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Losing something belonging to the body is often the subject of our dreams. After such dreams we may wake up a bit frightened and immediately check if everything is still really in its place where it belongs. Be it tooth loss, hair loss or even losing legs and arms or fingers, whatever loss appears in the dream leads to a fearful awakening. Hair is a very popular dream motif and makes us more concerned with the importance we give to our body hair in real life and everyday life.

Especially the hair on the head has a great expressive power for our species and because of this we tend to make quick judgments about someone, even though our hair hardly has a mechanical function. Yet the hair on our head seems to have a biologically significant component that affects our behaviors. This phenomenon is understood as sexual selection, i.e. that the choice of a partner depends on certain characteristics, which allow to make a statement about the respective potential of the life energy of the possible partner or to estimate the current health, which could further guarantee an agile and vital offspring.

The abundance of a man's main hair represents unlimited masculinity, which stands for security and sexual potency, and a woman's hair symbolizes abundance, femininity and receptiveness.

An abundance of hair also determines to a large extent our SELF CONSCIOUSNESS. To the same extent that we look critically at others, we do so in our own mirror.

Thin hair, baldness or receding hairline convey an imperfection, loss of vital energy or weakness of age. All this can lead to a loss of self-esteem. Therefore, it is not surprising that the cosmetics industry immediately uses this vanity to its advantage, promising beautification with vitamin or caffeine complexes, or even offering hair transplants to fabricate a magnificent fullness of hair.

According to the meaning we give to hair in waking life, this dream image occurring in dreams should be understood as a symbol. From the fears of everyday life, which are always present in our memory, even in sleep, memories are brought forth from the subconscious. Most often fears and worries reveal themselves in dreams, which have nothing in common with real hair loss in real life. In this way, unspecific everyday fears find their expression in the language of our subconscious. Such dreams symbolize fear of the lack of femininity or masculinity, fear of the decay of the body or of growing old and thus not being able to fulfill the demands of society.

This approach to dealing with anxiety dreams is certainly the most modern of our time, psychologically speaking.

Culturally transmitted interpretation of losses in dreams

As from European so also from Arabic sources handed down approaches can be justified historically for an exact dream interpretation. Mysticism and spirituality have contributed a lot to the shaping of these traditions. However, many interpretations of the ancestors are based on real observations. It is significant in which circumstance the dreaming person is also which political situation prevailed, as well as events climatologically seen, in which this loss dream appeared. How did the person behave after the dream? In the Far Eastern world, where revered deities ruled the world, a mystical interpretation is very obvious, and yet psychological factors cannot be excluded.

Sources from Europe and the Arabian Orient have often been augmented by predictions about the future. According to them, the way the hair is worn contributes significantly to the specific interpretation. It could indicate a positive or negative lifestyle. Curly, black, short hair augurs bad times.

From Arabic sources, curly hair dreams can be interpreted quite differently. If a ruler had curly hair in a dream, a war would destroy the enemy and lead him to a successful victory, gaining new territories.

A full mane of hair, which is also maintained, is considered in many cultures as an attractive sign and to do justice to this image of beauty, hair care is already associated with some time expenditure.

This mainstream ideal may or may not be followed, what is important and serves the self-image for some, seems indifferent to others, as in all things in life considered differently. There are enough other values that are far more significant than hair splendor.

Common dreams about hair loss

The partner's hair falls out in a dream

To dream of hair loss affecting one's own partner illustrates as a symbol that discord and strife are on the way. But there is no need to panic, perhaps you can consciously prepare for it when there is clarity about the situation and even avoid the discord in time.

Your own child's hair is falling out

A dream event of the unpleasant kind is to dream of one's own child losing hair. It could serve as an indication that an illness, but of a harmless nature, is imminent. If your daughter's or son's hair falls out, it may also indicate that he or she is being overtaxed by school or by the demands you as parents are making on the child. In any case, your child is in a temporary stressful situation. An empathetic conversation will help to clarify the situation.

Hair loss in clumps

If the dreamer's hair falls out in clumps in his dream, there is no reason to freak out and one may still take it easy. Because this is probably simply a symbol of natural aging, which affects all living beings and which already begins as soon as someone is born. Linked to this, fears of loss could also rise up with, which can take place on private relationships and also on a financial level. The dreamer is encouraged to surrender to this natural process of change and aging, since the power to change it is not in our hands.

Thus, severe hair loss symbolizes that with advancing age the vitality decreases and the body becomes weaker. On the other hand, the dream could also represent that the dreamer is currently experiencing professional overload. The person concerned would be advised to step a little quieter and to take a rest or time out in order to recover from stress.

The bald head

If in a dream the hair falls out to the point of finiteness and only a bald head remains, this may seem very upsetting at first. Baldness in a dream can be interpreted positively or negatively. Firstly, this dream symbol serves as a warning for the person to protect himself from deception attempts, and secondly, however, it announces wisdom and success. To interpret this dream image concretely depends on the specific life circumstance of the dreamer.

Hair loss due to cancer

If one dreams of hair loss caused by an ulcer or cancer in the head caused by chemotherapy, this dream image first of all invites one to pause. This image does not say, as it seems obvious, that the person in question is facing cancer. It represents fears that come from the subconscious of the dreamer. Communication with a familiar person will certainly help to process everything that is pent up.

General dream interpretation

Hair loss on a general level represents a rather negative symbol. Since hair in dream interpretation as a symbol of strength, energy, health and vitality. The modern view clarifies this as coming from stressful times.

Usually this dream image can also stand as an advance notice of a funeral in the near vicinity, but it does not necessarily have to be there. In any case, hair loss illustrates a stressful situation, occupational or otherwise. Nevertheless, hair loss can also be interpreted positively, in the sense that the person concerned can still feel very vital at an advanced age, like a fountain of youth.

If a woman dreams of hair loss, it usually signifies fear of losing radiance and beauty and fear of being overwhelmed. If she dreams of bald patches on her head, she must look to herself alone for how to earn a living without outside support. A gray strand of hair prophesies physical aches and pains.

A bald head in a man's dream symbolizes his fear of losing potency, which it definitely does not indicate. It simply represents that he is mentally dealing with the issue.

Psychological dream interpretation

In the psychological interpretation hair gives information about the psychological as well as physical condition of the person. Whether men or women, for both this dream symbol of a bald head or gaps on the head means that fear of aging is in the room.

The higher the age of the dreamer, the more often such a dream could visit the person in the sheep. Losing one's hair does not mean a temporary loss, but being irreversibly bald for the future life, therefore such fears may contain more tragic dimensions. The feeling of lost youth can also be connected with grief in this case. If you consciously see such grief in yourself, you should urgently shift your focus to deeper things in life instead of being weighed down with superficialities. It would be wise to let go of things that are unchangeable or unstoppable, such as natural aging, which is not within your decision-making radius.

Psychologically, hair represents masculinity and vitality. Sigmund Freud sees this symbol as a secondary gender marker with phallic significance. So to speak, hair dreams reflect man's drives and current state of soul. According to Freud's interpretation, one should deal with one's own sexual and spiritual life more thoroughly and remain in healthy balance.

Here, too, psychological dream interpretation interprets a negative symbol into it. It represents a warning that a loss is imminent in real life or even fears of loss of the person concerned. Observe yourself if you are afraid of losing loved ones and work on letting them go.

Spiritual dream interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation, the man's hair is considered a natural ornament and is understood as the woman's veil. Accordingly, the loss of hair symbolizes a loss of NATURALITY and VITALITY.


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