Dream symbol Rooster


crow, wake-up call, awakening, sunrise, rooster, alarm, new beginning

People who grew up in rural areas or are still at home there might be awakened by him at dawn. He can be relied on day after day almost dotum. A rooster with a proudly puffed chest and red comb lets his loud wake-up call "Cock-a-doodle-doo" blare over the countryside even before sunrise.

However, how the rooster knows when is the right time to open its beak, researchers have investigated. These studies say that roosters do not orient themselves according to the sunrise, but have an internal clock that knows exactly when it is time for the morning wake-up call.

In the following text, we will examine in more detail what this animal can mean in a dream.

General dream interpretation

Many different interpretations are associated with this dream symbol "rooster". As with all dream interpretations, the specific accompanying circumstances in the dream are also of a significant degree. Generally speaking, a rooster symbolizes the will and intention of a male person in the dreamer's social environment. This crowing bird can also promise success, which, however, can make his ego rise too high and turn into an arrogant rooster.

If a man hears this rooster crowing in his dream, an important message may soon arrive. In a woman's dream, on the other hand, the rooster's calling could indicate that she is wary of the world of men.

If the dreamer is plagued by jealousy in real life or there are signs that a close friendship is on the rocks, the image of two fighting roosters may appear in the dream. A trial of strength which of the two is the stronger. It could be a sign to step back a little and let go of one's pride in winning the fight. To want to win at all costs, and then to take the victory with hard effort, can also stand for the fact that something precious is taken away from you.

If instead of the chicken the rooster lays eggs in the dream, this could indicate something positive. This prophesies an unforeseen windfall. If the rooster struts across the yard with a harem of chickens in the dream, this says that a great friendly attachment may turn into a deep love relationship.

If a woman appears next to the rooster in the dream, this also indicates success in love matters.

Psychological dream interpretation

From the point of view of psychological dream research, the dream symbol of the rooster stands for new beginnings and attention. However, this dream can be interpreted in very different ways. The wake-up call of a rooster in a dream indicates to the dreamer that he should rise from his inertia and let more enthusiasm and sympathy flow into his life again. If the dreamer in question feels unseen or ignored by others regarding a circumstance while awake, crowing symbolizes that he should stand by his needs more and express them more.

To see a red rooster in a dream illustrates passionate love . For women who dream of roosters, this dream image symbolizes the male sexual symbol. In dreams of men, this dream represents sexual urges and potency.

Spiritual dream interpretation

As a guardian of time, the rooster stands in spiritual dream interpretation and also for the male pole and a spiritual NEW BEGINNING.


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