Dream symbol Robbery


rob, long fingers, dispossession, existential fears, aggression, fear of loss

Many people feel uncomfortable in the dark, for example, when walking alone at night through a park or deserted underpass underpasses. Slight paranoia may creep up on us, we feel as if we are being followed and constantly look around. In earlier times, old stagecoaches traveling the streets were popular targets for robberies.

Today, however, people travel more safely than in the past, and yet there are always people who rob banks and gas stations, or professionals who deliberately rob armored cars. Even private individuals are not immune to housebreaking, and it can happen to anyone at any time. Kidnappings can also occur, where the perpetrator demands a large sum of money in return for the release.

From situations of money shortage or any kind of desperation all morals and ethical resolutions could be thrown overboard and lead to robberies. In these cases it is mostly about money, but also sexual abuse and other violence cannot be excluded.

Muggings are quite common dream symbols. What could be behind this dream? What dream research has found out about it, you can read in the appendix.

General dream interpretation

Not only perpetrators attack their victims, but also our mind could suddenly attack us with thoughts out of the blue, triggering unexpected emotions. On the dream level, a mugging reflects the desires and feelings of the dreamer, which, perceived, can feel like a mugging. They push themselves volcano-like into the consciousness of the person concerned. The dream serves as an invitation to deal with the question of what in life has remained unrealized until now, or what desires are suppressed by the subject?

If the person dreaming is mugged by acquaintances in a dream, this represents a feeling of threat or that one is struggling with an inner problem. In another view, the image of the robbery also symbolizes fear of loss or of losing control over one's own financial affairs. In addition, it can also illustrate the fear of losing something dear to one.

If the dreamer himself is involved in a shooting robbery in which the victim is a woman, this is symbolic of jealousy and envy.

If one dreams of a man violently attacking a woman, suppressed aggression is hidden behind this dream image, which can be found in the cause of unrequited feelings or also in rejection on a sexual level. The general dream interpretation indicates that individual dreams like these are quite common from time to time. However, if they appear more often over a longer period of time, this could fundamentally indicate a more serious matter of inner conflicts of one's sexuality. In this regard, dream interpretation urges to seek professional psychotherapeutic help.

If you are a woman and dream of assaulting a man, similar to the previous example, this illustrates that you seem to have experienced pain from rejection by men or that your sexual needs are not being met satisfactorily. The resulting anger is expressed in this way through the dream image of being assaulted. If you are assaulted by a stalker, this conveys the indication that the dreamer has set the bar of expectation quite high for himself and this seems to overwhelm him.

If one attends an armed bank robbery in the dream, this symbolizes existential fears and inhibition no matter whether the dreamer himself plays the role of the perpetrator or only of the spectator. If the dreamer is forced to commit such an act, this represents one's own felt defenselessness, which for real life means feeling at the mercy of people with hostile intentions.

Psychological dream interpretation

According to the psychological level of interpretation, this dream image refers to enormous stress , which does not allow the dreamer to find the needed rest. You feel tense and rushed from one place to another in high nervousness level. If you yourself attack a person in the dream, you probably cannot withstand the inner starting pressure anymore and thus find an outlet to release it.

Through a dream such as this, the subconscious gives the advice to take it easy before the barrel comes to overflowing or you go completely crazy, before the aggression and anger can get out of hand. Step a little quieter and take a while away from situations and people that you know are causing you to get agitated in order to collect yourself. Another reason for the appearance of this dream symbol can also be a profound disagreement or misunderstanding with certain people. It depends on who is doing the deed in the dreamer's dream image and who falls victim to it. This situation in the dream could give helpful information about it. On the other hand, it could also be that the dreamer wants more attention in his partnership, but is not aware of it, and thus this as a sign from the subconscious suddenly assaults you in your sleep.

In this regard, the dream image "mugging" may convey frustration and boredom in a relationship. The dreamer wishes for more adventure and excitement in this partnership connection.

Spiritual dream interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation analyzes in this symbol of robbery, the failure of one's projects and plans. Perhaps the dreamer's aim is not suitable for his spiritual destiny.


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