Dream symbol Crocodile


mammal, lizard-like predator, reptile, descendant of dinosaurs

A crocodile is considered a dangerous animal, it seems unpredictable and is scary from a human point of view. 25 different species can be identified in the crocodile family.

It always bears a resemblance to dragon creatures or the dinosaur of prehistoric times, which can be seen in its scaly skin, claws, long tail and teeth. For those who know the Punch and Judy show from television, the crocodile, which represents deceit and greed, also appears on stage. But what could a crocodile say in a dream ?

Common dream symbols

Seeing a crocodile in a dream

A dream image in which a crocodile appears can certainly be interpreted positively. It hides an interest in a person in the environment and a desire to get to know him or her better. It could be a new love in the dreamer's life.

Crocodiles in the water

If you see crocodiles in the water in your dream, this could be interpreted as the dreamer's impulsiveness and debauchery in real life, from which he may now break away. But it is often not so easy to separate from long lived patterns.

A baby crocodile

A baby crocodile is cute to look at in outward appearance, but when it snaps, it may well be associated with pain. Thus, this dream symbol serves as a warning. It advises the dreamer to be careful of dangerous situations and a predicament. Also, it could draw attention to the fact that one should arm oneself for enemies, thus one is urged to weigh well whom one puts one's trust in.

To pet a crocodile

If one pets a crocodile in a dream, it indicates that one has a naive tendency not to assess situations correctly. Some may want to harm the dreamer, but he has no idea.

A crocodile as a pet

If we hold a crocodile as a pet in a dream, this could represent the fact that we see everything negatively right now and perceive nothing good in the world. This illustrates an inner longing for tenderness and care.

Feeding the crocodile

If the person dreams about feeding a crocodile, it might feel a bit strange. Especially strange because these animals are very good at catching their own prey and do not need help. However, the dream analysis generally interprets this dream image as positive and refers to sense of responsibility and


Symbolism of the crocodile head

If one sees only a crocodile's head appear in a dream, this indicates an inner conflict on the part of the dreamer. It could be that the appearance of one's own desires and insatiability somewhat clouds the focus and overrides rational action.

A smiling crocodile showing its teeth

Psychologically, teeth in dreams indicate subconscious sexual characteristics. When a smiling crocodile appears, it symbolizes a dissolute sexuality that the dreamer is embarrassed about and prefers to hide inside.

A crocodile attack

If one is attacked by a crocodile in a dream this illustrates FEAR. It can concern very different circumstances of life, such as fear of certain situations and things or fear of certain people and injuries.

The crocodile eats a human being

If a crocodile in a dream is currently gleefully eating its prey victim, which is a human being, this dream symbol provides information that someone who is in a predicament needs our support and help.

A crocodile eats a child

If the crocodile eats a child in the dream of the person concerned, this puts one in fear and terror. This reveals that a person who is currently overwhelmed by a certain situation needs help because he or she cannot do it alone. This dream image thus symbolizes a sense of responsibility.

Crocodile in the house

A house, generally speaking, always symbolizes the state of soul and life of the dreamer in question. Since in this case the crocodile is invading one's own four walls, this can probably be interpreted as a symbol of danger. Loss of control over one's own urges and desires can therefore have a negative effect on all other areas of life.

A crocodile swims in the pool

If you discover a dangerous crocodile swimming in your own pool, this is not a great experience in your dream. Maybe you are even in the pool yourself at the time. One fears for his life ! It illustrates to the dreamer that he is in a mental imbalance. He fights his own feelings and sexual desires because he is afraid of them.

Hunting a crocodile

There are two different ways of interpreting this dream. If one manages to put the crocodile to flight in the dream event, this is considered a good sign to face the challenges courageously. If one is being chased by a crocodile, this says that one is on the run from one's own problems.

The crocodile is killed

Performing the killing of a crocodile by oneself does not feel pleasant, yet it bodes well. It serves as an indication to the dreamer that repressed emotions can finally be released. Unpleasant character traits and fears, symbolized by the crocodile, can also dissolve.

General dream interpretation

In general, the crocodile in the dream of the represents sexual urges, it can also express strengths of the subject. Symbolically, hunting and killing a crocodile could be seen as positive.

The crocodile is the symbol of impulsiveness, and therefore fighting with a crocodile represents the difficulty of trying to control one's excesses. If the person loses in this struggle, it illustrates to him the total loss of control over his inner world.

If one serves as crocodile food in a dream and is eaten, it expresses that one is being completely eaten by one's negative emotions in the proverbial sense.

However, not in all dreams a fight must be fought. Even a single crocodile can serve as a warning symbol to be careful. A biting crocodile also conveys that danger is imminent and that one should be careful.

To step on the back of a crocodile in a dream could foreshadow an impending attack by someone. The person concerned suspects in advance that something dangerous is threatening him. To gain dominion over this, it takes a lot of effort and energy. Only with cleverness one does not run the risk of falling into traps of others.

Psychological dream interpretation

The psychology of dream interpretation indicates a negative range of meanings through a crocodile in a dream. It represents one's innerenergy reserves and often reveals itself in dreams of people who lack positive values and beliefs, in short, have a very pessimistic attitude towards life.

Furthermore, the dream symbol crocodile indicates ruthlessness and uncompromisingness in the waking world. It could also mean neighbors who want to do you harm and put obstacles in the way of the dreamer. On the other hand, the dream image of the crocodile can indicate that the sleeper is literally being eaten up by the fear of dying.

Spiritual dream interpretation

Spiritual dream interpretation clarifies through the dream symbol "crocodile" to free oneself from the limitations of the world. Besides, it can also express hypocrisy,gl uttony and greed and can be considered as "monster".


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