Dream symbol Locked up


hopeless, enclosed, trapped, prison, locked away, bondage

Who would like to be imprisoned? One has lost control and feels completely helpless and at the mercy of the situation. Perhaps one has been locked in a dark cellar where there is no prospect of escape or one has been kidnapped and locked in a trunk, possibly even shackled and chained in some dark dungeon. All these images do not cause pleasant feelings.

It is not only physical imprisonment that gives us the feeling of being locked up. We can also feel confined or trapped on the mental level. Responsibilities and obligations can make us dependent and unfree like slaves. The perception of being without any free choice, powerless over a certain situation and person, can make us feel our inner captivity.

Waking up in a sweat from a dream in which one was full of panic on the run from a building, with no way out and no back exit, is probably not one of the pleasures of a dreamer.

Subsequently, we illuminate what confinement, lack of freedom and limitation of action are all about.

General dream interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream image "locked up" indicates to the dreaming person that in the real waking state he primarily feels cornered. However, this is less connected with actions in the outside, but actually everything indicates that the affected person puts himself under pressure by imposed attitudes and locks himself up by his own mentally created ignorance and fear.

Mostly being locked up symbolizes the dreamer's desire for FREEDOM and thus the dreaming person feels psychologically locked up. Possibly there could also be a heavy burden on his shoulders, in the form of a sacrificial responsibility, which cannot be shaken off at the moment. Possibly it is a constricting partnership. In order to get to the bottom of the exact cause, you are encouraged to observe yourself and your environment more closely while awake.

Positive dream symbol

If the dreamer can observe in the dream the event of being locked up by another person, it can be a symbol of privilege and freedom in real life. If you know this person in reality, this person can be useful and supportive to you in the real world.

Negative dream symbol

According to the general dream interpretation, the dream symbol "confined" can announce future bad luck in relationship matters and love affairs.

Being locked in a harem could show the sleeper that he is trying to hold back a truth, but this may soon become impossible to suppress. Often the image of a barracks can also appear in the dream, which also indicates being cramped inside or being restricted.

Psychological dream interpretation

On the psychological level of interpretation, this dream image "locked up" is seen as the conscious perception of belief patterns that have become too narrow and the associated unfreedoms or old biases. The dreamer is urgently admonished to pause and to stop running away from a certain task that is already more than overdue.

From a psychological point of view, this dream symbol is also widely interpreted to mean that the person dreaming feels mentally constricted. He feels that he does not have the power of decision over his life and cannot develop freely. On the other hand, this can possibly also be traced back to an alienation from reality. Thus, with this dream image, the unconscious is asking the dreamer to awaken to more realism about reality in real life.

Spiritual dream interpretation

Spiritually, the dream symbol "imprisoned" stands for the person in question as an indication that his focus is too much on himself. Thus, he is advised to open up more to new impressions, to face the new without fear, and furthermore to open up even more the inner joy, if necessary also to resort to professional support.


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