Dream symbol Infidelity


infidelity, cheating, dissatisfaction, breach of faith, in flagrante delicto, cheating, envy, admiration, dishonesty, coldness of feeling

Infidelity is almost a kind of taboo subject that no one likes to talk about and yet everyone is interested in. Behind other people's backs, this is often hotly discussed. For some, a kiss with another person is already a betrayal, for someone else it is only a breach of faith when sexual contact occurs.

Each person perceives it differently and has his or her own opinion about it. But the idea of catching your partner kissing someone else or even in your own bed is probably not pleasant.

A scene at which probably the one or the other, who lives in a relationship or is married, the heart could stop. Mostly people in a partnership, the respective partner do not want to share with others, in terms of physical love. Exceptions confirm the rule, as the saying goes. One hears again and again of "open-minded couples" or polygamous relationship models. How well this works in practice then, is individually different.

One of the biggest breaches of trust in a partnership is probably infidelity.

On the other hand, there are polyamorous relationships, which approach the whole partnership framework with more openness and both parties are free to decide about sexual love affairs with other people. There are also clear rules and agreements in such partnership constitutions, if one behaves according to them, it should not harm either of them. However, the situation seems to be more problematic when there is a violation of the rules and some things are kept secret.

Despite a happily-ever-after partnership in real life, a dream of infidelity can make you feel sick to your stomach. Dreaming of infidelity can cause very unhealthy feelings, even if you have a happy open relationship in the waking world. We will see below what the dream interpretation angle is regarding this dream symbol.

General dream interpretation

If the dreamer himself plays the unfaithful partner in his dream, this indicates to general dream interpretation that the person concerned longs for change in his present life situation. This need not automatically be related to one's own relationship.

The symbol of infidelity in a dream illustrates the dreamer's desire for something new. To be unfaithful to a person in a dream image does not symbolize the longing for a new relationship partner, but represents transformation and renewal.

On the other hand, this dream symbol of infidelity may express as a warning to the person concerned that he may unconsciously succumb to the desire or temptation to cheat on his partner. However, this dream advises against this plan, because as a result of an offense of this magnitude, the dreamer will have quite to nibble or be plagued with feelings of guilt. The bottom line is that it is not worth accepting dishonesty.

The general dream analysis also announces the importance of the person with whom one is cheating in the dream. Perhaps it is a known person from one's own environment, with whom one has already imagined this in daydreams or has thought about it in another way? Or a close-knit person with whom you share many things?

Here the motive of an infidelity dream could not only be sexual desire, but could also be related to admiration and envy.

Psychological dream interpretation

If the dream is about an unknown person with whom we "dance the mattress tango" or if this person is even faceless, according to psychological analysis, this serves as an expression of our own personality traits. This strange person reflects as a figure in our dreams what we unconsciously long for but are not aware of or we inwardly reject the feelings.

If other people who are unfaithful to one's own partner appear in the dream, this illustrates that we should not stick our nose into other people's affairs. If, however, the opposite occurs in the dream, that one's own partner is unfaithful, this gives more information about a concrete interpretation.

Perhaps the dreamer watches his partner in the dream rather indifferent and emotionally cold, this stands for a certain emotional coldness. If fear occurs in connection with this dream image, then this indicates that the dreamer is worried about not being enough for his partner and subsequently he fears losing him. The fear of losing one's beloved is an indication of the person's fear of loss, which we are not aware of in everyday life and which only appears through such dreams.

In addition, infidelity at the dream level may also symbolize that the dreamer dismisses sexuality with a partner as unsatisfactory . The reason of this unsatisfactory statement must be discussed by the person himself. On the other hand, this dream could also serve as a suggestion to develop oneself more sexually or to surrender or activate one's own fire more.

Spiritual dream interpretation

The symbol of "infidelity" in a dream, according to the spiritual point of view, is an encouragement for the dreamer to be honest and dedicated to his spiritual goals and to remain true to himself.


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