Dream symbol Hide


precious, treasure, guilt, shame, fear, child's play

Things of importance and value, which should not be accessible to everyone, one prefers to hide. To leave a treasure, valuable jewelry or other undiscovered, it is better to find a secret hiding place. On the other hand, hiding is also a popular game among children. With pupils also still between the lessons gladly played.

Secret hiding places can also play a role in dreams and what reasons the dreamer might have for this behavior, or even other people in the dream plot, you can read below.

Common dream symbols

To hide oneself or someone

Protecting or hiding a person in a dream

In general, it must be something important and valued that the dreamer wants to protect from the eyes of others, otherwise one would not want to hide it. For example, if the dreamer hides a person wearing an unfamiliar face for protection, this indicates social conflicts of the person concerned. He may not have the ability to quickly meet strangers with openness and does not give unknown people his full trust. This serves as a kind of protective mechanism and can work very much to the dreamer's advantage. To listen to one's own gut feeling, with that one is certainly well advised.

One hides a baby

The dreamer has hidden a baby in the dream, what could this portend? Is one protecting one's own little child or that of a stranger in the dream event?

If one plays the role of the mother or father of the baby in a dream, then hiding the child, represents one's own hidden emotional world. Through an injury on the emotional level, one forms a protective wall around oneself in order not to have to take further pain and not to let others get close to oneself. If the dream baby is the infant of someone else, then this is an indication that one should be more cautious in dealing with other people. A baby in a secret hiding place symbolizes sensitivity and innocence.

Cover up murder and hide the body

In the dream plot, do you want to hide a murder and dispose of the body? Perhaps they have just found a dead body and want to get rid of it. This image serves as an expression of remorse. The dreamer seems to have committed an act with which they believe they have done harm and this causes them a headache. The dream exhorts the person in question to look deeper into his situation. It may not be too late to pull the emergency brake. Perhaps his assessment has deceived him and everything is not so bad.

You hide from the police

If one flees from the police in search of a hiding place because one has done something unlawful, even if it was a long time ago, this situation illustrates that the person is plagued by feelings of guilt that are only now rising up in the moment and are reflected through this dreamed situation. Gather your courage and confront these emotions, because hiding only makes everything worse and potentiates. A clearing up through your discussion is beneficial and healing. Everything is not eaten as hot as it is cooked.

Hiding one's own face

According to the general interpretation, the face illustrates the image, the identity, to the outside world. Hiding one's face with a scarf, a hood or with a lot of make-up means that the dreamer likes to show himself differently than he really is. He wants to show an image that reflects his own desirable image but is not real. Inferiority complexes and low self-confidence could be the cause of this behavior or it could be caused by social influence. If the dreamer feels good in his skin with a hidden face on the dream level, this probably indicates that he has accepted the role given to him. If, however, the sensation was negative during sleep, then this explicitly refers to the fact that he can be free from the constricted norms and wants to show himself authentically as he is.

Playing hide and seek

This dream motif illustrates the courageous decisions of the dreamer. If the image of being hidden appears more often in the dreams of the person concerned, it indicates a rather changeable nature regarding the opinions and intentions of the dreamer, which can cause a lot of confusion in the social environment. Possibly, it is a matter of secrecy from certain people in real life. This game of hide and seek at the dream level asks the dreamer to face himself with honesty and admit to his own grief.

Being hidden by someone

In some dreams it happens that someone is protecting or hiding from you. This means for the person concerned that he/she can fully trust a person from close surroundings. This person is good at keeping secrets. If the face of this person who helps one can be seen clearly in the dream, this is easy to interpret. However, if an unknown person saves one, other details in the dream may be significant for interpretation.

A friend hides from you

What could be the cause of a friend taking cover from the dreamer in a dream? Psychoanalytically interpreted, this friend is connected with the dreamer's own personality aspects, which, however, are hidden in the dark or have not been consciously discovered. Or they are traits that the dreaming person does not value very much and prefers to keep covered. So, which character traits reflect this person for the dreamer in the awake state, reveal details about one's own personality, which one prefers to repress or to which one cannot stand.

A snake hides in a dream

The symbol of the snake embodies a wide range of possible meanings. In general, the image of the snake refers to sexuality. If a snake-like reptile hides and disappears, in real life this represents sexual passions that are not fulfilled. Desires and such feelings are lived out secretly or suppressed altogether, as they are socially unappreciated and frowned upon. The question of whether this is the "right" way to deal with things is best asked by oneself. If one lures the snake out of the hiding place, then this clarifies the argument with the own impulsiveness and serves certainly for the well-being of the concerning.

Hide an object

Trying to hide a thing in the dream scene or disguise a factual situation indicates the dreamer's desire for more imagination, change and diversity. The everyday hamster wheel in which one runs in circles has led to emptiness and boredom. How can you get more pep in your everyday life, is the question. A spontaneous vacation perhaps, which brings some fresh wind into the life? A new leisure activity that promises more excitement?

Hiding drugs in a dream

Even if you yourself have nothing to do with drugs and do not flog them on the black market, you may well be confronted with them on the dream plane. Hiding drugs here reflects a guarded secret from real life. This can be associated with feelings of shame. If the person does not know how to interpret this for himself, he is invited by this dream to look a little deeper. A secret that lies long in the past may be indicated here. Drugs symbolize an imbalance in the dreamer, pushing for balance.

Hide cash

Hiding banknotes in a dream or even seeing an entire suitcase full of money buried in one's sleep often symbolizes that the dreamer is plagued by self-doubt. The dreamer hesitates in his decisions and does not seem to be sure in the implementation of plans. Money stands as a symbol for one's values in life, and hiding banknotes illustrates a concealment of these. This can express itself in the waking consciousness in such a way that one does not have the courage to communicate his opinions and attitudes in public. This may be politics or sexual preferences.

Bringing gold to a hiding place in a dream

According to the general dream interpretation, hiding gold signals that the person is trying to cover up some things in real life. If the gold in the dream was stolen from a safe, for example, then this stands for negative news in waking life. In games of chance, this indicates an upcoming streak of bad luck. However, if the person finds gold in the dream and wants to protect or hide it from the eyes of the surroundings, he is aware of his positive traits and can put them to useful use with wisdom.

Covering traces and hiding a pistol

Generally speaking, the pistol symbolizes to the dreamer his own sexual aggression or even sadomasochistic preferences. For a concrete dream interpretation, other images and aspects in the dream that were experienced play a role.

Hiding a gun in a dream means that the dreamer feels inhibited in his emotional world and also cannot express his desires. Most likely, his own self-image and the urges and fears he feels do not match. The appearance of a gun in sleep makes it clear that one is trying to hide these feelings in real life.

Hiding excrement

Attacking feces is generally associated with disgust or shame, and yet this dream image does not seem to occur so rarely. One cannot grasp this logically after waking up mostly, why one has set such an action in the dream. Believe it or not, but according to dream interpretation excrement promises wealth and abundance in real life. If the dreamer hides excrement in his sleep, he may want to keep secret the news of the monetary blessing in the form of an inheritance or some other kind of gain he has received.

One secretly hides a key

Hiding keys in a dream, whether one or more, is meant to prompt the dreamer to open up more. If you yourself hide the key in the dream event, then this conveys that you like to be a secret keeper and keep many things to yourself. However, if one is looking for a car key or the house key in a dream and someone else has taken it, then this serves as an indication that in the environment a person is hiding or keeping something secret from the dreamer.

Hiding in the house

The dreamed house reflects the mental state of the dreamer in question. If a house appears neatly put together in a dream, this illustrates that the dreamer is dwelling in inner balance at the moment. A house that appears chaotic or even already at the mercy of decay, promises a torn state of mind of the person concerned. Hiding in one's own home illustrates the longing for a place of retreat where one can shut oneself off from the outside world. An island of rest where he can retreat, rest and recharge his batteries. This dream clearly gives the impression that some kind of time out would do the dreamer good at the moment.

Hiding in the closet

The image of the closet represents the symbol of responsibility and order. Hiding from someone in the closet indicates that one is shirking responsibility and duties. Perhaps one fears not to be able to cope with an issue or a task. Hiding in the closet can also indicate that the sleeping person likes to escape into his own world with his own ideas.

Shoo, shoo under the bed

A classic scene, which is also very popular in movies: to hide under the bed in case of danger, because you might have been snooping around in someone else's room. If you hear a burglar in the house, the bed also provides a perfect retreat to be protected. The symbol of the bed is associated with rest and getting rest or even a place for sexual activities.

If one wants to escape from an imminent danger while sleeping and hides under a bed, this represents that the person currently has an increased need for protection. The person is currently tormented by a sorrow concerning a certain situation which seems to be unmanageable at the moment. The dream advises one to remain calm and explore possible solutions in order to be completely relaxed again.

Hiding in the cold and dark cellar

Did you feel cold and dampness creeping under your skin during the dream? A dark and cold basement is not such a friendly place to stay. But when you are being followed, you have no other choice. This dream situation indicates that in real life there are concerns of the dreamer that a person might have harmful influence on the person. If this hiding in the basement is seen as positive by the dreamer, he seems to gain great benefit from his profundity and use it helpfully. It seems that he is at peace with himself.

A hiding place in the forest

According to popular dream interpretation, the forest in a dream symbolizes life trials and tasks that need to be mastered. To seek shelter in a dark forest indicates that one is afraid of new challenges and faces them with doubt and timidity. However, it can also convey the exploration of the theme of spirituality, because the forest is also an expression of mysterious, the unknown and feminine. When someone hides in the forest it illustrates that this person wants to separate himself from the world and devotes himself more to the unknown powerful and hidden within.

Hiding on the run

Often in the dreams of many people monsters or murderers appear, from which one runs away and hides. An inner excitement of being pursued spreads inside. Where could one hide without being found? The dreaming person flees from his own difficulties and shies away from confrontation. The person seems to avoid unpleasant events and shows no willingness to face the problem. The repression gives rise to pent-up emotions of issues that have not been dealt with and have been left undone. This dream image calls for more courage to confront problematic life situations.

Hiding from fear and panic

Fear dreams are frequent visitors during sleep and lead to a profound emotional stirring at the dream level. They reflect all the demands and pressure to perform. However, if one wakes up more often from dreams with panic attacks and heart palpitations, one is asked to listen more inwardly to get to the bottom of the origin of these emotions. If you often long to lead the life of a snail and retreat into your little house or simply sink into the earth, this could be due to heavy stress. It could not hurt to seek professional help from trained forces or to confidently open up to a close person.

Hiding from a murderer

Are you being pursued by a murderer in your sleep, you are able to hide somewhere at the last second and think you are safe, but suddenly he is standing in front of you? A nightmare that could not be more frightening! Hiding from a killer with a gun indicates suppressed traits related to aggression and anger. An unexercised desire for power can also become a theme through this dream image. Everything in the innermost darkness eventually comes to the surface. This dream symbol serves as a warning to confront one's own shadow sides more often.

General dream interpretation

According to the general dream analysis, the people who dream of hiding are those who are very brave in terms of their views and attitudes. More stability would be good for the people concerned.

This dream image also indicates that negative news may soon arrive. He should stand by the mistakes he has made and not run away cowardly.

Hiding something in a dream expresses, at the dream level, the dreamer's feelings of guilt and shame . If concrete objects appear in the dream, which the dreamer wants to hide, they could also contribute significantly to the dream interpretation. If one becomes a lucky finder of a hidden treasure, this embodies that great luck and very pleasant events are in store for the person concerned.

Psychological dream interpretation

If the dreamer is looking for a suitable hiding place in his sleep, then according to psychological dream research this indicates that the sleeper is struggling with deep-seated fears. The person does not want to be seen in the dream event, which is clearly a symbol that the subconscious mind is asking to deal with these emotions and to get relief and liberation.

The dreamer wants to go on a deep dive and what he is running away from should be gleaned from the details that accompany the dream. Is it a situation the dreamer is afraid of, or does it have to do with an event in the real world? A lack of self-confidence may also play a weighty role. However, perhaps his dark personality traits cause him anxiety himself from time to time.

When this dream symbol appears several times, one should explore the primal ground in order to get rid of mental stress in the real world.

Spiritual dream interpretation

If the dreamer hides an object in the dream action, then, according to the spiritual view, this says that the person has not yet explored hidden and undiscovered aspects of his self.


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