Dream symbol Poisonous snake


deadly, poisonous fangs, snake bite, crawling reptile, healing, sexual blockage, renewal

Snakes are among the animals that have great symbolism. Their deadly venom could be used lethal on the one hand, but also healing. It is not without reason that the image of Asclepius' staff entwined with a snake serves as the emblem for physicians who have sworn the obligatory oath of healing and also appears in the pharmacist's coat of arms.

The most dangerous snakes in our latitudes are, for example, the viper, otter and some sea snakes and very well-known venomous among them are probably the mamba, cobra and rattlesnake.

Being bitten by a poisonous snake in a dream feels threatening and triggers a heath fear of dying and has a threatening effect on our existence. Although, by necessity, one need not perish from a snake bite in our areas, the fear is still present.

It is no wonder, then, that the dream image of a poisonous snake tends to be considered a negative omen, although it is again significant in what context this crawling reptile appears.

General dream interpretation

The paralyzing effect of a snake bite indicates that in his real life, there is tension that limits the "freedom of movement" of the subject. The reptile, in the general interpretation, gives information about the fact that one is not satisfied regarding sexuality, so that there is a great incompatibility between one's aspirations and actual satisfaction. This dream, as a message, should indicate to the dreamer that the effort used to achieve a certain goal is not worth it, because the result will be far from it.

If one dreams, of a snake bite, this serves as a symbol that a deep wound has been inflicted on a physical and spiritual level. Someone could appear from ambush, leaving no stone unturned to harm the dreamer.

If one is strong enough in the dream to chase away or even kill the poisonous snake, then everything points to a positive turn of the current problem situation in the waking world. This symbolizes enough strength and power to deal with difficult circumstances in an appropriate way and to bypass many a discord.

If you have enough courage in a dream and hold the poisonous snake in your hands, it shows extraordinary abilities to see through deceitfulness in many a tricky situation with clarity. The snake stands for deviousness and deceitfulness and to see through this the observer needs a corresponding basic strength and rootedness in his self.

In the dream image of a poisonous snake skillfully dodging refers in the dream interpretation as a symbol to the existing skill to easily bypass threats without any ado. Similarly, the analysis of this dream image turns out when an antidote is given to the dreamer in the dream.

If 2 snakes are doing their mischief in your dream, attacking you, the danger from outside could be twice as difficult to cope with and you should gather your strength, because the energy expenditure to dissolve them is possible, but still very demanding.

Psychological dream interpretation

Psychological aspects say the following about the dream symbol of the poisonous snake: It is in the foreground a PHALLUS SYMBOL, in which repressed sexual desire is reflected. The subject could perceive his erotic desires as threatening, like the poison of a snake, and therefore repress them, because they are perceived as a real danger. This could further lead to feelings of guilt , which are shown in the symbol of the poisonous snake in the dream.

A snake bite as a dream image conveys as a message in the psychological analysis that it is about a sexual blockage . This applies especially to male dreams, where the dream situation involves being bitten on the lower back by a poisonous snake.

If one is bitten by the poisonous reptile in the foot in the dream, this dream picture shows a WEAKNESS in the nature of the dreaming, or it concerns a special life situation which turns out as personal "Achilles heel" of the concerning.

Spiritual dream interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the poisonous snake stands as a symbol of penetrating knowledge and constant life renewal . This dream symbol means perfection,strong energy and power.


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