Dream symbol Hypnosis


suggestion, manipulate, change of consciousness, trance state, power

The name "hypnosis" comes from the Greek word "hypnos" and means sleep . Hypnosis generally refers to a state of trance that is induced in a person through the help of a hypnotist and various techniques and tools that are used to alter the state of consciousness. Hypnosis represents a process that is not influenced by the mind, but requires trust and voluntary willingness to allow access to the subconscious.

Many people think of hypnosis as the well-known hypnosis shows, where a hypnotist with a deep gaze, a pendulum clock in front of the face waves around or counts to three and the person then hops and cackles in a circle like a hen or barks like a dog. This show serves primarily as entertainment for the audience and all of this probably has nothing to do with hypnosis as used by therapists. In therapy, the hypnotic state serves the purpose of restoring holistic access to split-off resources and thus achieving a psychovegetative change.

General dream interpretation

Generally speaking, hypnosis in a dream is a reminder for mindfulness . If you are put under hypnosis in a dream, it may mean that someone is exerting a great influence on you in real life. Also, when this dream symbol appears, it could indicate danger of business losses.

The opposite is reflected in this dream image when a hypnotist puts people into a trance in a dream. In the background there is most likely a strong desire to havecontrol and power over others. If one is an observer in the dream, where other persons are hypnotized, does this indicate professional and private complications? Furthermore, in connection with the hypnosis dream, one is well advised to take more care of one's own physical health.

If one finds oneself hypnotized in a dream, this may be an expression of indecisionon the part of the dreamer. He has again and again difficulties to act clearly in certain factual matters and thus escapes in an unconscious trance state, and hopes everything may dissolve by itself into thin air. This dream shows that one does not leave everything to oneself as if powerless, but to face the pressure in order to influence the situation oneself.

Psychological dream interpretation

If we look at the dream image of hypnosis, from the point of view of psychological dream interpretation, this could also bring to light the question of whether the dreaming person wishes for himself in real life to completely lose control and throw away all responsibility. From the psychological point of view, if in a dream a person voluntarily gets involved with the hypnotist, this may show UNSUSPICION or INABILITY to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

Contrary to many assumptions about hypnosis, hypnosis does not change or manipulate, but exactly this desire can emerge behind this dream image hypnosis. Especially in the case of mental trauma or drastic memories from the past, which the person seems to cope with only with difficulty and suffers very much from it, this dream can illustrate escape from oneself . The person wants to be hypnotized to wake up as another self or personality. For an exact interpretation, however, the individual life circumstances play an important role. If parallels from his life to the dream are clearly recognizable, the subconscious on dream level probably wants to influence to show also a way in real life and it would be to be considered whether a hypnosis therapy does not seem to be very helpful as a healing method at the moment.

Spiritual dream interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream image "hypnosis" stands for the opening of channels to spiritual worlds and allows access to an expanded state of consciousness.


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