Dream symbol Jewels


preciousness, jewelry, valuable, expensive, beauty, treasure

Finely cut gemstones are called jewels, which only get their value and reveal their magic through this special processing. The shine and their beauty come through the light reflection only then really to the effect and raise the price range of the stone by some.

These precious gems are used especially for jewelry and they also appear in many a dream.

General dream interpretation

Jewels sometimes play a positive role in the general dream interpretation and in other cases a negative one. For a concrete interpretation, the whole dream plot must be taken into account.

However, this light of beautiful gemstones can also "dazzle" to maintain outward appearances to distract from inner poverty. As the saying goes, "All that glitters is not gold..." the same could be related to this dream image. Outward appearances often deceive and hide something behind the facade. On the other hand, jewels also quite often indicate wealth and prosperity or dissolute pleasure.

If the dreamer sees jewels in a dream or wears them himself around his neck or even wears clothes studded with precious stones, this augurs good luck and inheritance. If one sees other people wearing rubies or topaz in their sleep, it represents a high rank in society that the dreamer holds in the real world.

If the dreamer wishes to buy or acquire jewels, this dream symbol should serve as a warning against possessiveness and encourage more modesty. For planned, successful goals and ventures, as well as in love matters , this dream of jewels is an excellent sign.

If jewels are found by the dreamer by chance in his sleep, it may indicate that he is in for favors that will help him gain a powerful position and success. If the dreamer wants to get rid of his fortune consisting of gems, this dream image announces a reminder that this could bring disadvantages for the person concerned.

According to the general dream analysis, it is unexpectedlyauspicious for the dreamer in question if he loses the sparkling stones. However, young women are excluded from this interpretation, because in that sense a symbol of losing the jewels indicates that deceitful people or deceitful friends are in the near vicinity.

Positive dream symbol

Positively, this dream should be considered if a young girl is given precious stones as a gift, as this indicates a wedding or pleasurable future. This is widely true only if the other images occurring in the dream emphasize or support this interpretation.

Negative dream symbol

If the person in the dream represents a jeweler, the dream image should be interpreted rather negatively. It could predict a business loss or deficit.

Psychological dream interpretation

From the point of view of psychological dream interpretation, jewels stand as a symbol of immutability of the dreamer's personality core . However, jewels can also be interpreted as boasting and vanity. Another interpretation says that jewels on the dream level also symbolize ideas and TALENTS.

If the dreamer wears jewels in a dream although he does not own any himself, it may indicate success in real life, but it does not last long. This dream image indicates that the person is too attached to externals and lacks deeper insights for progress or further development.

If a rare gemstone comes into play as a dream symbol, this indicates a particularly deep friendship. If this treasure does not belong to him, then he probably cannot appreciate this person as a friend, which may lead him into a predicament in the future. Jewels also psychologically indicate an admonition of loss and poverty, or as a hint to live more frugally.

Spiritual dream interpretation

Jewels, in spiritual interpretation, symbolize to the dreamer an inner, hidden treasure.


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