Dream symbol To kill someone


self-defense, murder, war, revenge, hatred, aggressiveness

There are enough reasons in the history of mankind why people have killed others and still do. Warlike fights have always existed since man has been on earth, it is about war and territory, about power and property or last but not least about religious reasons. Other motives are hatred, envy and revenge, which drive people to murder. The most innocent reason is probably self-defense, that makes killing seem legal as self-defense. Killing animals for food is considered something expediently normal by most, although nowadays there are many vegetarian and vegan organizations demonstrating against it to highlight the undignified killing of animals. Around annoying Gelsen or other smaller insects such as flies, which are settled carelessly times with a swat, one makes oneself then nevertheless least worries.

At the dream level, the inhibition threshold is not as high as in real life, and it may appear more frequently as a dream image that someone is being killed. When one wakes up from such a dream, one could be confused and unsettled or this could also trigger fear. What could this mean for one's personality? The question that comes up is: How could I possibly be in a position to kill someone? What this means for real life, above all, triggers even more consternation in the dreamer.

However, this dream image is usually not a sign of real murderousness.

General dream interpretation

To murder someone in a dream very rarely refers to a truly violent nature or personality of the person concerned. The dreamer should clearly keep in mind that this was only a dream with symbolic value.

Primarily, the dream of killing can mean that the dreamer is under strong dominance of a person in the waking world. It is difficult for him to escape from this influence, although he wants to enforce it with all his might. This desire to break out of this spell is expressed in the dream by the motif of "killing someone".

In addition, according to the interpretation of the general dream interpretation, this dream image can indicate DISMISSIONS that affect the dreamer. The reason for this could possibly be the neglect of a close person in the environment, which put the dreamer in a bad light.

If the person killed in the dream plays the role of a defenseless person, one's own failure and sorrow in certain life matters can be predicted.

The dreams in which the dreamer wants to kill someone for his own self-defense are the only motives that are interpreted positively. Accordingly, this dream image represents SUCCESS and increase in financial gain as well as professional prestige and career.

Killing belongs to those dream images which can cause a lot of disturbance, therefore a precise analysis is necessary to avoid wrong interpretations. Killing someone symbolizes repressed feelings to the person concerned, which instead of fighting and "killing" he should accept and allow.

Common dream symbols

Witnessing a murder

If the sleeper sees a murderer in a dream, this dream symbol indicates that the dreamer in question is repressing some personality traits. These now find an outlet to get attention. The murderer also represents aggressiveness that may lie dormant in one's depths.

Furthermore, helpful hints of certain characteristics of the victim can contribute to an accurate interpretation. It could be character traits with which one is in resistance and which one would like to get rid of.

Killing someone yourself

If on the dream level you kill someone yourself, no matter what the image in the dream looks like, miraculously a positive interpretation can still be drawn from it. It is an inner longing for independence, to act in autonomy.

Have to kill

Forcing the dreaming person to murder someone in their sleep most likely symbolizes that in real life, help is needed to escape the negative manipulation of a certain person. Since something is forced upon you in a dream, it indicates the urgent need for change.

Murder objects

To kill with an axe

If you bring someone around the corner with an axe in a dream, the sleeping person concerned may have strong assertiveness. Also, this axe killing dream may also be about an appearance of approaching trouble. Falling on someone's back with an axe is a sign of averting threatening danger.

Killing with a pistol

The general dream interpretation sees the pistol as a synonym for male sexuality. If we dream of a murder with a pistol in a dream, desires of a sexual nature are behind it. It indicates that we should give them more space in our real life to live them out.

Killing animals in dreams

Killing a snake

Depending on the life situation, this dream is to be interpreted uniquely. According to the individual situation, killing a snake can represent repression of primal instincts and drives. On the other hand, this symbol of killing a snake also represents a veiled lie coming to the light of truth.

To kill a spider

If the affected dreamer kills a spider in his sleep, this indicates a dispute with the relationship partner, which will be announced in the near future. In conjunction with this interpretation, this dream may call for rebuilding harmony and peace in the partnership.

Killing wasps

Psychologically, killing wasps represents aggression and violence. These may soon threaten to come up and erupt. But there is also the possibility that the person is capable of redirecting the feelings involved into positive energies.

Killing a beetle

If you have stepped on a beetle intentionally or unintentionally, then let caution prevail, because killing a beetle announces failure. Or also, killing a beetle is also about negative unintentional personality aspects which the dreamer perceives, but which are only subjectively evaluated in such a way, but in reality are not so reprehensible.

Killing cockroaches

Cockroaches in dreams are symbolic of conflict and problems to which there is no prospect of improvement or solution at the moment. If the sleeper kills the cockroaches in the dream, conflicts can soon be overcome and the inner stress can fall away from the person.

Killing a dog

Yes, who would want to kill the faithful friend of man, the question arises. Behind this dream image hide feelings to which you pay too little attention in everyday life. More mindfulness with yourself would be much healthier.

Psychological dream interpretation

The psychological point of view, in the case of the dream symbol Killing another, indicates a great conflict of the person concerned in waking life. His current situation seems to be somewhat tricky and complicated, from which the outcome is still hazy. Slaughtering a person in a cruel way supports this interpretation in particular.

In order for the knot to be untied, the dreamer symbolically kills a person, however, this is the killing of certain parts of the personality. This means that he sees the solution only in violence against himself, thereby cutting off these aspects from himself, since they seem to be the cause of the difficulty and discord.

To have someone look at the potatoes from below in a dream, in the psychological sense, always means extreme emotional reaction to external stresses and difficulties.

If one wants to kill a person in a dream, psychological dream interpretation would suggest to deal with repressed contents of one's psyche in more detail.

Spiritual dream interpretation

On the spiritual dream level, killing someone often representsself-destructive intentions of the dreamer, on the other hand, this dream image can stand as offering a sacrifice.


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