Dream symbol Frog


quackonzert, enchanted prince, inflate, transformation, adaptability, soggy, wet

I can't tell you whether the frog is really an enchanted prince, as in the fairy tale, or whether it really turns into a handsome prince when thrown against the wall; you have to find that out in your own experience ...who knows?

A frog and the toad, which is related to it, are usually confused, although the frog, which has smoother skin, usually also has a slimmer physique than the toad.

In dream interpretation, the frog refers to happy times in life. All around everything is going smoothly, whether at work, in love or family, as well as in financial situations.

Where the dream frog floats around

Squeaky happy in the water

In the lore of the elements, water symbolizes purification and letting go. If you see a frog in the water, it can mean that the dreamer is going through a drastic development. A weighty decision has to be made, whether to accept or reject a new job. If he has made his decision, it promises a new sense of freedom and a new RELEASE spreads. One has left old structures behind and begins a new life.

Being in bed with a frog

Finding a slippery wet, jumping creature in bed all at once is probably not one of the favorite discoveries of most. But contrary to the first impression, the dream symbol of a frog in bed conveys a positive background. It symbolizes a good partnership that promises happiness. If you are single, it is advisable to go out and flirt. Now could be the right time for you to attract a suitable relationship partner.

A plague of frogs

If in a dream you are overwhelmed by a crowd of frogs, so that you perceive it as a real plague, this stands as a symbol of bad luck and unpleasant incidents. Everything has an end, only the sausage has two, so even bad phases have an end.

If in a dream you can see a mating of two frogs, which becomes a nuisance, this can illustrate that the person in question is satisfied with his circumstances and is well rooted in himself, so that a phase of negative events cannot throw you off course.

Disgust of a frog

The sight of a frog can easily cause disgust, not only in waking life but also in dreams. It is cold and soggy and somehow a not so cuddly animal. The feeling of disgust at a frog often symbolizes fear on the part of the dreamer. Fear of the future development. And of the unknown triggers worry. This dream image advises to open up to the unexpected with more confidence.

Incidents with frogs

Eating a frog

It seems somewhat unusual to dream of eating a whole frog. As a dream image, a frog in the mouth indicates an impending illness or else limited communication. However, it can also stand for clarification in a conflict where a debate can provide resolution. A feast of frog legs illustrates that the main motivation to find happiness and to move forward in life is present.

Save frog

If you save a frog from an enemy who is willing to eat it, or protect it from a car on the road, with a right decision you will successfully reach your real goal. People at a certain stage of development gain insight into what they really want in their lives.

Being chased by a frog in a dream

If you have to flee from an attacking frog in a dream and you have an aversion to this animal species anyway, this can easily create hysteria in the dreaming person. Often a fear of having to make a clear decision can be associated with it. Perhaps it is a matter that has been put off for a long time and now demands clarity.

A frog jumps on me

A slippery frog has jumped at the dreamer in a dream. Against all expectations this indicates something positive! A daring project should be realized now. Have courage and take the decisive step.

Frog nibbles at you

If the dreamer is bitten by a frog you are blessed by good luck. If it is a small frog, everything will succeed without much trouble in the near future. Family and all friends and acquaintances are favorable to your success. If you are looking for a partner, this probably augurs a blessed time. The chances of running into Prince Charming are high.

Yellow frog

The color yellow stands in the color symbolism as in the dream interpretation for the envy. Attention is required at present! Not everyone begrudges the dreamer the success that has just fallen into his lap. A person with bad intentions could most likely exist in his environment. For caution it would be well advised to keep eyes and ears open!

General dream interpretation

In the general dream interpretation, the dream image "frog" means promising in love and financial success. From this new possibilities arise and thus the frog stands as GLÜCKSBRINGER in the dream interpretation.

Most often, the person who is currently in a transitional phase in real life is visited by a frog in a dream. The frog is gifted in the respect of adapting perfectly to water and land. It is a positive omen to leave the old behind so that nothing stands in the way of a new beginning.

Watching a jumping frog in a dream indicates a very good income in the future. Seeing a frog in the grass symbolizes to the dreaming person that trustworthy friends are or will enter his life.

If the dream image "frog" associated with a swamp appears to the dreamer, this generally reveals trouble. But do not worry, thanks to the support of someone special, he can easily overcome everything.

If the dreamer hears croaking frogs in a dream, he will soon receive praise in real life. Furthermore, this dream image can announce a visit to dear friends, which, however, is not crowned with success regarding the planned realizations that were aimed at.

Holding a frog in one's hand is symbolic of PROFIT in the common interpretation. Catching or even killing a frog proclaims future suffering or injury to oneself. Or it also embodies one's heedlessness towards one's own well-being, which may cause some concern to the environment.

Eating a frog may represent temporary and short-lived pleasures.

To dream of a bullfrog reveals to the dreamer that marriage to a wealthy partner is imminent. This union could result in joint children.

Psychological dream interpretation

The image of a frog in a dream is interpreted in psychological analysis as an embodiment of DESIRE and FRUITFULNESS.

Men rather rarely dream of frogs, mostly this dream symbol occurs in women's dreams. The function that the frog has in a man's dream has to do with preparation for the man for female sexuality.

On the other hand, if in women's dreams an enchanted prince is freed from the unknowable froggy form by a kiss, this indicates that she longs for a handsome, charming, considerate and courageous man.

Psychological interpretation interprets this dream as a woman's wish that her relationship partner react more sensitively to her needs of a sexual nature.

In which stage of development the frog is, gives information about the state of maturity the dreamer is in or attributes to himself. To see a tadpole is a symbol of not yet having reached complete maturity. The next stage of development wants to be climbed now. This can mean changing jobs or starting a family.

In general dream interpretation, the frog is seen as a symbol of change and adaptability , since it can adapt to the condition in water as well as on land. These are character traits of the dreamer in question as well as his living environment. Changing changes refer to triumph, recognition and love affairs in the life of the person concerned.

Spiritual dream interpretation

Spiritual dream interpretation also deals with the dream image "frog" and sees this as a symbol of transformation , because the frog is an animal that can ideally and perfectly adapt to different living conditions of its environment.


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