Dream symbol Demon


devil, evil spirit, frighten, supernatural, hell, satan, bad conscience

In Greek mythology, a "demon" was originally understood as a "secluded spirit of the deceased", and only since the Middle Ages has this term been associated with a negative idea that it is an evil spirit that does its mischief with the living. In the time it has arisen that house and stable are smoked to drive away these unliving.

According to the general conception, a demon is a spirit being that haunts and frightens people. Nowadays, when demons appear in dreams, it is usually associated with unconscious urges and conflicts of conscience.

Who is haunted in a dream by a frightening demon, by Lucifer, the devil can be quite relieved, because he certainly has not sold his soul to the devil, but can deal with the question: What are the limits that prevent me from diving into higher consciousness? What self-doubt or self-reproach is holding me back? What am I denying in my life?

For an accurate interpretation of a demonic dream it is necessary to include all remembered details. Do such dreams occur only rarely or frequently? Are you in direct contact with him or do you see him only from a distance? Is the demon peaceful or is one attacked by it?

From the Greek, demon stands as "evil spirit" and is meant a middle being between God and man. Literally translated, it can be understood as distributing, or dividing or being divided, and is fundamentally titled as the transmitter of destiny.

According to Greek conception, he is also an invisible companion of man, who constantly influences man's destiny.

General dream interpretation

In dreams, demons being what they are, an eerie, intangible character cannot be denied. If you float in your dreams how you yourself suffer from demon-possession, this indicates unconscious FEELINGS OF POWER, which you would like to live out in your waking state. You must be careful of this, because such urges can occupy a strong space and cloud a clear mind. They may manifest as jealousy, hatred, and irascibility.

If a struggle takes place in your dreams in which you resist giving your soul to the devil, this shows that you are fighting against problems or trying to suppress them. Perhaps you are trying to oppose nicotine or alcohol consumption, or you want to give up some other habit? In any case, this "demon" seems to be nibbling at you.

If you see another person in dreamland who is taken over by a demon, this symbolically indicates a loss of control . Logical thinking is put on hold for a moment. The dream symbolizes manipulative forces, indicating that in your environment should be on guard.

Psychological dream interpretation

If there is a demon in your dream, it brings to light self-doubt, inner conflict and unsatisfied needs of the dreamer. It is also possible that feelings of guilt, fear and disgust cannot be ruled out. Suppressed aggressive potential may also be hidden in it.

Perhaps the person concerned has often felt a mysterious but tremendous rage in his stomach, without any apparent cause.

If the dreamer is traumatized in his sleep by the appearance of demons, it may indicate the presence of anxiety disorder or inner blockade of one's personality. In this case it might be advisable to get professional support for help. In such a case it is advisable to seek professional medical assistance.

It may also be a fear on the part of the dreamer that unstoppable supernatural energies could negatively influence his life.

If someone is visited only once by demon in a dream, it is reasonable to assume that it is about processing an everyday situation with a high tension factor. Demon in a dream can be a hint for a woman that she has a bad reputation ahead of her.

On the other hand, if a demon in the dream event does not come into contact with the dreamer, this can warn against false friends. If the dreamer defeats his opponent the demon in the dream, this signals the ability to destroy the plans of enemies and thus be able to avert much unpleasantness.

Spiritual dream interpretation

The demonic is spiritually related to DUALITY THINKING. There are two sides to every coin, those who are able to realize that faith alone either stirs up doubts and fears or brings joy and ease can even go beyond.


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