Dream symbol To be abandoned


separation, loss, deception, abandoned, end, loneliness, inferiority

When a relationship comes to an end, this is usually emotionally very stressful for both sides. If two people separate for whatever reason, not only the abandoned suffers, usually also the one who initiated the termination. If a dream situation with this theme appears, this usually indicates that events and feelings from real life have not been released and emotional grief is still present. It does not necessarily have to be a partnership, even terminated friendships provide grief and pain.

The cause could also lie elsewhere, if the dreamer is haunted by a dream of abandonment. For an exact dream interpretation, however, the current situation or condition of the dreamer is decisive.

Common dream symbols

One is left by the partner

Being left by a man

If the own husband separates from the woman in the dream, this embodies not necessarily a real end of the partnership. This would only apply if other dream details also point in this direction. If one is left by the man in the dream, this usually occurs as a sign that both sides should undergo a review on the subject of fidelity.

This dream could also be responsible for the fact that the side of a partnership has already mentally considered a separation. The reason could be feelings of lack of freedom. A clarifying conversation would be helpful in any case.

If one does not have a current relationship at the moment, this dream image announces that the dreamer values his unbound freedom and being single.

One will be deceived and abandoned

It feels humiliating to be cheated on and exchanged for someone else. It is like a betrayal of the partner, not only in waking life also in dreams shameful and unfair. This dream can really prophesy an impending injustice. The dreamer may be in danger of falling into the clutches of a person who has no benevolence and acts egocentrically in his own favor.

If one dreams of being in an existing partnership, but longs for or wishes to be with another woman, this augurs that one's own sexual desires are not extensively satisfied by one's own partner. Communicating about this is usually healing and some conflicts can be avoided in advance.

One dreams of being abandoned again by the ex-partner

If you have been living separately from your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend for some time and yet you are still haunted by a dream of a previous relationship in which your partner is breaking up with you again, then your subconscious mind seems not to have processed this event yet. Such dreams usually appear when a potential new partner appears. It seems to be related to fears of being abandoned again.

The dream bursts like soap bubbles ... Being moved at the altar

The most beautiful day of your life and they are suddenly alone in front of the altar? A great disappointing idea to be abandoned in the very situation. Not even started and already ended. This illustrates to the dreamer that there are certain conflicts in the real state of consciousness. However, since this inner conflict was largely suppressed, there was probably no way to resolve it until now. It is necessary to get one's own ignorance out of the way and to confront oneself more closely with what wants to be seen, so that deeper problems can be prevented.

Missing the plane and other misfortunes

One misses the plane or is left behind

At the dream level, the airplane embodies the desire to discard one's ballast and flee from any sorrow. If one is transferred from the plane at the airport in a dream, it symbolizes that one will soon be able to get away from the current burdens. The dreamer feels refreshed and charged with new energy. The airplane is the fastest means of transportation and reflects that the person is anxious to overcome a difficulty as soon as possible.

Baggage is lost or forgotten

According to general interpretation, suitcases in dreams represent an unfolding of one's personality in connection with the dreamer's gifts and talents, as well as one's goals in life. If pieces of luggage are lost in the dream or do not land on the plane for some unknown reason, this indicates neglect of one's talents. They wither away due to the lack of appreciation and are forgotten. If one travels without luggage in the dream event, this represents the ease with which the dreamer travels in real life without heavy baggage from the past.

General dream interpretation

If the dreamer is abandoned by someone in the dream, then the feeling of rejection, not being good enough or fear of being alone, appears. According to the general dream interpretation, this dream symbol stands for past events that have not yet been completely worked through. Childhood experiences come into play, with loneliness and rejection playing a major role.

Many dream symbols are usually attributed to both poles. However, "being abandoned" is generally interpreted in a negative way. If one worries about being abandoned in a dream or is actually abandoned, then this prophesies sorrow and discord. Situations could occur such as long friendships becoming divided and one being betrayed in love matters. However, beginnings and endings are directly connected, and this does not only apply to partnerships. There is always also a sunny side in the whole. Ending something old often promises a new refreshing beginning, which brings more fullness and is evaluated as more positive than the old.

The image "being abandoned" also represents problems on the professional level and career opportunities. The dreamer is advised to keep his eyes open and observe events carefully, not to react hastily in order to ward off wrong decisions that could bring financial loss.

Disputes and useless business ideas are also possible circumstances that can appear in connection with this dream symbol. Valuable objects could also vanish into thin air or mysteriously get lost as if guided by a ghostly hand. Be careful in handling your property and assets at the moment.

An unpleasant gut feeling that is felt in the dreamer, at the abandonment in the dream scene, is probably justified and unfortunately appearances are not deceiving. This augurs some upcoming conflict situations to be overcome. Nothing is impossible, the person should never forget that. The dream only indicates what is stored in the subconscious and makes you aware of it, thus you get the chance in real life to steer the whole thing in a different direction.

Psychological dream interpretation

According to the psychoanalytic approach, the dream symbol of abandonment is even interpreted in a positive way. Abandonment is not necessarily always bad or has negative consequences. The abandoned person may be looking forward to a regained feeling of freedom that he had already completely forgotten how this feels. So it can also be a blessing when one's relationship is dissolved.

Often one has already become so accustomed to the constricting feeling in a partnership, as if it were quite normal to put up with some restrictions and completely forget what one is really like. The current situation and the personal feelings of the dreamer play an important role for an accurate dream interpretation.

Spiritual dream interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation announces with the dream picture of the abandonment, a fundamental primal fear of mankind before the being alone and the separation and/or dissolution of used surrounding field.


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