Dream symbol Owl


wisdom, insight, quiet, night hunter, sharp sense of sight in the dark, good hearing, knowledge

The owl is a bird that is nocturnal and can be found almost everywhere in the world. About 200 different species of this night hunter are said to be represented. It has a sharp sense of sight and hearing, and flies almost silently through the darkness to catch prey, so its senses are particularly acute. The owl flies almost silently through the darkness on its forays to track down, hunt and eat mice.

In mythical stories, legends and sagas, where also sorcerers and witches do their mischief, not only cats appear, but also owls, which stand for wisdom. The owl is often called a screech owl, but it is much smaller. In dreams, the owl can appear in quite a few cases and therefore gets its due place.

General dream interpretation

If you see an owl in your dream, you most likely desire the ability to judge a certain situation clearly and correctly. Thus, the owl in your dream stands for the THROUGH-LOOK in a still obscure matter, which will soon come.

In addition to the concepts of clarity and wisdom, the owl can also be an indication of enemies and illness. It appears in dreams when the dreamer needs to be instructed. In addition, this dream is also to encourage not to reject suggestions or instructive advice from others at the moment.

If an owl flies through the night in a dream, this could indicate arguments and quarrels as well as confrontations in the family sphere. If you even hear the cry of an owl in a dream, however, this indicates unpleasant news or possibly a death.

Furthermore, an owl's hoot can also serve as a reminder to the dreamer that death is not as distant as it often seems and can knock unexpectedly at the door, i.e. it reminds of the transience of all born life. Everything that comes must eventually go. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry about one's own departure. The time does not seem to have come yet. Similarly, the symbolism of a dead owl in a dream admonishes the dreaming person that he or she may have to say goodbye to a loved one, or that the end of life of a sick relative is uncertain, and that one can still make good use of the remaining time.

If the sleeper catches an owl in a dream or sees it locked in a cage, this points to unusual or even sinister encounters.

Psychological dream interpretation

A nocturnal bird like the owl allows the interpretation on the psychological dream interpretation level that this dream symbol is about what lies in the dark in man. Hidden desires or repressed urges are usually things that want to make themselves heard through dreams and come to light. So give yourself this attention and find out what wants to be heard.

Furthermore, from a psychological point of view, an owl is an indication of the knowledge and wisdom of the dreamer, as well as his mediumistic intuition . Thus, he has the talent to anticipate certain events and to know their outcome in advance.

This night bird may have little calming effect on the dreamer and this could be linked to fears of the person. This could be related to sexuality or deeper interwoven fear in relation of the subconscious.

Spiritual dream interpretation

Spirituality interprets the dream symbol of the serious and rather absent-minded owl in such a way that the person in question longs for more wisdom, to bring more light into one's own darkness, to gain insight.


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