Dream symbol Pilot


high-flyer, freedom, boundless, dream, out into the wide world, sense of responsibility, leader

A pilot in his uniform looks very sexy and attractive to the female gender. Why this is so may underlie some dreamy stereotypes. Also, stewardesses in uniform just as an idea alone, sweeten the day of many a man.

But it should not be forgotten that the pilot has important responsibilities for the passengers and the personnel flying with him.

What could possibly be the dream interpretation of this dream figure? Does this symbol stand more for high flyers, wanting to go higher and faster, or for a sense of responsibility?

General dream interpretation

If one flies as a pilot through one's dream world in an airplane or even jet, this indicates intelligent handling of a business that required skill and cleverness. For this, one collects an honorable pat on the back.

The dreamer as a pilot also makes a good figure as a supervisor or teacher and represents the STRENGTH and AUTHORITY of the person concerned. The dreamer could act as a role model in real life and be a good advisor to others. His self-confidence in his appearance suggests that he is also willing to take responsibility, and also has discipline and conscientiousness to show.

If other persons appear as pilots in our dream, this predicts a joyful phase of life with pleasures of all kinds. But the competition does not sleep, most likely you will be on the short end of the stick in a lineup. Financial matters are not under a good star at the moment and one should be prepared for loss.

The pilot could also raise the question where the dreamer feels at home? Has he "arrived" somewhere ? Or has he not yet found his "home" and is searching for it? What destination does he have in mind?

Psychological dream interpretation

In the symbol of the pilot is hidden a longing of the dreamer. The person concerned has the desire to go on adventurous journeys. Exploratory journeys to foreign cultures and countries in order to gain helpful life experiences. In order to broaden one's horizons, one must occasionally look beyond one's own fence.

The dream image "pilot" in a woman's dream usually represents an erotic aspect. It is illustrated by the fact that the person longs for an exciting encounter with a man who is able to ignite the passionate fire in her. If a man dreams of being a pilot in his dream, this symbolizes the desire for more challenge in life and intellectual flights of fancy.

Spiritual dream interpretation

Spiritual dream interpretation attributes to the pilot the meaning of a wise leader. If the dreamer recognizes another person as a pilot in the dream, this augurs the desire to meet a spiritual teacher.


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