendously free: no false shame, no false morals, no inhibitions.
However, the great freedom of Aquarius often also causes fear. Numerous relationships with Aquarians fail precisely because a sexual freedom is assumed that cannot be comprehended in the depth of the partner's psyche. If one spoke openly about it, all this would not be a problem. But in view of the enlightened, emancipated nature of an Aquarius, hardly anyone dares to show his own fears and feelings of shame. Thus, the subject of sexuality remains a hot potato even for the most open-minded and unprejudiced Aquarius and must be handled with appropriate care if sexuality as a source of divine pleasure is not to dry up.


It is better not to insist on the question of fidelity of an Aquarius. You'll only drive him into a corner and in the end he'll say things he doesn't really mean.
But is he? The answer is not easy. On the one hand, Aquarius is a person who, compared to the other representatives of the zodiac, is the most responsible with freedom. The other signs, if the opportunity for a fling is there, will probably take it. Not so the Aquarius. Due to his high ethics, he stands by his love because he feels that such an escapade would hurt and wound the partner.
So, one may have to worry less about the fidelity of an Aquarius than that of other zodiac signs. But an Aquarius is also always in search of even more freedom. This means that he will look for other partners to the extent that his own begins to bully and restrict him ...


The dream of boundless freedom with a partner at your side who provides friendship and support - with an Aquarius it could become truth. But never strain this freedom too much! Your so cool and distant Aquarius notices it and is very jealous. Even if his outburst of anger will not be of such elemental force as in an Aries, his biting cynicism and irony are not easy to bear either.
And if you fib to him to avoid a scene in such a way, he reads it in your eyes. In fact, he is in no way inferior to Scorpio in terms of "clairvoyance" and is also just as unyielding as the latter. Since he himself is sincere at the bottom of his heart, he detests lies. They do not fit his high ethical ideas, his idealistic world view; and a partner who cannot follow him on the way to a better world does not fit him in the long run either.


Seduce his intellect, show him your friendship, and "keep him on a long leash"; that is, use your seduction skills subtly and carefully. Those are already three important signposts into an Aquarian heart.
All right, now let's move on to what Aquarius particularly likes. In the first place there are surprises. No matter what, if it is only not planned - the Aquarius gets excited.
What you can do to make an Aquarius even happier than usual is to spoil him with generosity, pomp and a certain cult. Somehow he is a snob, at the height of the zeitgeist, a member of the chic scene ... Anyone who presents him with even a hint of the big wide world will elicit storms of enthusiasm or - as he would call it - standing ovations ...
Flirting with an Aquarius is not only fun, it takes on a new dimension. It's reminiscent of medieval minstrelsy, of a knight's courtship of his lady, even if her modern-day hero glides away in a fancy carriage after the first kiss under the streetlight.
Flirting with an Aquarian Eve means interested gentlemen will have to go all out before this woman succumbs to her charms. Whoever grabs this capricious ice princess right away with a clumsy pickup line, chases her, literally and figuratively, immediately into flight. Even for Casanova such a woman would certainly not have been an easy task.

Jan 21 - Feb 19


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