Dream symbol Mummy


egyptian corpse, burial chamber, embalming, ancient, mummification, sarcophagus, excavation, dying, life after death

Usually, except in horror movies, where they do some mischief as the undead, you do not meet mummies walking on the street. Nowadays they can be admired in museums.

A mummy is an embalmed corpse, it was quite a cumbersome, long procedure in which all the organs were removed from the deceased and the body itself was wrapped with bandages soaked in special preservative liquids.

It was not only in Egypt that people performed embalming with the dead. There were also other countries in this world where it was found. In some places, they were naturally formed by the desiccation in hot areas or even in marshy areas. A body that is basically preserved after death due to natural causes is called mummified.

Most of the time, when we hear the term "mummy", an image of an Egyptian corpse comes to mind.

It could happen in our dreams that a resurrected, murderous mummy with falling off bandages is after us, which makes the whole thing a nightmare. It could also be that we are on an adventure trip through the desert and come to a pyramid and find a mysterious burial chamber. You might even play an archaeologist who is on excavations in the area.

General dream interpretation

According to the general dream interpretation, the mummy symbolizes the past. There is a possibility that the dreamer, through this dream, is processing his deep feelings for a deceased person.

Dreams of this kind have something eerie and perhaps even scare us a lot, but are tainted with positive interpretation. Thus, it is an auspicious symbol to see a mummy in dreamland, especially if it is lying in a sarcophagus. Even if you almost pee your pants in fear at the sight of it, the mummy in your dream means good luck and also points to a long and successful life.

Seen differently, this dream image also expresses that the dreamer is too attached to events of the past. It may indicate a deep-seated grief or pain that has not yet been released. The mummy also hides another meaning, indicating that ancient stories that go back forever are being unearthed.

The occupation with the past can bring agitation for the dreamer and also hold surprises.

Another interpretation would be to associate the word MUMIE with MOTHER. For this reason, a dream mummy could refer to one's mother. This is an indication that the close mother-child relationship should finally be dissolved. In order not to let one's own development stagnate, one must give up the close relationship to the mother in order to be able to live one's own life more freely. In a figurative sense, something must DIE in order for something new to reveal itself.

Psychological dream interpretation

For psychological dream analysis, the dream image of the mummy represents a mummified character, which means that the person in question is resisting or resisting progress or transformation in certain aspects of his personality. On the one hand, he has a very conservative attitude, equated with the term preserved or embalmed. He does not want change and remains rock solid on old principles. On the other hand, the mummy can also indicate that one wants to preserve a beautiful and decisive moment in life as a memory, so that it always remains fresh in the mind.

Psychologically, the mummy illustrates the desire for a long life and also shows the belief or assumption that there is life after death .

Spiritual dream interpretation

Spiritual dream interpretation sees in the dream symbol "mummy" a strict and commandingMother and at the same time it also stands for the preservation of life.


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