Dream symbol Sleepwalking


moonshine, down-to-earthness, indifference, security

Sleepwalking is also known as "somnambulism" and occurs far more often in children than in adults. In children, it is ten to thirty percent, while in adults it is only one to two percent who chronically sleepwalk on a regular basis. In most cases, this phenomenon of sleepwalking disappears during puberty.

Those who have succumbed to the regularity of unconscious pacing at night will probably find it somewhat difficult to get out of bed early in the morning.

In earlier times it was believed that the moon had its influence on this inexplicable behavior, giving it the name "moonstruck". Nowadays it is thought that sleepwalking can be triggered by a full bladder or other external stimuli. Another explanation as a cause of this phenomenon is that the central nervous system in children is not yet mature and that is why it occurs more often in them.

Someone dreaming of this event may have done so many times as a child. All other circumstances and details in the dream are also of central importance for dream analysis.

General dream interpretation

According to folk dream interpretation, the dream of sleepwalking represents a warning symbol. The person gives his yes to something that he has not thought over thoroughly. Because in reality he does not agree inwardly. This means for the conscious life that there is a danger, if the dreamer agrees to an agreement, that this will have more disadvantages than advantages as a consequence for him. If one walks around on the dream level as a sleepwalker, this augurs a forthcoming problematic matter caused by hostile persons who do not want to do one any good.

A sleepwalker dream can also admonish the dreamer to go through life with more alertness and open eyes for reality and to take personal responsibility for actions and deeds. To dream of sleepwalking symbolizes unconscious thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

According to the general analysis, the dream symbol "sleepwalking" indicates character traits with which he has difficulties and also problems with other people. It could be an indifference that he shows towards other people and that comes to lightdue to too little empathy or disregard. This dream image wants to indicate that the dreamer succumbs to a suffering that he can only solve by consciously looking at it and reach more joy and satisfaction, which not least benefits his environment.

Do you remember if you wore shoes in the dream scene of sleepwalking? The one who wanders around barefoot in the dream will probably indeed have to deal with health problems soon, but they will fade away easily. Try to remember whether you were wearing shoes or not during the dreamed sleepwalking. Being without shoes in a dream likewise illustrates the loss of one's groundedness.

If one carries completely untypically however shoes in the dream, this picture symbolizes that one does not know its own place in the life yet, which is coined with security. One faces the life developments in uncertainty and does not know which way to go. Firmly bound shoes signal future steadfastness and security. Shoes with high heels rather indicate increasing insecurity.

If you also hear the full moon in the dream of sleepwalking, this dream image represents luck on all levels. The moonstruck sleepwalker should also be warned by this dream against immodesty. Even if he has achieved great things and brought too much success, he should be on his guard against arrogance.

If you awaken from the dream in which you were a sleepwalker, this promises new territory in your personal development status from which beneficial insights can emerge. In order to be able to dive more deeply into the analysis, it plays a role in which place you saw yourself while sleepwalking, which people you met. Did you pick up objects?

Psychological dream interpretation

According to psychological dream interpretation, this dream image illustrates several aspects. First and foremost, the sleepwalker dream calls for a more alert mind in order to deal with life's issues with clarity. The subconscious wants to reveal that hidden emotions such as fears are lying dormant inside. A conscious confrontation with these should happen.

Secondly, according to psychological dream researchers, sleepwalking can also indicate a lack of awareness. However, he may have developed the ability to go through life with somnambulistic confidence and a sense of security. And yet he does not seem to be attentive to important events. He might miss important opportunities and chances and also in the interpersonal field he might miss some things because of this deafness.

If one feels in a dream how one is literally attracted by the moon like by a magnet, this symbolizes the aspect of femininity. In men's dreams this interpretation stands for becoming aware of previously unknown feelings. In women's dreams, this dream symbolizes creating more space for intuition.

According to psychoanalysis, this dream image can also point to inhibitions hidden in the subconscious of the person concerned. Sleepwalking is a symbol of accepting and actively working through mental conflicts.

Spiritual dream interpretation

On the spiritual dream interpretation level, the dream image of sleepwalking promises the exploration of one's own unknown shadow sides. The dreamer now has the chance to recognize his intuitive magical powers and strengths.

Sleepwalking represents growth, transformation and rebirth.


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