Dream symbol Elevator


lift, elevator, fast, skyscraper, shoot up, dynamic, fear of heights, high and low points, claustrophobia

You can climb a lot of stairs to get to the top of a tall skyscraper, for fitness sake, for example, or you can get to the higher floors by an elevator that saves time and shoots up at lightning speed. Older elevators often crack a bit and take longer to get its passengers down or up, or perhaps the high-tech King, the Porsche of elevators, finished with modern stainless steel and glass. A box that rides up the outside of a building enchants many an eye with a beautiful view. The only exceptions are people with a fear of heights, for whom the opposite feeling of discomfort might occur.

Companions such as elevators and escalators in dreams have quite a dynamic aura and may occur frequently. It should be noted in which direction the elevator is going, up or down? More of a screeching old elevator or the fast version? This allows information about the future.

General dream interpretation

If the dreaming person is in the elevator to the top, then the person is eager to "make it big", climb the career ladder as quickly as possible and enjoy the prestige. In case you are in the process of solving difficulties, the elevator in the dream symbolizes the quick elimination of this matter. At the same time, the person concerned takes it lightly, not bothering to tread each step one by one, but literally "skipping" steps by the elevator speeding upwards."

If a lift shows up as a dream image to the dreamer in the dream, this has to do thus with career desire or social reputation. If the sleeping person dreams of not being in the elevator himself and only sees riding from the outside, then this fulfillment may not be in his karmic destiny. If he himself is the one riding the elevator, then this could indicate comfort and upliftment . If he sees himself operating the elevator in the dream world, then he has a heart for socially disadvantaged people and cares for them.

Positive dream symbol

On the positive side, such a dream can be considered if the elevator is on its way up. In this case, the dreamer will be able to manage, without much ado, with ease, the personal ELEVATION or to realize his chosen goal more calmly and quickly. However, in real life FREMENDOUS help is necessary for this!

Negative dream symbol

If the elevator is traveling downward, this dream symbol can be attributed rather a negative meaning. The expectations placed on it are a shoe size too big for it. If the elevator ends its journey with you in it in the basement, then some darkness seems to shadow your life situation just a little bit, which in any case urges for exploration.

Psychological dream interpretation

If the elevator moves downwards in the dream world, psychological dream interpretation interprets this dream image as a sign that the dreamer is dealing with his subconscious. He then symbolically rides the elevator into the depths of his subconscious.

The use of an elevator symbolizes to the dreamer that one is dependent on outside support for one's own psychological development. Without someone else's help, the necessary ignition might be lacking and the elevator might not move at an appropriate speed. If the person does not want to accept outside help, has little confidence in other people in this regard, we of our own sweat and effort probably want to climb the height by stairs.

If the ride feels weightless and light, then this dream symbol contains a warning to the dreamer about overconfidence and unrealistic intentions, ideas and expectations. If an elevator gets stuck or plunges into the depths at tremendous speed, then a big change is about to happen and this could suddenly come crashing down without notice.

If unforeseen difficulties occur during the elevator ride, then this gives information in the stagnation of the personality development. In the background could be lack of self-esteem, feeling inferior in relation to others, which are reflected in this dream image. FUTURE fears are usually caused by a downward journey.

Spiritual dream interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation symbolism on dream level the elevator stands for HIGH and LOW POINTS. Sky-high-cheering moments, as well as immediately in the following moment to be saddened to death.

If the elevator goes up then it is a sign for the dreaming person that there will be a smooth exit without any obstructions on the way to his self-discovery. However, if the person is stuck in the elevator, then stagnations on the spiritual path are pre-programmed, but one should not be deterred by them.


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