Dream symbol Middle Ages


witches, heretics, minstrels, jousting, court jester, kings, executions, fortune teller, funeral pyre, superstition, knight's armor, sword fights

The Middle Ages illustrate an epoch in the calendar from the 6th to the 15th century, and since it spans almost a millennium, it is quite diversely influenced by Greco-Roman-ancient features. In later medieval times, Christianity finds more and more its spread.

Early Middle Ages, High Middle Ages and Late Middle Ages are distinguished from each other. Nowadays, medieval events at castles and palaces are very hip, where you can appear in medieval clothing. There are also medieval fortune tellers, medieval markets of all kinds, esotericists who offer crystals, essences or other things for healing (or are even able to improve one's own karma). Furthermore, there are also crafts and music, as well as performed witch dances, which are reminiscent of the high medieval times. Minnelieder (= love songs) as well as the famous King Arthur and his Round Table are still of decisive importance in literature today.

People who dream of the Middle Ages probably want to escape from the present age, with a fantastic idea of what it would be like to live in another time. It could also be that the person likes to devour medieval novels or watch movies from that time.

For a dream interpretation it is of decisive importance whom or what the dreamer represented in his dream. Was he playing the role of a nobleman, a damsel, a court jester, a maid or a knight? Where does the scenario take place? At the castle tower or in a dungeon or even at the stake? All these details are very useful in terms of dream interpretation. The Middle Ages exert something fascinating on us people of the present time, how cruel it could be also in some aspects according to the tradition.

Common dream symbol

An adventurous journey through the Middle Ages

If, at the dream level, one suddenly finds oneself on a journey back in time to the Middle Ages, where one encounters knights on horseback, castles, kings and squires, and minstrels, this says that the dreamer is closely studying past events. These are behaviors, habits and attitudes that are rusty and need an overhaul or the person wants to get rid of them. In other words, old values such as honorable deeds and reliable behavior are highly valued.

A market in the Middle Ages

If you were standing around in a medieval market in your sleep, looking at odds and ends, this market illustrates the self-assessment of your own personality. What is their own value? If one is a shopper at the market in a dream, it indicates the thriftiness of the dreamer in question. If one sells something oneself at the medieval market, this is considered a warning to the dreamer not to get involved in risky temptations in the business sense.

General dream interpretation

For general dream interpretation, the Middle Ages symbolize the confrontation with the past. Old patterns of thought and behavior that one either holds on to ironcladly or that one would like to change. It could be about honorable values, such as loyalty, good nature, honesty and moral principles, which the dreamer highly appreciates and supports.

The dreamer revels in the idea of a good old time, when things were easier than they are today, or better in some way. This highlights the subject's dissatisfaction with his or her current life situation and fantasizes a HELLY WORLD. Being an adventurous knight might bring more excitement into one's life than going to the office every day to work 8 hours. It is mostly an illusionary dream, in which one escapes, in order not to have to face the reality in the here and now.

If one stands in the dreamland before a stately castle, thereby a desire for security and safety plays itself again. Or viewed differently, the rock-solid castle stands for a solid personality at rest in itself, which possesses the ability to protect others.

In medieval times, a castle served as a fortress that could be besieged by enemies or even threatened with starvation. Where a defense with bow and arrow, sword and sling against attackers was necessary. In this respect, the castle serves as a sign of caution for attack and risk . Who can he trust and who not? To whom does he open the castle gate and to whom does he leave it closed?

Psychological dream interpretation

Due to psychological reasons, dream interpretation suggests that the Middle Ages holds up its own reflection to the dreamer. This journey to a time long past, also says from a psychological point of view an escape from one's own life. One hopes to be able to lead a better life under different circumstances and that one's own dreams can be realized better somewhere else than where the person in question is currently staying. Another place of residence, in another city or even in another country or another job, other friends, etc., would bring the expected fulfillment or even more adventure and eradicate boredom.

Dreaming that the plague is about to break out in the Middle Ages indicates that business expectations will not materialize as desired.

Chivalry and undying love between two people who, perhaps according to their social standing, are not allowed to be together, are romantic approaches to the Middle Ages which the dreamer lives out in his imagination, as he otherwise tends unconsciously to suppress them in real life.

Further clues for dream interpretation are represented by the clothes worn in the dream, as it gives information about which role the dreamer would like to play or which personality traits he prefers. If one slips into the costume of a king or nobleman, this makes clear that the person concerned likes to mime the ruler.

There is a possibility that the dreamer is dancing to the tune of others in his daily life and this may have become too much, therefore he strives to change his life situation. Playing a simple farmer in a dream could augur that the person unconsciously would like to live a simple and harmonious life in harmony with nature.

Spiritual dream interpretation

Spiritually interpreted, dream interpretation reveals with the term medieval that it symbolizes a symbol of spiritual protection. A medieval castle or fortress represents refuge and safety, obstacles to overcome and also a spiritual test to pass.


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