Dream symbol Coyote


Steppenwolf, predator, fast hunter, pack animal, cunning, perseverance

The coyote, or as it is still called, Steppenwolf, belongs to the dog genus. This predator shows a lot of similarity to the wolf, but unlike him, the coyote is a pack animal and in body weight comparison, he is much lighter. It has a body length of one meter and weighs between 10 and 15 kilos and in relation to this, it has a quite noticeable bushy tail, moreover, related to the dog, it also has a well-developed sense of smell. It emerges in North America and usually lives alone until finding a mate, but when he finds one, they usually do not separate for life.

The coyote's habitat is the North American continent. It can exhibit great endurance and runs up to 65 mph.

Although he does not mind humans, we often use the term "coyote" to refer to someone who is a scoundrel and up to no good or is immoral in character.

Perhaps this stems from the fact that he likes to stay near settlements and also likes to appreciate our domestic animals for consumption. On his menu are chickens, dogs and cats, but also mice, rabbits and snakes.

Mostly we do not meet a coyote eye and eye,nevertheless it can make its mischief in our dreams. Reflect on exactly what the dream situation with the coyote was like, as even the details can be useful for accurate interpretation.

Common dream symbols

Canine Coyote

Upon waking up, one may not be sure if it was a coyote or a dog that chased through our dream, or it may be a hybrid creature that was half dog and half coyote. What is generally attributed to predators as meaning in dreams is that they are symbolic of TRIEFS. Although the dog symbolizes a balanced emotional world, the coyote stands for ambivalence and playfulness. A mixture of both also indicates an inner conflict. This dream encourages the union of both poles.

White coyote

A white coyote as a dream image has strong symbolic significance. The color white here indicates vulnerability of the dreamer. It may be that the person's mind has often been clouded by disappointments and hit by heavy blows of fate. That is why he has made a habit of using cunning ideas and tricks to get ahead. When the white coyote appears in a dream, it serves as a warning to reflect more deeply on and examine behavior and actions in the social environment.

Baby Coyote

The baby of a coyote illustrates that there is someone in the near environment who is in great need of help. The dreamer himself is not fully aware of this and takes this seemingly non-stressful situation lightly, equally naive and innocent as a puppy. But this symbol in the dream indicates that he should face the circumstance with more seriousness and not trivialization. He should cultivate friendship with more social commitment and empathy.

Persecution by a coyote

If one is chased through the dreamland by a coyote, this event could represent unclear feelings and entanglements. Being chased by this predator symbolizes that a mental conflict is coming to the surface in a very drastic way. The dreamer is concerned about his or her own urges and the emotional dichotomy that is revealed as a result.

General dream interpretation

If coyotes howl in the night in your dream image, it could serve as an alarm bell for the person dreaming and draw attention to something specific. Also, the symbol of the coyote in the dream embodies that he has enough potential to cope with difficult life matters.

From a mythological point of view, the coyote points to a tricky devious person. Obviously a harmless animal, but its ambiguous nature cannot be trusted. It reflects from this meaning the inner contradictions of the dreamer.

If several coyotes appear at the dream level, dream interpretation advises to beware of deceitful intentions of the environment. Even if no real threat is apparent at the moment, one should not underestimate the cunning of certain persons.

Psychological dream interpretation

From a psychoanalytical point of view, the dream symbol of the coyote serves as a speaker of the subconscious mind. If a wild coyote is doing its mischief in a dream, it announces to the dreaming person that sometimes in life it is necessary to resort to tricky ideas in order to solve problems.

The coyote in the dream also serves as a reminder not to look at life too narrow-minded and dogged. Humor and serenity are qualities that involve life in matters that bring tremendous relief and even deeper insights. To this must be added that with a laughing eye, the world immediately looks different and many things can be better mastered.

If you see yourself racing together with a coyote in a dream, then for psychological dream interpretation it symbolizes a great flexible personality that can adapt to anything. If the coyote seems very tame on the dream level, then a person who is ready for any support will come to his side.

Spiritual dream interpretation

The coyote howls in dreams and symbolizes in transcendental dream interpretation the call of the soul, as it is of crucial importance to listen to the inner voice and live more authenticity. One should pay more attention to these messages of the soul and see them as guidance and help on the spiritual path.


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