Dream symbol Lava


volcano, crater, eruption, sulfur, magma, unstoppable, powerful natural event, unpredictable, strong emotions

Lava is the term used to describe the molten rock mass that seeps upward from the Earth's interior. Inside the earth, before it reaches the surface, it is called magma and reaches a temperature of 1300 degrees. Anyone who has ever seen volcanic eruptions visually has an idea of what a tremendous, powerful event it is when such a lava flow emerges. Nothing can stand in the way of this lava flow without finding destruction from it. Even water does not have the power to cool down this enormously heated mass.

When the lava flow goes into the sea, you can see that only the surface of this mass cools down, but inside it remains hot for a long time. The gases trapped in the lava mass can bring out agate quartz crystals, which are popular for making jewelry.

What details in your lava flow dream can you remember? All aspects are of importance for dream interpretation.

General dream interpretation

If the dream symbol "lava" opens in your nightly sleep, this symbolizes the general interpretation that a really existing danger in the outside world has already been recognized. It has already entered your consciousness that a certain state of affairs requires attentiveness and caution. Dangerous means difficulties that are currently weighing on your shoulders in life, which can also refer to deceitfulness and falsehood. As always, the individual life situation should be taken into consideration for an accurate dream interpretation.

To see a seething hot volcano in a dream expresses strong desires, longings and passions. Since the person concerned seems to suppress these in real life, they seethe in the subconscious and with tremendous thrust they come to the surface expressed through the dream. This advises the dreamer to deal more intensively with the repression of emotions, because continually suppressed urges, like the volcanic eruption in the dream, can at some point no longer be stopped and press outward uncontrollably with full force.

Psychological dream interpretation

In the psychoanalytic view, the lava in the dream embodies strong emotions. These can be anger, hatred, or even sexual passion. The glowing hot lava mass symbolizes this unbridled power very memorably. If this impulsiveness is suppressed for too long because of feelings of shame or guilt, it could have a negative effect not only emotionally, but also on a physical level.

If one finds a cooled lava flow in the dream, which is already solidified, this indicates a cooling of feelings, which concerns the partnership relationship. Perhaps the passion has cooled down lately, also due to the lack of honest communication with each other. This sign can refer not only to the dreamer, but also to the partner or to another beloved person around.

Jealousy and envy are also strong aspects that can be hidden by a volcanic eruption. Or a pointed tongue hiding behind the symbol of destructive lava mass with direct communication would also be possible. Also, there could be the tendency of the dreamer to act rashly and not be master of his feelings. The image of lava stands as a reminder to be careful before the destructive mass floods everything and the damage done cannot be undone. Thus, loved ones are hurt and one drives them away or puts them to flight by this effervescent nature. Whether this serves to solve conflicts is very questionable.

Spiritual dream interpretation

For spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol "lava" means powerful and unstoppableEmotions, which if suppressed, are very harmful to the soul and greatly affect the balance and harmony.


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