Dream symbol Not being able to scream


frog swallowed, failure of voice, silent cry for help, paralysis, fainting, helplessness

For infants, the ability to cry out, since they have no other choice of communication, is an important aspect of communicating their needs to the world. Adults, on the other hand, would have other options to choose from, but often make use of this variant out of desperation, anger, frustration, and rage, which is a true "cry for help." Uncontrollable pain or, conversely, out of joy, someone can be tempted to a loud outcry. In anxiety-provoking situations, where panic spreads, one's voice may fail. Not being able to scream comes close to the feeling of helplessness, being at the mercy of others, and the fear is thus amplified even more.

If the dreamer cannot shout, the dream revolves around a dangerous situation the person has gotten into. The dreamer has panicked and wants to shout for help or to chase away someone who wants to cause harm or pain. But since no sound comes out of his mouth, this intention is probably doomed. If it is an attempted murder, where the victim cannot scream for help, this idea seems rather terrifying. Helplessness versus feeling of power, depending on the role one plays in the dream, appear as attributes.

Common dream symbols

Not being able to produce a sound - failure of the voice

Have you dreamed that you wanted to scream in a danger situation, but your mouth only opened silently and you felt helpless? Often such a dream indicates that the person is under severe stress. This dream represents emotions such as aggression, anger and fear, which cannot get out because they have accumulated inside and cannot be released. This dream image asks the dreamer to find an outlet to release this congestion. Sports or yoga could be helpful tools for this.

Not being able to cry out for help in the face of a dream danger

If a difficult situation in life triggers fear and one wants to scream out of panic, but is unable to make a sound, this can symbolize that one has the feeling of abandoning someone and having to see someone suffer without being able to intervene or help. However much the dreamer would like to help the victim, he feels inhibited. One is asked to deal with this inhibition.

General dream interpretation

The dream image "not being able to shout" expresses, according to the general dream interpretation, that the dreamer has a great need to vent feelings such as anger, rage and fears. However, he seems to be denied the ability to express this. Emerging details and aspects in the dream can be another clue as to what is causally behind it. Whom does the dreamer want to shout at, what situation or life situation is it about, what does his despair refer to?

If one yells at one's own partner in a dream, the symbol "not being able to yell" could express an injury or a felt not being understood that is hidden behind it. In the sense of not feeling understood and thus loudly venting to finally attract attention.

If one sees in the dream that this situation arises, it announces that certain actions of colleagues or the company atmosphere are very oppressive for the dreamer. Through open communication, many things can clear up, even seemingly hopeless situations.

Most often, this dream symbol conveys a sense of despair and horror. This panic symbolizes uncontrollability and powerlessness . You may also feel left out in business or family matters. The absence of the voice in the dream symbolizes the compulsion TO FIGHT. The dreamer has the feeling of having to come to terms with the situation at hand.

In addition, "not being able to cry out" illustrates an inner conflict with a person entrusted to his care, as he does not know how to approach or get closer to him. In this respect, the dreamer is asked to keep more at a distance.

Psychological dream interpretation

Under these aspects of psychological analysis, "not being able to cry out" means unprocessed events that are still on the dreamer's mind. These can be memories of childhood, events such as death, or other traumatic fates, such as physical or emotional violence.

It would be very healing for the person concerned to face these feelings associated with this dream image of "not being able to scream". If the person avoids these mental stresses, anxiety could multiply and cause greater problems.

If one cannot shout in a dream, this generally represents feelings of powerlessness. This dream serves as a warning not to suppress one's emotions, as society likes to impose on us. Expressing anger publicly is probably one of the great taboo subjects of all times. However, keeping anger and rage bottled up has often done harm. Finding a middle ground is an art that must be mastered.

The subconscious sends a sign which is to be understood as a request to confront one's own aggression and anger. A verbal restraint, such as losing one's voice in a dream, augurs in waking life that something is coming into existence that presents the dreamer as an obstruction.

Spiritual dream interpretation

On the level of spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol "can't cry out" symbolizes INABILITY or IMMOBILITY according to spiritual standards. The person concerned currently feels an inhibition on his spiritual path of development.


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