Dream symbol Tiger


grace, powerful, primal urges, vitality, assertiveness

Among the dangerous predatory cats of the jungle are certainly the tigers, which would not spurn the human being as food. With its strong claws and large paws, sharp fangs and powerful jaws. The beautiful striped fur painting serves him as a perfect camouflage to be able to approach his prey. The tiger prefers to stay in the jungle, swamps and grasslands.

Unfortunately, it itself often becomes the hunted by some poachers and is thus threatened with extinction. There are only a few surviving tiger species left in the wild in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Nepal and Russia. Very well known is the Sumatran tiger, which is considered to be the king among the tigers. Nowadays, the Siberian tiger is also found in the wild in small numbers. Besides the Caspian tiger, many other specimens became extinct around 1950.

Live we know these beautiful and graceful creatures mostly only from the zoo or from the circus. In some national parks tigers are bred to give the breed a chance to survive and not be wiped out. In some zoos and national parks this species is bred to save it from extinction.

They are already fascinating and powerful predators to which respect is paid. Their way of moving brings its own elegance.

If a tiger creeps up in the dream happening, a danger does not have to stand thereby directly in connection. There is also the possibility that in the dream a tiger appears as a soft toy, which can be connected with childhood events.

The dream image of the tiger represents a profound symbolism. Learn more in the following text, why and in which connection it is often discovered in dreams, according to dream research.

A cute tiger cub

A tiger kitten gets its heritage from its parents from birth, as well as this graceful beauty. They seem quite sweet and harmless as babies, but with increased age, when they are fully grown, they are not to be trifled with, especially when they are hungry. A little distance could be healthy and life-saving for us humans.

A young tiger cub represents the warming feeling of maternal or paternal care regarding the dreamer, as well as a tiger mother has with her baby. Perhaps one also feels attracted to a new arrival in the nearer vicinity or one likes to seek out the proximity of newborns. It seems that the person loves the atmosphere of childlike innocence, playfulness and light-heartedness.

The psychoanalytical point of view indicates repressed sexual urges and aggression through the dreamed tiger cub. According to this, the small dream animal, as long as it remains in this baby size, symbolizes that animal desires are well under control.

Tiger as a friend - an unusual pet

A tiger as a friend, how wonderful, if one comes into tricky situations and is attacked, one has his four-legged bodyguard immediately to the side. Without fear of being eaten, you can snuggle into the velvety soft fur or playfully romp around with him in the meadow. If you have a tamed tiger in your dream as a pet, you may be worried about a certain person in your immediate surroundings and want to take more care of them.

Petting a tiger in the dream action illustrates being in conflict with an aggressive person. Caressing and stroking the tiger signals that one prefers not to come into contact with this quarrelsome person or to avoid a confrontation with him. In other way this dream conveys to resist against one's own lust and not to live out one's desires or in any case to deal with one's own urges.

To be chased by a tiger

An angry tiger that runs wildly behind one, that can already what. This is probably everything else than a pleasing event, even in the dream. Being chased by a tiger expresses feelings that are beyond one's control.

If the dream tiger is getting faster and faster and has almost caught up with the dreamer, this serves as a warning symbol against feelings of revenge. It could be a person who is not benevolent to the sleeper. According to dream research, if you are bitten by the tiger when it attacks, this proclaims that you should not get involved with people who easily go off the "deep end". This tiger bite can stand as a symbol of the opponent in business.

A white royal tiger

In real nature, a white tiger is quite rare, but in dreams, the albino tiger can be spotted more often. The fur color white symbolizes femininity and its attributes. Also, innocence and purity are often associated with the color white.

The white fur of the royal tiger may reflect the tamed instinctiveness of the dreamer in question. Vulnerability would be another aspect signaled by the white, but cancelled out by the mightiness of the predator, thus reconciling both qualities.

General dream interpretation

The tiger symbolizes, according to general opinion, the control of the drives and primal instincts , so that they do not become uncontrollable or gain superiority. This makes it clear that the dreamer is advised to actively fight the tiger. If the influence of these primeval instincts gets out of hand and the dreamer is controlled by this influence, this can become so powerful that the person concerned is unconsciously led to unwise deeds.

To witness a tiger attack in a dream serves as a warning symbol against dealing with people with revenge and envy feelings as well as high aggression potential. If the dreamer manages to kill the tiger in the dream event, then he is above things in waking life and does not have to be afraid of harmful aggressive energies. If you see the tiger locked up in a cage, this bodes well, because the dreamer has the power and strength to successfully win against his competition.

Psychological dream interpretation

In psychological dream analysis, this predatory cat is also associated with urges and desires. According to its species, the tiger is very goal-focused and impulsive in its moves, which reflects the characteristics of the dreamer in question. If a predator like the tiger appears on the dream level, then this illustrates that one's desires and will get out of hand if the person in question does nothing about it. The sleeping person tends to let unruly emotions erupt like a volcano and soon this could have negative effects on himself. He is advised by this dream to deal with the roots of this seemingly invincible overpowering.

Passion and vitality are also associated with the tiger symbol. However, these characteristics also usually occur bundled with aggression. A tamed tiger symbolizes a good omen, for the power of drive will be defused because the dreamer has dealt with the root cause of these outbursts and they can now be redeemed.

The tiger can say about the dreamer that he suffers from a psychosis, which has been well hidden until now.

If the tiger appears to women in dreams rather in the form of a purring and peaceful cat, this represents the desire for a strong love, eroticism and sexuality. Nevertheless, this desire is associated with anxious feelings that one is completely at the mercy of urges and has no control over them.

Spiritual dream interpretation

For the Spiritual Interpretation, the tiger symbolizes the elixir of life and an assertive force to overcome the spiritual path and its egocentric obstacles.


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