Dream symbol Court jester


comedian, joker in the middle ages, jester, laughter, joker, criticism, ironic, humorous

In the Middle Ages, court jesters were those persons who were supposed to entertain as jokers at a royal court and were responsible for the amusement of the people. They were dressed so conspicuously in bright colors that it was difficult to recognize them immediately. Thus, the term "jester's cap" also comes from this outfit.

The special feature of the court jester's activity was his NARREN FREEDOM, which we still know today. This was a special position that he occupied, because he was allowed to make known any criticism, rebuke and comment on an existing situation or directly to the ruling king, without having to expect punishment. In order to make himself heard, by packing the bitter truth in a fun and ironic way, skillfully and in a humorous way.

General dream interpretation

The general analysis indicates in the dream image "court jester" primarily the symbol of pleasures, which are placed close to the dreamer. On the other hand, the faxing around of a buffoon at a court can stand for the fact that persons in the near vicinity mock him or laugh at him. This dream could be a hint to loosen up a bit more, not to take everything seriously and to learn to laugh at oneself.

If one sees a jester in a dream, it can be a warning for the dreaming person that there is a person who will lie to him or deceive him. He is urged to trot through everyday life a little more attentively and mindfully. Also, this term can indicate that in the future one should be careful not to act rashly and ramble thoughtlessly. This could be exploited by others.

If the dreamer himself is the joker in his dream, this stands on the one hand for recognition and praise and on the other hand for a calm, relaxed life. In addition, it can also reflect the fact that one's own friends do not understand and do not swim on the same wavelength and dismiss the person concerned as ridiculous, naive or stupid.

If the court jester makes fun of a ruler or other courtly nobles in a dream, it could be an indication that the person in question likes to make other people laugh in the waking world. He has quite a delightfully funny way of speaking and looking at things and knows how to distract others from difficult situations in their lives. He has the ability to see even the blackest things in a humorous light.

If in the dream one is the person who laughs at the prankster and his jokes, then it becomes aware that he should give himself more to the lightness of life and look at everything from humorous points of view.

Psychological dream interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the jester represents someone who is supposed to spread fun for other people when they feel like it. It is made clear by the dreamer in question that he is the jester for his friends. From another perspective, it can also stand for humiliation of the dreamer in real life. Other people amuse themselves at the expense of the person in question in order to elevate themselves and put themselves on a pedestal so that their ego feels validated.

If the dreamer is mocked or laughed at as a fool or joker in a dream, then this indicates a DILEMMA of the person concerned that he carries around with him from the past and that he should consciously look at. He believes to have made a mistake out of stupidity. Also, this dream image of the court jester can indicate that he pays attention to his behavior and that this could save him embarrassment.

If the dreamer himself is the comedian or clown in his dream, it is related to insecurity. This dream could also be related to sexual aspects. Thus, this dream symbol can also illustrate that the dreamer hides his true identity or even his injuries behind a joke mask. Through his comical appearance he deceives others and distracts from himself through fun and humor.

If a stuttering jester appears as a dream symbol, psychological dream research says that the person in this dream does not like to give out information. If the jester in the dream gambols before his king's eyes for his amusement, it augurs happy times for the dreamer.

If the joker wears only one shoe on his foot in the dream, this indicates that many parts of his personality have been split off in favor of his own SELF-CONCEPTION:

Spiritual dream interpretation

If you see in your dream a Klamauken, which drives its jokes, the spiritual dream interpretation interprets this in such a way that there are certain spiritual topics, which will be decisive in the near future for the dreaming and these it is worth to REMEMBER. What exactly is meant concerning this matter, results from the dreamed content of the joke.


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