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origin, inspiration, creativity, rich, creation, inexhaustible, innocence

The term "spring" in our understanding is linked to the attributes of purity and origin. A spring simply springs forth miraculously from the earth and gives its water, in an eternal cycle, as a life-giving gift to all creatures. The water that escapes from it is clear and pure and reflects innocence. Accordingly, the spring has something mystical and divine.

Without springs there would be no life on earth and therefore it is also called the cradle of mankind. A spring that cannot be dried up symbolizes the paradise of continuous happiness. In any case, the Chinese appreciate the gratitude of such a miracle, which can be deduced from a well-known Chinese proverb: "Remember the spring when you drink."

Sitting at the source of being, one probably lacks nothing. Neither food nor happiness in the professional and private sense. If someone is blessed by a source in a dream, it probably promises a highly positive future. However, the interpretation points to another message, if cloudy water sprouts from the spring or one even finds a dried up spring in the dream.

General dream interpretation

The dream symbol "spring" reflects the meanings of beginning, fertility and strength. A bubbling spring in a dream reveals the omen that everything will come true according to one's ideas and wishes.

If, however, one sees with one's own eyes in a dream how the spring runs dry, this probably illustrates the beginning of a streak of bad luck . Behind this dream symbol is the message to trust less in fate or chance, but to tackle things yourself with the forces at hand.

However, if the spring is polluted and fresh, clear water does not gush forth, it is a warning against dishonest contacts who may be up to devious things. It could also represent hopes and expectations that will not be realized.

If one refreshes oneself with the water of the spring and drinks from it, this heralds happy events that one can use well for one's own benefit. If one sees oneself jumping in and bathing in the spring, it symbolizes that one wants to clear one's conscience or one wrongly suspected someone and wants to wash away these accusations in order to get rid of the false image of the other person.

Psychological dream interpretation

In psychological dream analysis, the spring illustrates the symbol of virginity and purity. The dreamer may be unconsciously afraid of losing virginity or, conversely, the subject may feel tainted and impure due to various sexual partners.

The spring is also seen in dreams as a fertility symbol. The soul can rest and recharge at the spring and reflects the so-called fountain of youth, which allows the dreamer to dive into life full of joy and zest for life.

Psychology sees in the dream image of the spring the symbolization of the soul of the sleeping person. The living source that powerfully nourishes the soul. If the water bubbles easily from the spring, this promises pure joy of life and energy. But if the water of the spring is cloudy and looks more like a brown soup, it is an indication that general conflicts and discords will be coming up in the near future.

Spiritual dream interpretation

On a spiritual level, the spring symbolizes the eternal cycle of life . The water stands for femininity and also represents rebirth and fertility.

This dream symbol is to be interpreted in this context in such a way that the dreamer should direct the focus more on its mental abilities around itself the origin of its being consciously to make and its strength accordingly accordingly use.


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