Dream symbol Parrot


exoticism, colorful bird of paradise, cheeky, talkative, mimic, light bringer, gossip, alienated

A parrot is an exotic bird that likes to be kept as a pet even in a cage, unfortunately not true to its species. This fascinating bird of paradise should actually be granted enough excursion and they arees accustomed to be in pairs on the road.

Underlying these chatterboxes is the ability to imitate sounds and words, and they can provide amusing entertainment. Their brightly colored dress is found in clothing and jewelry of South American Indian tribes, and sacred objects have been made from them. Parrots live in places where there is a lot of rainfall, and so they represent the element of water to many peoples who have an earthy approach.

This cheeky bird, which is great at mimicking others, also symbolizes authenticity and beauty . Perhaps we long for grace and harmony when the parrot appears to us in a dream. The parroting of the exotic bird could also symbolize that the dreamer himself in life simply takes over attitudes and beliefs from others and simply repeats them without having an understanding of them.

To understand the scope of the dream, it is important to remember what else was shown in the dream with the parrot. Was he seen in a cage or flying?

Did he even speak? Or did they teach him to speak? What the exact action process of the feathered bird is in the dream could be very revealing for dream interpretation and tell us a lot about real life.

General dream interpretation

In the general view of dream interpretation, a cheeky bird of paradise represents gossip and also stands for the betrayal of secrets. One should be wary of what one passes on to someone in confidence, because he might not keep a secret to himself. People of this type of personality have a hard time keeping secrets to themselves. Whether the person can keep secrets to himself is a question of character.

If one sees a sleeping parrot in a dream, it augurs a peaceful conclusion of a family discord. However, a dead parrot in a dream announces the loss of a close-knit person from one's circle of friends.

Dreaming of the parrot in one's sleep can also serve as a warning symbol not to go on saying everything one hears thoughtlessly, without critical judgment. This bright parrot in a dream should encourage the dreamer to reflect more on what he sees and hears in life.

The dream image of this bird may also inform the person that there is insulting talk behind his back or that others are even not afraid to expose him.

If one observes a parrot sitting in a cage in one's dream, it indicates that one is in control of oneself and does not easily reveal confessions to others. Also, one appreciates knowing about things that others have no idea about.

The color of the parrot also gives information according to the general dream interpretation:

Black plumage: one's tendency to like to gossip about others should be reflected White plumage: rumors and gossip can inflict injury Gray plumage: the daily grind is refreshed by an event

Blue plumage: gossip decreases and calmness spreads. Green plumage: The rumors of others requires objective judgment. Red plumage: The preference to gossip about others brings negative effects.

Psychological dream interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, birds are generally considered symbolic of sexuality. Copying words of others without thinking about the meaning of them is analyzed as UNREAPENESS, FREMENDARITY and SURFACIENCE.

Although the cheeky bird with its colorful clothing is associated with free love and beauty. If one meets a parrot in a dream, perhaps the desire is present to act more self-determined in sexual matters or also to pursue the longing for more free space.

Spiritual dream interpretation

For medicine men and shamans parrots, which are at home with them, are considered as a connecting link to the spiritual world. That is why primitive people use parrot feathers in rituals and ceremonies to contact the supernatural spirit world.

The spiritual dream interpretation conveys through the dreamed parrot a symbol of deep connection with the beauty of the lived spirituality of life .


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