Dream symbol Noose


gallows, hanging, animal traps, captivity, dependence, hopelessness

A noose is created when you pull the end of a rope through its own created loop. What is special about it is that it creates an independent tightening on tension. Weaving techniques are based on such artful entanglements, lassos and animal traps are also used in the same principle.

A gallows noose also consists of a noose and due to the weight of the hanged person it tightens. How we use noose in our language clearly expresses that there is no escape from a tightening noose. Proverbially, the expression is known to "have the noose around one's neck" or "to tighten the noose", which means to be in an existentially threatening phase, of a professional or financial nature, which in the end could lead to annihilation.

Perhaps it is a trap that has been laid and which has been avoided by a hair's breadth. In any case, the image of the noose triggers a warning signal and calls for caution. For the dream interpretation it is relevant whether one lays the snare oneself or is caught oneself.

General dream interpretation

According to the general interpretation of this dream symbol, the noose represents imprisonment and unwanted execution. This can illustrate that the dreamer is afraid of harmful behavior of others or losing his freedom. In terms of interpretation, on the one hand there is the fact that one is in danger due to an aggressive person, or on the other hand one has become involved in a problematic matter due to one's own misconduct, putting the noose around one's own neck.

The snare as a dream image shows the dreaming person that he would prefer to "kill" qualities of his character. According to the dream interpretation, however, this can also indicate inhibitions and competition, which are removed by the symbol noose illustrated in the form of a lasso or trap.

There are other elements that contribute to a concrete interpretation. If the dreamer sees a noose in the dream, it should always be considered with caution. The corresponding interpretation announces with this dream image of the dreamer that he should be careful of enemies, deceitfulness and also assumed friends. If the person himself interprets a snare as a trap, he is hunting for the conquest of a profitable business, a higher professional position or a certain person. If a dream sees another person or animal put a noose around their neck, it represents that the dreamer likes to coerce other people with his advice. If the dreamer himself falls into a trap, this announces a pleasing event, such as an upcoming wedding.

Viewed differently, a dream noose can also be ulterior as a symbol of masochistic desire for self-punishment or deprivation of freedom. If it appears in the dream that the dreamer has put on the noose, this symbolizes that the person concerned has got into a tricky situation through his own fault.

Psychological dream interpretation

According to psychoanalytic interpretation, the dreamed noose conveys a symbol of inner fears of the dreamer. A lack of independence troubles him and he feels very constricted as a result. The situation is quite treacherous once one is caught in a noose. Because the more you fight back, the more the situation worsens and the noose tightens. In terms of real life, you could interpret it like this: To persevere and surrender can lead to a way out rather than going into resistance and fighting position. The solution arises in patience and trust.

The psychological view sees in this dream image the metaphor for need for self-determination and the desire for more freedom of expression. Since the noose is usually used as a trap, it represents the dreamer's fear of being imprisoned, of being deprived of autonomy. Lack of ability to relate and fear of attachment can be related to this. If the dreaming person himself puts the noose around the neck of a certain other person in the dream, it augurs that there is a suppressed aggression and anger towards this person in waking life. This can also refer to certain life situations in which one recurrently reacts angrily.

Spiritual dream interpretation

Symbolized, the noose, according to transcendental interpretation, stands for despair or fear towards the phenomenon of death. The dreamer literally sees his plans and goals strangled, which means that he feels restricted, his spiritual sources of strength are bound and he is not able to develop freely.


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