Dream symbol Uniform


like-minded, conform, belonging together, identification, going with the flow, mass consciousness, respect

Uniforms exist in all countries, cultures and traditions. The wearer visually professes to belong to a certain group, which has to do with a club, denomination, workplace or school. Through this uniform it is easy to determine in which professional field the person works, in which brass band the musician plays, which school he belongs to, for which airline a stewardess works. A fireman or a policeman can be recognized from a distance. The list could go on forever. It seems that our lives are not only made up of passwords and numerical codes, but also of uniforms.

Also in dream actions one recognizes the symbol of the uniform high meaning. As an encouragement of the masses, one may wear a uniform oneself or meet persons in the dream who march along uniformed. However the dream image reveals itself, what dreams of this kind mean, you read in the following.

General dream interpretation

Wearing a uniform is generally interpreted as a good omen for the future. This dream image lets seep that especially in professional life great success awaits the dreamer. Most likely, the dreamer may hope for a promotion to a higher position with more responsibility.

If a military uniform plays a role in the dream and a lieutenant or a colonel is seen in the dream, this indicates that the dreamer must take certain laws and rules seriously and follow them. This includes respecting and following authority figures. If he has internalized this and can carry out orders without resistance, this promises him for the awake state of consciousness, luck and that many ways are open to him. Once he learns this, nothing will stand in the way of his happiness and success. If one sees uniforms at the barracks in a dream, this serves as a reminder.

If the dream action begins with the image of the dreamer proudly presenting his uniform to the public, it warns against excessive self-confidence and greed for power. One may suffer from too much arrogance and give oneself a high status, at the same time expecting recognition from others.

If one or more people are seen uniformed in the dream event, this illustrates the sign of great attraction of the dreamer to the opposite sex. Besides, the dreamed uniformed person in the dream also lets announce that to new acquaintances comes, which will stand to the dreamer usefully in his soon undertakings aside.

If the uniform appears in the dream as armor, the general dream interpretation sees this as a symbol of ruthless and unemotional sides of the dreamer.

Psychological dream interpretation

Wearing a uniform, according to the psychological view, proclaims the importance of the feeling of belonging to and identifying with a certain group that follows certain ideals and beliefs. The dreamer knows his place in the social environment and possesses the quality of very good adaptability.

The person concerned should not absorb all attitudes and concepts without reflection, but should examine them with a clear eye. He should be on guard to preserve his own uniqueness and not sacrifice it for the recognition of a grouping.

Dreaming of persons wearing a uniform proclaims that a certain order is lacking in life. Especially in men's dreams psychological dream interpretation refers to this. This dream symbol of the uniform calls the dreamer back to more structure in life and to come more toOrientation.

Spiritual dream interpretation

In Spiritual Dream Interpretation, the uniform symbolizes identification with one's true self, which transcends attitudes and beliefs. The subject learns to distinguish between the egocentric personality parts and his true spiritual nature.


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