Dream symbol Itch


rash, sensitivity, unbearable stimulus, allergy, unbearable stress

A lily has left its red stigma or we are lying in a meadow and have an allergic reaction to an ant or a grass. Thus begins an almost unbearable itch, a tingling sensation all our own, and without holding back we scratch like crazy, because otherwise it would be unbearable. The longing for relief from this itching is great. A hay fever is also unwanted event of an allergy, as well as by certain fruits or nuts, which can trigger an itch in the throat or on the skin. As a joke, in childhood, you may have played a prank on others and sprinkled itching powder in the neckline of others.

If we dream of tingling or itching, for example, crawling ants could appear in the dream as the cause, and we find ourselves scratching in bed after waking up from the dream.

In any case, it stands to reason that "someone has an itch" in real life that has become so unpleasant that they want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Usually an itch expresses psychological aspects and conveys a lot about our current state.

General dream interpretation

If the dreamer itches something in the dream, there could be a possibility that something unpleasant is bothering the person or is on his liver. Perhaps in some cases he represents himself as untouchable and not sensitive, that nothing "itches" to him, but in the back of his mind this does not correspond to the truth and he is plagued by inner restlessness.

This dream event is indicated for people who find it difficult to admit their emotional worries to themselves, let alone confide in and express them to others. Mostly these can be feelings like jealousy, without any basis, financial worries or also examination fear. If there is no demonstrable external cause that makes the person feel unrounded, impatience may be hidden behind it. Sometimes itching in general indicates worry without cause.

A strong itching on the dream level, which is triggered by a freshly stung tattoo, can indicate news. If the itchy stimulus is located on the foot, it could express a desire to travel. To feel an itch in the hands stands in the dream for money increase.

If you feel the itch on your arm in the dream, it makes clear to the dreamer that deep inside he feels manipulated by someone and the subconscious wants to warn him not to be tempted by other ambiguous figures to obvious missteps. An unquenchable itch that cannot be stopped even by vigorous scratching represents reluctant attributes in the dreamer himself. If the person in the dream cannot scratch himself for some reason, this indicates a pending tantrum that will release pent-up anger and bring relaxation.

Psychological dream interpretation

The dream image symbolizes a person who wants to appear resilient and strong to the outside world, but in reality is very sensitive and delicate. An occurring itch shows the dreamer, psychologically interpreted, that something is out of balance. An inner tension could figuratively appear as itching and scratching to the surface in the dream. In case of frequent occurrence of such dream experiences, help from professionals might be required.

If you have a skin rash in your dream that itches incessantly, it is most likely that feelings of guilt are currently playing a role in your life. Therefore, the skin, as the largest organ of the human body, symbolizes the human psyche.

If the itching in the dream is attributed as a cause to an allergic reaction, then as a dream image this indicates a very sensitive and delicate character.

Spiritual dream interpretation

On a spiritual dream interpretation level, the itch indicates an unstable desire for transformation and spiritual unfoldment . You are swaying back and forth a lot because you don't know where to take the next step and at the moment you seem a bit despondent and can't muster any strength. Too many stones still seem to block the way.


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