Dream symbol Island


secluded, treasure, paradise, oasis, rest, shipwreck, vacation ripe

An island with coconut palms in the middle of the crystal clear blue ocean and white sand, that's how many imagine the dream vacation. Full of longing for a time-out, out of the daily routine and off to an island, an oasis of beauty, relaxation and tranquility, in the truest sense of the word "BEING RIPEN FOR THE ISLAND". Or it may be a treasure island, as in stories and novels about adventurous experiences of treasure hunting. But in addition, there are perhaps also unpleasant things that we can associate with it, e.g. being stranded on an island helplessly and mother-soul alone, perhaps also injured, due to a shipwreck. And unlike island vacationers, the stranded person does not want to be there, but rather to be taken away from there as soon as possible.

How the dream island is interpreted in sleep depends on the circumstances involved. Depending on the state the dreamer is in in everyday life, the more accurately this dream symbol can be interpreted. Possibly a vacation on a deserted island would be just the thing at the moment.

General dream interpretation

The image of an island in the dreamer's sleep, often indicates the desire to FLIGHT, simply to get away, to escape from stress and long for tranquility, or even to run away from his fears from the real world. If the person sees a dreamy, remote island in the sea, it could also be an island full of treasures, symbolizing the dreamer's success and gain.

Contrarily, this dream symbol also represents loneliness, especially if the island in the dream is uninhabited, even if it has a lot of beautiful vegetation. This bodes well for the dreamer, but a life full of loneliness.

If there are other people on the island in the dream, then they could be opponents who dispute each other's higher position. If the dreamer visits an island in his sleep, he will be given a new job.

If the island in the sleeper's dream is located by a clear river, the general interpretation interprets this as an upcoming exciting journey and successful ventures in the future. If a woman dreams of an island, it indicates a happy marriage. If one sees in the dream an island without vegetation, purely barren, the dream research interprets that as a symbol of ZÜGELLOSIGKEIT. Which further stands for unhappiness and loss. If one dreams that the dream island reveals itself as a desert of sand, it can be a warning of financial zero.

If the person in the dream leaves the island, it may indicate a change in life. This makes it clear that there is no security to hold on to fickle things in the waking world. What is destined to go, will go. What is "meant" to stay, will stay. Life is constant change, this should be made clear to the dreamer in question. On the other hand, this dream image is also about the loss of a good friend.

If a lonely dream island with two palm trees appears, it may indicate that love will soon enrich the life of the person concerned.

Psychological dream interpretation

The psychological approach to the dream symbol "island" to be interpreted proclaims two different ways of interpretation. One sees in the dream image island a place of refuge, which stands for longings and fantasies that are alien to reality, and on the other hand it embodies the UNCONSCIOUS, which is surrounded only by an infinite ocean alone.

According to the dream analysis, the dreamer is currently in an isolated fix without social attention and the island means loneliness in UNRUNDED times, which is signaled by the surrounding sea.

As a place of refuge, a dream island has an outstanding significance for many people, as it stands for a place of gathering strength and recharging energy. An island that appears in a dream also wants to suggest to you to find a place of rest in the hectic everyday life and in general to serve as a reminder to pay more attention to one's own well-being.

If the island in the dream is a lonely coral island, then this can indicate to the dreamer that he is quite capable of achieving his goals alone without support. Through the external and internal seclusion that the island represents, he can explore himself more closely and come to self-knowledge. He is advised to retreat to an island in this context.

If the dreamer is stranded on a desert island, this is a sign of REJECTION or lack of self-awareness.

Spiritual dream interpretation

The transcendental dream interpretation understands the dream symbol "island" as the spiritual retreat of the dreamer. To get rid of the outer world and its concerns for a while in order to come to clear insight of his true nature.


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