Dream symbol Iceberg


glacier, ice mass, Titanic, capsize, solidification, emotional coldness

Huge masses of ice floating in the sea are called icebergs, with most icebergs originating either in Greenland or Antarctica.

Large pieces of a glacier or the ice shelf break off and fall into the sea. An iceberg is especially dangerous for shipping because most of an iceberg is hidden by water under the surface and thus not visible. Ships could thus be doomed, recalling the famous also filmed incident with the luxury steamer Titanic, which went down in the sea due to a collision with an iceberg.

General dream interpretation

The symbol "iceberg" is interpreted by general dream analysis as a test of the dreamer's inner strength in the real world. Challenges in many areas of life will soon be waiting for him, which will have a grosser impact and which he will have to face.

Whether the dreamer concerned will be successful can be read from the particular circumstances that accompany it in the dream. If, for example, the ship capsizes due to the iceberg in the dream, this could be an indication that in the real life of the sleeper, the events will soon overturn and exceed the forces of the person concerned.

Furthermore, generally speaking, the iceberg as a dream symbol could be an indication to be prepared for a rough effort in real waking life. But one can certainly assume that success is certain and one will emerge triumphant on it.

On the other hand, a symbolism of emotional coldness can be attached to this dream image, which the dreamer should become aware of. This could stand like an iceberg as an obstacle between the person and his surrounding fellow human beings. The dreamer is asked by this dream image to transform this emotional coldness into more warmth, even if it does not seem to be immediately realizable, to face the whole matter with patience and calmness.

Psychological dream interpretation

Psychologically analyzed, the dream image of an "iceberg" stands for the entire PERSONALITY of the sleeping person in question. Nevertheless, he himself perceives only a small part of his character traits and most of it lies buried in the depths of the unconscious.

Deeply sunk like the iceberg in the sea, this dream symbol asks the dreamer to explore himself more and to engage with his unconscious. This allows congealed patterns to rise from the psyche and be released through consciousness.

The iceberg in the dream can also symbolize the dreamer's fear of feelings, which he should face and try to overcome in the waking world. Behind this symbol of the iceberg can also hide an exaggerated need for control and distance. It may be beneficial to seek professional help as well.

Sometimes it is also possible that the dream symbol "iceberg" illustrates an emotional conscious withdrawal of the dreamer.

Spiritual dream interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol "iceberg" symbolizes a frozen part of the personality, similar to the quality of ice. This must first be "thawed out" again and thus set in motion in order to initiate further spiritual development.


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