Dream symbol Teeth fall out


Loss, dependence, self-confidence, assertiveness,

Disadvantages, fears

General dream interpretation

It is highly understandable that someone who has just dreamed that all his teeth are falling out will not wake up in the morning feeling completely refreshed and relaxed. Rather, one will anxiously scan the top and bottom of one's teeth with one's tongue to check whether the nightmare is true or whether one has only dreamed it.

The general dream interpretation interprets this falling out of the teeth, mostly with an expected loss in the real waking world of the dreamer. Depending upon life situation this loss can refer to existential, material or also emotional sense, as for example notice of the dwelling, the loss of the job or relationship end.

Decisive for the exact dream interpretation is always the overall context of the dream in relation to the real waking situation. This includes the relationship of the dreamer to the persons in the dream.

Is there a direct connection between the loss of teeth and contact with a certain person and actions of theirs? Or did the teeth suddenly fall out without any intervention, as if out of the blue? According to dream researchers, this is due to a lack of self-confidence or assertiveness.

If in the dream one does not feel any pain, in the case of the loss of all teeth, it can be assumed that one has already unconsciously sensed an impending loss and is not confronted completely unprepared.

Feeling misunderstood or not getting ahead with your plans are other possible interpretations. The aspect of a lack also underlies this dream image. Therefore, this dream sign can indicate loss of energy in a certain area of life. According to studies, women in menopause dream more often of tooth loss than younger people.

Positive dream symbol

If you experience tooth loss without pain, you have the strength to accept and overcome a crisis.

Negative dream symbol

If you feel pain in your dream, the symbol tooth loss stands for mental injuries.

Psychological dream interpretation

In terms of psychological dream interpretation, this dream image also stands for a possible sexual problem. Sigmund Freud interpreted in it the strong desire of the dreaming person for acceptance and sexual liberation. Certainly, this is to be considered quite individually in relation to the dreamer.

Possibly the dream symbol "all teeth fall out" can express a sexuality that is not lived according to one's own imagination. The dreamer feels a strong sexual need to be able to live out his passion completely uninhibited.

For moral or social reasons, however, he denies himself this satisfaction. It may also be accompanied by a strong sense of shame. "All teeth fall out" announces on the soul level that sooner or later this inner suppressed impulse will break through to the outside. These emotions are so strong and push to the surface to have to be lived, what inside has long been pushing for release, will be released.

On the other hand, the dream symbol "all teeth fall out" can also be a sign for the dreaming person to be concerned or worried about their attractiveness. Socially, flawless teeth are associated with health and beauty. The idea of going through everyday life alone with a gap in your teeth inspires terror. How would that make us feel? Perhaps you have seen yourself toothless in the mirror in a dream. Or were you approached by another person in a dream about your missing, loose or rotten teeth?

In any case, it could be very helpful to reflect on your dream, what feelings it has triggered in you. This can be helpful in recognizing patterns that were not consciously perceived before. The dreamer should honestly question once, how it is about the own self-esteem, after all, not the perfect teeth make a lovable person.

Spiritual dream interpretation

Tooth dreams are usually about inner conflicts and repressed feelings, which are stored in the memory of each tooth.

In spiritual dream interpretation, tooth loss can also herald a sign of parting from loved ones. Sometimes it also warns of calamities and troubles.


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