Dream symbol Jungle


tropical heat, thicket, swamp, exotic world, inscrutable, chaos

We are in a dense tropical jungle, lush vegetation looks out at us, huge trees with lianas and tall bamboo are surrounded by bright green ferns. Step by step we move forward on a slightly damp moss-like ground, whose softness makes our feet cushion easily. Admiringly we turn our eyes to this paradise and seem almost a little lost, so tiny in the midst of this mighty nature.

Sometimes some obstacles block our way, which have to be removed in order to move forward again, or which have to be avoided by climbing.

The jungle is an extremely exciting terrain that calls for adventure and exploration. Is a velvet-furred black panther perhaps quietly creeping through the thicket in the jungle of your dream. However opaque and impenetrable an overgrown jungle may seem, each plant and animal has its own definite place and reason for being in the world.

Common dream symbols

Experiencing animals in the jungle

If the dreamer is suddenly confronted by a wild animal in his sleep from the jungle, such as an elephant, a tiger, or a snake, this could pique your interest in learning more about what it might mean. Generally speaking, such wild animals symbolize the person's baser instincts and urges. Because they don't get enough attention in real life, they may show up in dreams to be seen.

The dream interpretation attaches a special meaning to the tiger in the jungle and although this animal also stands for the human instincts, those seem more dominant and aggressive with the tiger. Someone who in a dream faces the tiger eye for eye and tooth for tooth and sees himself fighting with it, may want to become master of the feelings of his sexual dominance and anger.

Seeing a jungle

If you see a thicket of a jungle while you are asleep, your subconscious is pointing you to inner chaos and disorder. Perhaps the dreamer's life is somewhat out of balance and in order to eliminate this chaos, solutions should be found to resolve the matter in question in real life.

General dream interpretation

In the general view, the dream interpretation associates the symbol "jungle" with the trees, bushes and a thicket overgrown with mental chaos. By being overrun by a tsunami of thought flow, this deprives him of the ability of clear and meaningful thinking. In order to create more order, this dream image could indicate to the person concerned to deal more consciously with his world of thoughts in order to bring more order into it.

In addition, the dream of the jungle can indicate financial tensions in certain matters. The person may be asked by an exotic lily in his dream to better manage his economic resources in life in order to avoid or at least reduce further troubles.

If the sleeper sees himself standing in a jungle in a dream, this can, according to general interpretation, stand for the fact that something in his life is not going properly, which is connected with inner as well as outer struggles.

Dense overgrowth of the jungle in a dream symbolizes that there are some obscure situations and circumstances in your life. Either it concerns a matter of professional and/or also private nature, with which it lacks to you perspective. In the peace lies the strength as it is called so beautifully. Take your time to find a suitable clear path. Jungle animals indicate to the dreamer in question during sleep his drives and instincts.

Psychological dream interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation, a jungle in a sleeper's dream is seen as a very versatile dream image. On the one hand, the dream symbol illustrates spontaneity, as well as ego involvement, but also lust. On the other hand, the jungle symbol can also promise the dreamer LIFE STRENGTH and ADAPTABILITY.

If the jungle symbol appears to one in sleep as a nightmare, then according to the psychological view, the dreamer is likely to encounter CONFUSING SURPRISES and possibly disability in the waking world.

However, if the dreaming person in the dream is strong enough to fight his way through the tropical rainforest with a sharp tool and can survive by doing so, he will also skillfully approach difficulties in the real world with discipline and assertiveness and then overcome them in the end.

If the jungle in the dream seems like a prison for the person concerned, so that one feels enclosed, this can indicate that constricting feelings, which are occupied with fear, rise from the subconscious. He would be well advised to come clean with these feelings, to leave behind the confusion and the thicket of the jungle.

Spiritual dream interpretation

Seen on a spiritual level, the dream situation "jungle" superficially symbolizes unpredictability indicates spiritual confusion to the person concerned.


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